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A delicious dinner


A delicious dinner

We were on holiday in Scandinavia. We were camping and we had very little money. Every night we had noodles and cabbage, and on Sund 13513r174n ays a tin of tuna. One evening, we went into a café for a cup of coffee. A man was having dinner at a table next to us. It looked wonderful. He had a huge plate of meat and vegetables, a big glass of orange juice, some bread and butter and a bowl of pudding. We sat and talked over our coffee.

Suddenly the man got up and left. He had only eaten a little of his huge dinner. We stared at it for five minutes. We were very hungry. At last I went over to his table picked up his food and put it down on our table. We shared it out. It was delicious! At last, we finished it, and sat back happily. Just then the door opened and the man came back.

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