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Rolls Royce - Lucrare pentru obtinerea atestatului la limba Engleza


Colegiul National "Ioan Slavici"

Lucrare pentru obtinerea atestatului la limba Engleza

_Rolls Royce_

Emanuel Serban

Luisa Morna Clasa: XII-C

Maria Tite Profil : Mate.-Info. bilingv Engleza

Satu Mare 2008

Rolls      Royce


Since the first cars were created, there was a tight competition between car manufacturers to build a thrust-worthy and attention drawing car. Some of them, relying on tradition, determination and quality-work have succeeded in making a name for themselves that nowadays is well known in every little corner of the world.

Amongst the well known luxury cars such as Aston Martin, Mercedes, Lexus or BMW we can also include Rolls Royce as a head leader. I chose this car because it is as fast as a hauler and it can also provide you the satisfaction you always dreamt of. It is the best combination between speed, comfort, beauty, safety for those who can afford it.

What drew my attention and strong interest to this particular car from the multitude of other known brands is the process of creating a Rolls Royce and the comfort this car can offer. If you can afford the top ranked comfort and luxury, you can definitely find it in a Rolls Royce. Its high quality and price make it a car worthy of its name and fame that is produced in a small number of copies for important persons such as a president or for famous stars.

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