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Tema engleza


Tema engleza

Lectia 5 (Part I)


It is generally accepted that the violence on television can harm children psychologically. It is also conceded that the violence is offensive to most adults to some degree and there 242c210c fore must be dully controlled . But until recently there has been little willingness to acknowledge the most powerful reason for concern: the fact that violence on the screen may encourage real violence.

Some television producers claim that in certain particular cases where crimes of violence were said to have been a reaction to fictional violence, no such direct relationship existed or was provable. However, concern about social effects of television violence rests on the fact that realistic simulations of ferocious violence made possible by the use of  film turn the wiewer into a witness of, and an accomplice to, acts which in real life are never likely to be seen.


II. Cuvinte:

1.psichologically=psihologic                        21.stallion=armasar concede=a acorda , a recunoaste         22.cock-canary=canar

3.therefore=astfel, deci                                23.male nurses=asistenti med.

4. duly=la timp, corespunzator                   24.encourage = a incuraja acknowledge=a recunoste                     25. rests=rezida  

6. to claim=a afirma, a pretinde                  26.ferocious-feroce

7.provable=demostrabil                               27.enough=destul, suficient

8.accomplice= complice                                28. swallow= a inghiti

9.shown= aratat,a                                          29.pleasure=placere

10.submitted=predat, a                       

11.defeat=infrangere                                     31.vase=dishes

12.arean't=nu sunt                               borrow=a imprumuta(de la)

13.earn=a castiga                                           33. to lend= a imprumuta(cuiva)

14.viewer=spectator                                       34.beside= in preajma, langa, 15.witness=martor                                         35.besides=in afara de, pe langa

16.discharged=concediat                              36. to raise= a ridica, a inalta

17.fiancée=logodnica                                     37. to rise= a creste, a se ridica




Partea II


We are told televison is commited to providing a range of programmes to suit different tastes. But televison producers and pregramme makers are unwilling to reconigze that by the kind of programmes they transmit they help to form the tastes for which they cater.

 What happens aa a consequence is the fact that our taste is slowly changed until it becomes possible to transmit scenes which, no long before, would have been unthinkable. Thus , society gradually adjusts itself to gruesome images shown on television. As a result, people predisposed to violence are encouraged to assume thet violence is just a normal part of everyday life.


1.      together=impreuna

2.      loud=tipat, voce tare

3.      heavenly bodies=corpuri ceresti

4.      still=linistit,a

5.       the brightest=cea mai stralucitoare

6.      through=printre

7.      narrow,s=ingust,e

8.      trees=copaci

9.      weitghless=fara greutate

10.  bulb=bec

11.  persuade=a convinge

12.  means= cu orice prêt

13.  caught=a prinde

14.  merchandise=marfa



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