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Abigail's Petshop plugin for Morrowind



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Abigail's Petshop plugin for Morrowind

Abigail's Petshop plugin for Morrowind

Current version: 5.5

Created by: yati

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Table of Contents

Intro:. 1

Combat System:. 2

Follow System:. 2

Name System:. 3

Resurrect:. 3

About Quests:. 3

Installation:. 4

Version Updates:. 5

Credits:. 6

Notes:. 6



This mod adds in Seyda Neen a vendor who sells various kinds of pets (over 110) to you. The pets will fight for you (Wolf, Bear, etc.) or carry things for you (PackGuar & PackRat), and surely you can sell them back. Nearly all of them can gain experience and level up BY THEMSELVES. (See Combat System below)

All pets can be commanded to follow you, stay, or go around, and you can heal injured pets if you have bought some herbs. (Big animals need more herbs) You can also see the status report of your pets.

New follow system has been added, so your pets won¡¦t get lost now.

Two useful spells - "Teleport pets" & ¡§Travel¡¨. ¡§Teleport pets¡¨ can teleport your pet to your current place. (Teleport the pet which is following you only, and same cell only.) And ¡§Travel¡¨ can teleport you and your pets to 30+ locations in game.

The vendor also sells some books, and you can buy and have a look if you want to know your pets more.

Three quests are added in this mod, you'll get a unique pet (dragon, unicorn) if you complete Quest 1 or 2, and will find the Guarland to tame guars in Quest3.


Animals, which have more than one type: (Abigail will random choose one when you buy.)


































Sow 10210v2124k















Donkey Foal















Pack Donkey




Combat System:


Almost all the pets in this mod can level up, you can check in this table:


Changes when level up

Max Lv

Wild Animals

(Except Deer, Snake and Wasp)

+ HP, Agility per level.

+ 1 Combat Level per 2 levels.


Farm animals, Sea animals, Deer & Guarland guars

+ Hp & Agility.



+ HP, MP and Agility


Baby animals (except Baby Dragon)

+ HP, Agility, and grow up.


Baby Dragon

+ HP, MP, Agility, and grow up.


Pack animals & Wasp

Can¡¦t Level up.


Ninja Guar

+ HP, Strength & Agility.



Combat Level¡G

Changes when level up

Max Lv

+ Combat skill & damage range


(Lv 10 will have a little extra bonus :>)

Grow up:

Babies will grow up per level, and become an adult when they got level 10.

But how can the pets get experiences? Well, it¡¦s very easy, just let them practice by the dummies, or fight with the enemies, and they¡¦ll get experience.

Ok, ok, I know what you want to say now, ¡§See pets attacking the dummies all the time is so boring, and some pets are too weak to fight with enemies, is there another way to get exp¡K etc. etc.¡¨ Right?

So, Abigail also sells dummy, grass, rat, worm and nutriment now. You can buy anyone you like to train your pet, or command them to eat some nutriments. :P

¡¹       Once you put them on the ground, you can¡¦t take them up anymore.

¡¹       Pets can¡¦t gain more experience from the dummies when they got level 5. (Except the babies)

Follow System:

New follow system has been added in v 5.0 (It¡¦s NOT Grumpy's warping script), and it has four parts:

1)       If your pets are following you, not in battle, and a bit far from you (distance 700), they¡¦ll be teleported near you automatically (p.s. near! They won¡¦t be teleported to player¡¦s current place, I think this may be better.), so they won¡¦t get lost anymore.

2)       If you¡¦re levitating, your pets will stop following you, they¡¦ll stay there and wait for your command. In this kind of situation, you can use Teleports Pets spell (See below) to teleport them to your current place after you land, or just go back to command them to follow you, and they¡¦ll start following you again,

3)       If you¡¦re in interior cell, and your pet can¡¦t see you, they¡¦ll be teleported to your current place.

4)       If the pet just finished the fight, they won¡¦t be teleported immediately, unless it¡¦s far from you (1500) (Because I think it may be a little strange if I do so). You can walk near them (600), run far from them (1500), or use Teleports Pets spell (See below), and the follow system will start again.

