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Y!Multi Messenger for version 8 and 9


Y!Multi Messenger for version 8 and 9

Coded by: John Kirchner




This will allow you to run multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger version 8 and 9 as well as block some of the chat and cam ads and may not work on lower builds/versions.

How to use:

For those that have been using this program, it is NO LONGER an installer. This has been converted to a manual patcher for easier use!

1. It is highly recommended to uninstall the old version of YM and then install the newest one first, also deleting any old Y!Multi Messenger.exe files in the c:\program files\yahoo\messenger folder as well.

2. Open the program up and either select to Enable or Disable the patch, thats it!!

3. To block ads, click either one of the appropriate boxes (on right side of program) to either disable ads or reinstate them. The YM main ad has its own check mark to select. Check it to remove the main ad or Uncheck it to show the ad. Ad is referred to the one at the bottom of YM.

Why is it this way now?

I have decided to do it this way to make life easier for me and you. Before I had to actually go into the yahoomessenger.exe file and "hack" it up to allow this and then create an auto installer for it. It would then sometimes complain about missing files for YM, this executable files are getting modified and should therefore eliminate the dll file errors. Plus, I no longer should need to create constant updates to keep up with Yahoo! :)

Files Needed...

You will need the RaveButtons.ocx file to use this program. You can get it from in the downloads from the url below:

Make sure the file above is with this program executable to run as normal.

As usual, if you run into any issues, please post in our forums at

Thank you for downloading our software and viewing our site!


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