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Turabo BCR Café - Team Report


Turabo BCR Café - Team Report

I. Investor's point of view (Observations and Improvements)

Location: in one of the most important zones in Bucharest, ultra-central area, in Romana square.


  • not enough staff to deal with the customers and sometimes not polite;

Ř      solution:  employ more personnel; make surveys to be sure that the clients are satisfied with the services

  • tables too closeŕ it's not hard to hear other people's conversation, so there is a lack of intimacy; there are also tables outside, very close to the street, so people passing definitely disturb you.

Ř      solution: rearrange the tables, so that clients do not feel embarrassed to talk about intimate subjects; remove the tables from outside

  • if one brings a laptop, she/he has access to the internet; there are both books and magazines to read. All these facilities represent a higher incentive for people to come.

Incentives for investing:

  • very well known and appreciated by the business people, who are the main customers;
  • a powerful brand in Bucharest;
  • being a franchise it lowers the risk of having problems in managing the business.

II. Inspector's point of view

  • the café has no personal toilet; it shares a toilet with the BCR bank which is extremely dirty;

Ř      solution: build a toilet only for the café's customers and staff; pay closer attention to hygiene;

·         the carpet is not clean enough

Ř      solution: make sure that the carpet is cleaned minimum 2 times/day; employ more cleaning staff;

·         there is a special place for non-smokers, but it consists of only one table.

Ř      solution: widen the area for non-smokers.

III. Team member's opinions

Mirela: In my opinion, Turabo BCR Café is a good place to invest in: famous, with a pleasant atmosphere and profitable because it has high prices and lots of customers. However, I couldn't notice that there are lots of people unsatisfied with the fact that it has a common bathroom with a bank, which also happens to be rather dirty. So, I strongly advise them to build one. All in all, I did found this experience exciting and very beneficial.

Alexandra: I believe, this coffee shop is a good opportunity for starting a business, especially because of its well known name the clientele has already developed and we don't have to spend time and money advertising. With minor upgrades as said before, Turabo from BCR Romana can be turned into a 5 star coffee shop. 

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