Briefly, your pets won¡¦t get lost now. Besides, you can cast the Teleport Pets spell if you want to teleport your pet to your current place. J

(Limits: They won¡¦t teleport with you if you use recall or Divine/Almsivi Intervention spell.)

And I also add two teleport spells in this mod: Teleport Pets & Travel.

Teleport Pets ¡V This one is used to teleport the pets which are following you to your current place, no matter they¡¦re fighting or not, but SAME CELL ONLY! If your pets get lost, or stick in something, just cast this spell. You¡¦ll learn this by buying a pet.

(This spell only works on the pets in this mod.)

Travel ¡V This one is used to teleport you and your pets to a certain place, I hope this can make your adventure more convenient. Buy the Magical Statue from Abigail, and you¡¦ll learn this spell.

(Always put the Magical Statue in your inventory, or this spell won¡¦t work. It not only works on pets in this mod, but also works on all the companions in other mods.)

Name System:

You can name your pet now!

So, how to name the pet? That¡¦s very easy, just take the name tag in the chest near the door, equip it, then talk to your pet. That¡¦s all; you finish naming your pet. J

After you named your pet, you can still change the name of your pet any time you want, also you can remove their name. If you want to remove the name of your pet, just equip @ Remove Name Tag @ and talk to your pet, then its name will be removed.


If unfortunately the enemy kills your pets, don¡¦t be too sad, because you can resurrect them!

How to do that?

Well, that¡¦s very simple. If your pet dead, just put the Potion of Resurrect (You can buy it from Abigail) into its body (I mean put it into its inventory), then you¡¦ll see your pet resurrect! (But it¡¦ll lose some experiences.)

¡¹ Once you dispose your pet¡¦s body, it can¡¦t be resurrect anymore.

About Quests:

Here¡¦s the short intro for the quests:

Quest Name

Dragon Egg




Baby dragon

Baby Unicorn

A trap





Hint for the quest

Something in pet shop.

Mysterious animal should be in mysterious place, isn¡¦t it?

Just talk to Bill.


This quest is not suitable for low-level player. After you start the quest, remember to take good care of the baby. Because it dead = you failed! (It¡¦s better to have ¡§heal companion¡¨ spell or something like that before you start.)

1. This quest is optional, please see Installation

2. You can tame as many guars as you want in this quest!

3. A unique guar!


1. There are three kinds of guars in Guarland ¡V normal guars, white guars and black guars. If you want to tame the guars in Guarland, you need to knock the guar down (NOT KILL THEM! Yeah, please use hand-to-hand skill). After you knock it down, you need to stand at its side for a while to wait it awake, and then it¡¦ll accept you as its master.

2. If you really can¡¦t find how to start the quest, you can see the Quests folder; I put some screen in it.


After you extract the file, you¡¦ll see four .esp files:

¡¸Clean Abigail's Petshop_v5.5.esp               Use this if you don¡¦t have particular reason.

¡¸Clean Abigail¡¦s Petshop_v5.5_NG.esp        Use this if you want your babies remain small and cute. Yeah,

                                                                        that means babies won¡¦t grow up and don¡¦t have max-level

                                                                        limit anymore.

¡¸Clean Abigail¡¦s Petshop_v5.5_SN_E.esp     Use this if you want to use Seyda Neen Expanded or Seyda

                                                                     Neen Docks (By Lonnie) together.


Above three .esp files, choose one to play.

¡¸Q-Guarland.esp                                          (Optional) If you wanna play the guarland quest, use this together.

If you¡¦re the first time using this mod, just unrar the files into the Morrowind\Data Files\ directory, enable the plugin using the Morrowind Launcher, and PLAY!

If you¡¦ve installed the previous version of this mod, please clean your save before you install v5.5, or it may cause some problem. (Go into an interior cell, save your game, Exit MW. Uncheck the previous version of this mod in Data Files\, load the save you just made. Ignore the error messages, and save your game again.)

Note: After you installed this mod, several dialogue warnings will appear when you play MW every time. That's normal, and none of these errors affects gameplay. That's because Tribunal and Bloodmoon master files are designed to only be dependent on the Morrowind master file, not each other.

