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What we say about branding:



What we say about branding:

What we say about branding:

WE build brands for branding leaders. Branding leaders think different. Act different. Look different. Branding leaders know the power of a strong brand. They take the risks, they set the pace and they drive the future.

Are you a branding leader?



  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Transition Strategies
  • Research Management

Strategy is core to every project. It is the primary reason people work with us. It motivates us and it drives all other components of the solutions we create.

Without a clear strategy, no brand will become a leader.

When we develop brand strategies, we consider the practical implications. The most compelling brand strategy is no more than a theoretical exercise unless it is achievable in the real world. Knowing how to turn strategy into tangible customer experiences is what differentiates our approach. This may seem very tactical, but without it strategy is only a promise of what a brand could be.

Successful businesses live in the world of what is. The integrated solutions we create deliver against this reality. Our strategies may be evolutionary or revolutionary...but they can always be implemented.


  • Brand Naming
  • Naming Architecture Systems
  • International Linguistics
  • Trademark Law

When is a word not a word? When it's a brand? Brand names can transform the literal meaning of a word and represent far more than a dictionary definition. Whether descriptive, suggestive, coined or arbitrary, names become charged with emotions and associations. In a single word they define the values, experiences and perceptions of your business, product or service.

We create names that have the power to generate strong emotions, define your business and build your brand. But a single brand name is only one component of a brand's vocabulary. Businesses need naming strategies, systems, conventions and hierarchies that enable them to clearly define and communicate how a portfolio of products and services relate to one another. Brand nomenclature defines the right words to articulate the brand's value proposition, to avoid confusion between products and services, to differentiate from the competition, and to build equity in the right brands. Understanding how to create naming architectures is how we make naming not just unique, but organized, understandable and defendable.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Visual Language Design
  • Print and Collateral Systems
  • Web Development

Good design is fundamental to any branding leader. Good design is not a luxury or happenstance but a process of deliberately ensuring that every part of your brand visually establishes and maintains a company-wide standard for what it makes, how it looks, how it sells and how it is perceived. Good design is not just about image and's about improving experiences, simplifying information, leveraging ergonomics, maximizing productivity...and sometimes even saving money.

We approach design with the belief that every brand must establish its own Visual Language. A unique combination of form and function, ideas and emotions, colors and shapes, words and pictures, scale and proportion that will define your brand image. Implemented with consistency and quality across all applications, your Visual Language builds a clearly distinctive, easily remembered and highly valued brand identity.


  • Brand Launches
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Relationship Programs
  • Messaging Strategies

How clear is your brand proposition? Do people actually know what you do, why you are different and why they should care? How concise is your elevator pitch, how compelling the strategy? Are your products clearly understood, the benefits well defined?

It's not what you mean. It's what you say. How you talk to people determines the perception they will have of you...leader or loser. In talking to different audiences - your colleagues, your customers, your investors, your partners, the channel, analysts or the press - every single communication says more than you think.

Persuasively articulating your brand and your business is fundamental in building understanding and agreement with your strategies and actions. Your messaging, communications, presentations and briefings are how you turn colleagues into evangelists, inquirers into buyers, allies into alliances, cynics into believers, and the media into your mouthpiece.


  • Brand Campaigns
  • Broadcast, Print and Digital Media
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Campaign Management

Brand strategy lies at the center of a brand's power, but it is through advertising that the brand can have the greatest opportunity to express that strategy and communicate with its audiences. Advertising is on the front line of a brand's business strategy, creating awareness or changing perceptions, building a relationship or quantifying success, selling a product or driving a response. It's amazing, therefore, how often advertising fails to reflect the central strategy or support the brand's visual language, communications and culture.

We create advertising campaigns that are part of an integrated branding solution. Sure, they're great ads, but more importantly, they reflect the entire branding experience. Building a brand is a long-term strategy. Your advertising is a tactical way to help get you there. Branding leaders do things differently and so should their advertising.


  • Brand Experiences
  • Brand Training and Education
  • Internal Communication Programs
  • Brand Management Tools

Leading brands are built from the inside out. If your own people don't believe in a vision, why will anyone else? Creating a branded culture that truly reflects the vision of your business is what turns a company from a good idea into an industry champion. If your brand represents no more than a name on a paycheck or words engraved in the lobby, then your business has lost one of its greatest sources of power.

We help organizations harness the power of their people. To build the ideas and the values that will actually mean something. To deliver the communications, experiences and training that make them tangible and the tools that will support them. Building a branded culture isn't just about making people feel good. It's about creating loyalty, improving results, maintaining the competitive edge, increasing sales... and getting a return on the financial, technological and personal investments you make.

How far can your people really go?

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