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Prophecy I:Viking Child Trainer



Prophecy I:Viking Child Trainer

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Prophecy I:Viking Child Trainer

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Update v1.1 -

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Ok, while playing this game further, I realized that you can have

better swords, armor, use cloak/glide/speed simultaneously, and

unlimited life. All these have been included in this update. Enjoy.

Your stats will probably not be updated on the screen unless you

enter the monster lair or the shop. However, your stats are updated

in the game and that's what matters.

Weapons given are:

bombs - throw a bomb next to you and hopefully a monster will hit

it for big damage.

ball 'n chain - throw it horizontally to a monster to damage it

stun - (lightning type weapon), will stun a monster for a

second or so

potion - will kill all monsters currently on the screen

Special attributes include:

glide - you can jump longer and straighter with glide mode on

cloak - makes yourself invulnerable

speed - increases player's speed

As for the better sword toggle, press it once and you get a longer

sword. Press it again to get the longest sword. Press it again and

you will revert back to your regular sword.

Also, make sure you don't use the "S" and "W" as your movement or

fire key. I chose those as the new trainer keys because I ran out of

function keys.

-------- ----- ------ -------- ----- ------ ----

Pretty cool Mario Brothers type game. Actually it's more like

Rick Dangerous with different stuff added. Your objective in the game

is to find the key which will open the door to the next level. Keep

doing this and you'll fight Loki.

At the end of level 1, you'll find that the last door won't open

because you haven't killed the big boss yet. To find him, go back and

jump into the well.

Here are some of the game keys:

F1 - pause, F10 - quit game go back to menu

down key - uses highlighted weapon

enter key - enter doors, shops, etc.

space bar - selects weapon

ESC - at title menu, will bring you back to dos.

The trainer keys will give you unlimited health, weapons, gives 10 to

all weapons (max value I gave), add 100 gold to your current money

amount, and you are able to use the glide, cloak, and speed options

to which I have given you 61 seconds.

Note: Press the 'grey+' key during the menu options.

As for the glide/cloak/speed option, you can only use one of them at

a time. I made a check in the trainer so you don't accidentally

pressed two or three at the same time. If one is activated, you have

to wait until it has expired before you can choose another option.

Cloak mode is great because you can go through any monster. Just keep

pressing it, and you will again start with 61 seconds to go.

For those who want to skip to the later rounds, here are the


To skip to level 3 - "NUGGETS"

To skip to level 4 - "BOUNCING"

To skip to level 6 - "BUSTFOOT"

To skip to level 7 - "REDDWARF"

If you are wonder what happened to the passwords for levels 1,2 and

5, well the game doesn't tell you. You just have to make it to that

password level.

- Rescue Raider

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Arachnophobia, Strip Poker III, Atomino, No Exit Karate, Ninja Rabbit,

Street Rod II, Hover Force VGA, Metal Mutant, and Wing Commander:Secret

Missions II.

Other March '91 trainers include:

Eye of the Beholder, Death Knights of Krynn, DISC, Shadow Knights,

Metal Gear, Revelation, Night Breed, 4D Sports Boxing, and Turn 'n


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