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Echinodorus tenellus


Echinodorus tenellus



Part of the world

South America
Central America


4-8 cm


5-8 cm

Light requirements

average- 24224m125y high



Hardness tolerance


pH tolerance



average- 24224m125y difficult

Echinodorus tenellus is the smallest of all sword plants. The leaves are shorter than 7 cm and about 2 mm wide, linear or sometimes lanceolate with 1-3 veins. In Nature, E. tenellus occupies the banks of large rivers where the emergent plants produce numerous flowers during the dry season. At favourable conditions in the aquarium, E. tenellus soon forms a dense carpet and it is thus very suitable as a foreground plant. In large aquaria (deeper than 40 cm) care should be taken to provide enough light because E. tenellus is rather light demanding. The plant prefers a fine-grained nutrient rich substrate - preferable sand mixed with 25% clay and laterite - and neutral to acid, soft water. E. tenellus is quite variable from individuals with lightly green and fairly short blades and to individuals with longer and darker green or even brownish blades. Also, in the shops one meets the 'false tenellus' which is simply Lilaeopsis brasiliensis.

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