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Wild fauna animals



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Wild fauna animals

Wild fauna animals

In nature, most animals keep a safe distance between themselves and potential danger, and their instincts tell them to flee the moment this safety zone is breached.

Brown Bear is a predator. They weigh from 90 kg to 800 kg. They eat fish and meat. They are sleeping winter sleep. The brown bear population in Alaska is estimated at 32,000. However population in North America is fewer than 1,000.

The giant panda has the smallest range and smallest population of all the bears. They live in bamboo forests in the mountains of south-central China. The giant panda can reach a length of 1.5 m and weigh 100 kg.

Wolf, carnivore related to the jackal and dog. All wolves have powerful teeth. Wolves now are found only in Canada, Alaska, and northern Europe and Russia. The fur of the gray wolf is red-yellow or yellow-gray with black patches on its back and side. There are also black or brown gray wolves, and those in the far north may be pure white. The red wolf is smaller in size and usually darker in color. When no live prey can be found, wolves feed on carrion. They also eat berries.

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