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Physical appearance and success at work and at personal life


Physical appearance and success at work and at personal life

Today's world is a world of appearances. Everybody wants to be like Ken and Barbie, and everybody wants to be, and be though, a success. Yet most 15215y247p people fail without knowing. Think about what you could change about yourself and you will see that there are still things to be done...

Physical appearances are very important in the development of personality. That is why people form opinions by what they see in a person physically and treat that person according to what they think about her.

Nowadays, people put a lot of efforts to make themselves become more beautiful in order to develop their self-confidence. They think that having an attractive appearance is everything, because "attractive people attract attractive people"; and as we know, everybody wants to be surrounded by people with a pleasant appearance. Sometimes, we tend to think that physical appearance is more important than personality.

On one hand, we should improve certain things and we should also accept the things we cannot change.

On the other hand, some people are so eager to change their physical appearance that they are willing to take the risk, and have cosmetic surgery. This happens because people want to become more attractive and perfect, like the thin, beautiful models that appear on TV. However, is it worth to lose health or even life in order to have a charming appearance?

Cindy Jackson and Tim Whitfield-Lynn think that it is worth everything so that their appearances are perfect. Cindy's dream as a child was to look exactly like Barbie, and as she grew older she tried to fulfill her dream. So she had numerous operations: upper and lower eye lid surgery (twice), lip collagen injections (several), liposuctions on her stomach, thighs (twice), her jaw, her knees, a nose job, a face lift, acid peels, breast implants, her chin bone shaved and resized, cheek implants, hair transplants/plugs, teeth caps, permanent makeup tattooed on, implants into her lower lip to make it fuller (twice so far) and a butt lift. She is now known all over the world because of her numerous operations. That is how Tim got the idea: "I was stuck in front of my computer, looking old, smoking and drinking. When I saw Cindy I decided I wanted to be perfect, just like her". They say that "we are not fakes, but designer people ahead of our times". But will the world be the same with only perfect people?

It is important to look over our body, but we should find alternative methods to plastic surgery like going to the gym, fitness center, beauty salon etc.

One of the most important moments you have to take care of your aspects is when you go to an interview. In business, image is everything. Make no mistake; the ethical impression you leave with others communicates your character. You have to be dressed properly and to make a good impression so that you get the job. In order for that to happen you also have to have attitude, belief in yourself and to seem responsible. Once you have the job you also become enthusiastic, and if you really enjoy what you are doing you could be successful.

Many believe that success involves achieving a certain amount of wealth; others believe that success is a reflection of how much power they have. Still, others hope to achieve fame. Whether that success involves wealth, power and influence, or fame, a certain status in comparison to others has been reached. Success, whatever you define it you grow Rich - rich in thoughts, rich in awareness, in accumulating knowledge, etc.

Everyone wants to be considered successful, and to be successful. Yet most have no idea how to achieve success. A way of finding success, said to be the "secret of success", is to help enough other people to get what they want from life. This will help you further in you career, because some of the people you helped, will help you in return.

Success is something you create with your own hands, but sometimes you need luck to overcome the difficulties on your way to the top. But not everything should be left for luck to decide, because "The more you work, the luckier you become".

In this information age, creating your future requires having strong belief in yourself and being able to reproduce what successful people do. It is also necessary to set goals and learn skills needed to reach them. One of the most important things you should never forget when you want to achieve success is that you should never stop learning: "What you know now, will not buy success tomorrow". The key of success is education. You also have to educate yourself. You have to have a good self-image and high faith in your abilities.

Being successful at work means having social skills (knowing how to talk, motivate and understand people) and qualities of a leader: ambition, trust, persistence, originality, creativity etc.

Once you reach the top and you have everything you wanted from life you must think of ways to maintain what you have gained so far. If you become arrogant and you start treating people with little respect, pay no attention to what others tell you and think of you as being the best, all this will lead you back to where you started. Having everything and then loosing all might destroy your carrier, but it might also destroy your health and most importantly your feelings. This could really affect the success of your personal life; the relationship with your wife/ husband and children might suffer irreversible damages.

Personal life is overall the most important aspect of yourself, and you have to carefully look after it. You are what you deserve to be!

A successful individual should take care of himself and his image. To build up the image of success through your appearance is impossible, but if you take care of the other aspects that involve success such as: always to be trustful, to be willingly to learn from others' mistakes, to have strong belief in yourself and a lot of ambition and persistence, you could easily be called a successful person.

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