When your pets are leveling up or when the unicorn is casting the spell, some warnings will appear, too. That won¡¦t affect gameplay, either.

But these warnings are annoying, so I highly recommend you to edit your Morrowind.ini file (In Morrowind\) by adding this line:

(In the [General] section)


And it will add a "Yes To All" button to the warning popups. J

Version Updates:

V 5.5

1.           New Name System, I hope you¡¦ll like it.

2.           One more quest (optional), you can tame the guars in this quest.

3.           Add 3 kinds of cats (Lady E's model) and black guars (Only in guarland).

4.           Fix the Travel spell bug.

5.           Minor change in Follow System

6.           Minor change in Dragon Egg Quest.

V 5.0

1.     Add 32 more animals - 3 donkeys, 5 horses, 3 pack donkeys, 2 donkey foals, 5 more ducks, 5 more geese, 2 turkeys, crab, hermit crab (Cait's models), tortoise (Ty's model), shark (Lady E's model), horker, mudcrab, and boar.

2.     New follow system; your pets won't get lost anymore.

3.     Use Cait's new chicken, duck & goose models.

4.     All the pets can be resurrected now!

5.     A new spell - Travel, you can use this to travel to more than 30 locations with your pets!

V 3.01

1.     Fix some bugs.

V 3.0

1.     Pets can gain exp and level up by themselves now!

2.     Add three more animals - Arctic Wolf, Cliff Racer and Unicorn! (Also use Lady E's wonderful model.)

3.     Much more detailed health report.

4.     Compatible with Seyda Neen Expanded or Seyda Neen Docks now.

5.     One more quest.

V 2.0

1.     Add a quest, and you'll get a pet dragon if you finish it.

2.     Add many farm animals - using Cait's farm animal mod. (Nearly all of them have more than one type)

3.     You can sell the pet back to Abigail now!

4.     Use herbs to heal the pet can also restore their attributes.

V 1.4

1.     Add one more animal - Deer. (Also use Lady E's model)

V 1.35

1.     Move a little.

2.     Put some flowers, I think it looks more beautiful now.

3.           Many little changes, which may make this mod better.

V 1.21

1.     More animals for you to buy. (Elephant, snakes (3 types), and wasp, using Lady E's models.)

2.     Add a very useful spell "Teleport Pets", which you can teleport your pets to your current place! (It teleport the pet which is following you only.)(Though it only works when you and your pets are in the same cell, it still very useful, especially when your pet stuck in dungeons or houses. You'll get this spell when you buy a pet.)


Lady Eternity, for all her wonderful models.

Cait, for all the farm & sea animals, Great work!

WormGod, for the awesome dragon model.

Lorenchao, for helping me a lot in making this mod.

Ty, for the excellent turtle model.

Andoreth, for the help in scripting.

Redwoodtreesprite, for the cat retexture.

Hamnio Nightstar, for the black guars.


1.   If you want to be a mage, I suggest you to complete Quest2 then get the unicorn, or buy the horker to be your companion. Unicorn immune to all the magic, and horker immune to forest. Other pets may not be suitable for mages.

2.   Don¡¦t bring your cliff racer or baby dragon into the house or the dungeon, or they'll stick in the ceiling or the wall! (And seems can't be teleported.)

3.   Don¡¦t put the shark on the ground¡KI think everyone knows why. Besides, if you want to put it into the water, please use 1st person mode, that¡¦s because if you use 3rd person mode, sometimes the shark will disappear, especially when you¡¦re diving or floating on the water. I don¡¦t know what cause this problem¡K

4.   If your pet flees in the battle, they'll still get experience! L

That's because I don't know how to detect they're fleeing or not by script. If anybody knows, please tell me how to do it.

5.   I still have no idea how to stop pack animals using potions or scrolls in the battle, either! L

The same, if anybody knows, please tell me. (Use ¡§stopcombat¡¨ in script will cause some problem¡K)

6.   I hope there¡¦s no bug in this mod, but it may still have some. If you found any bug, please tell me. J

7.   You can¡¦t ride the horse or the donkey in my mod. If you want to ride the horse, I recommend the mod ¡V If wishes were horses.

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