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A Good Job


A Good Job

I know that you are wondering what this article will be about , seeing the title . Well I w 22322l1122w ill write about something that will maybe surprise you and that , I wish , will chance your opinion about volunteering .

One day my English teacher asked us if we wanted to help her with cleaning the park next to the train station . We were happy that she chose us and that she gave us the oppurtunity to do something good .

So on 18th April we went with our teacher in the park to clean it . We were 14 students , but what was nice was the fact that two people who where there helped us . They did not belong to us . we did many things : raking , collecting the garbage , paint , cutting the bushes , sweeping and so an and so forth . Before we cleaned it that park had looked like the garbage pit from Sag . It had everything you wanted there , from bottles , plastic bags , beer cans , clothes shoes , to " human remains " . It was a bag full with " human remaines " and it smelled so bad that I felt I will throw up .

I have to tell you that we worked hard because there were many , many things to do . But we did them all , because we were together , and we were a true team . Many people who passed by were laughing or looked at us as if we were " crazy " , but we didn't carte because we knew that we were doing a good thing .

Even if many of our mates wiil laugh at what we have done , we don't care and we feel proud of it because we showed to the world that we can do good things too . Maybe you will be surprized , but we had a lot of fun together , we were laughing , taking pictures , listening to muzic , in a word we felt good .

I hope that you will learn something from this and I hope that , next time when you go to the park , you will not throw garbage on the ground because if you do such a thing I will haunt you for the rest of your lives . :D


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