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A day in the life of a Romanian farmer


A day in the life of a Romanian farmer

An early start at about 6 am leaves hardly any room for eating when there are so many farm animals eager to receive their first meal of the day. And the Romanian farmer is reputed to ho 737q1621h st an entire zoo on the grounds around the farm. Chickens, hens, cats, dogs, hares, sheep, cows, horses, pigs and even some unwanted pests from the forests, like hawks, foxes, crows, rats and even wolves. Dangerous though they seem to be, the farmer does anything in his power to keep them away from his animals, making sure they stay very far off. One might ask himself what all these farm animals eat. The answer to that is very simple: The farmer, besides the farm grounds, also possesses terrains on which he either cultivates cereal and other eatable plats or he uses the grass to make hay, a food source for cattle, sheep and horses. And the production of hay is a very demanding process. The grass is cut using mowers, left to dry, then spread around until it is completely dry. When so, the farmer huddles it all together and packs it up on high sticks or takes it home for the animals to eat. This source of nutrients is very resistant to weather conditions and can be used all through the cold winter. Provided with food, the farm animals provide the farmer with food he can eat, like eggs, milk, meat, so on and so forth.

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