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About the team:



Adeverinta medic familie
Apa de toaleta "Vent d' Aventures"
Sarbatorile legale
Draga mea Roxi,
Restrictii impuse asupra carnii, organelor si subproduselor de abator in urma controlului sanitar veterinar
Notiuni de tehnologie a taierii animalelor in abator

About the team:

Radu a fost cel ce a infiintat aceasta echipa care initial avea 3 membrii ,dar datorita faptului ca the deadline was coming and there were many things to improve ,am hotarat sa-l luam si pe Sergiu in echipa.

In the fist place Radu was the one who created this team which was compound by three members (Radu, Alexandra & Raluca) and later by four when Sergiu joined. With co-ordination for some geography and informatics teachers we do our best to get this project to a good end.

As we were expecting, it was a tough decision to choose the topic for this site because we had a great variation of subjects that we could abort but we stopped at Anthropocene Epoch for many reasons. First of all we got the conclusion that the changes that comes with technology evolution and contemporary modernizations around the globe is an international problem. Then after few searches on internet we already got megabits of information that we had to centralize on the website. From a huge quantity of subjects related to this topic we tried to choose the most important and interesting for word wide audience. Along with this conquest we will try to develop this project by adding a forum and even collaborate with other websites.

In this project Radu tried to create a interface as friendly as he could for the user. Also, he integrated the text the girls written and worked at a 3d animations . Raluca and Alexandra were the mains content writing. They got together for 5 or 6 hours every day and spent time studying on a variety of books about global warming and pollution .

Sergiu created most of the animation with greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases and the Pollution game when you have to catch the falling rubbish are made by me but I also helped on other scripts and design.

Most of people are busy with their activities and very few of them are worried about future of the planet. We should keep the pollution and deforestation as low as possible and to reduce dependence of land resources as rock oil, wood etc. The main purpose of this website is to inform people about all aspects of Anthropocene Epoch and to give some advice about how to preserve natural resources. Also they must know that life is impossible without a balanced environment since the nature is out provider for food and oxygen.

Now the we have enough information about Anthropocene negative aspects, we try to do more by finding solutions using forums, chat and global publicity. Out target is to make people understand this fact and to determine the others to develop our little campaign of changes so next generation can live on a healthy environment.

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