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Directions for questions 1-25. You will hear questions on the test tape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, d and mark your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

1. a. He want to look at tiny particles

b. He wants to stop his vehicle

c. He wants to weigh something

d. He wants to rule people

2. a. a quarter of five

b. fifteen number before four

c. fifteen number before five

d. a quarter past four

3. a. forget his instructor

b. contact his instructor

c. remember his instructor

d. touch his instructor

4. a. He wasn`t sleepy

b. He wouldn`t be able to sleep

c. He was sleepy

d. He couldn`t sleep

5. a. right above his stomach

b. below his stomach

c. in his ankle

d. in his foot

6. a. colored

b. washed

c. cotton

d. man-made

7. a. tomorrow

b. with George

c. on Tuesday

d. at the office

8. a. at 10.02

b. at 13.15

c. at 15.15

d. at 16.15

9. a. red

b. wool

c. leather

d. small

10.a. a blue gas

b. several gases together

c. exhaust vapors

d. a compound

11.a. He eats a lot

b. He uses an encyclopedia

c. He has trouble finding things

d. He looks up meanings of the words

12.a. to get his suit pressed

b. to have a drink

c. to get a haircut

d. to do some shopping

13.a. take a rest

b. bring his plane down

c. take off

d. fly faster

14.a. There was reservation for three rooms

b. Three people were at the hotel

c. Three rooms were ready to be used

d. There were three checks at the hotel

15.a. They are turning on the lights

b. They are turning the lights on and off.

c. They are turning off the lights

d. They are watching the lights

16.a. put some money in the bank

b. look at his account

c. take money out of his account

d. account for cashier`s money

17.a. her mother`s brother

b. her father who is 90

c. her brother`s father

d. her mother`s father

18.a. none

b. little

c. a lot

d. very little

19.a. a bath

b. a harvest

c. a summer day

d. a storm

20.a. They will fly

b. They will walk

c. They will drive

d. They will run

21.a. close the door

b. follow him

c. look at them

d. answer it

22.a. August

b. June

c. April

d. September

23.a. a long day

b. not very far

c. a few stops

d. a short run

24.a. a private

b. a non-commissioned officer

c. a commissioned officer

d. a major

25.a. to meet her friend`s plane

b. to get her hair cut

c. to see the factory

d. to catch the train

Directions for questions 26-50. You will hear statements on the test tape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, d and mark your answer sheet.

26. a. He went to Chicago a long time ago

b. He has never had the opportunity to go

c. He never did care to go there

d. He has lived in Chicago

27. a. Everybody should hear today`s lecture

b. Everybody needn`t hear today`s lecture

c. Everybody has heard the lecture today

d. The lecture will be delivered by everybody


28. a. He goes to parties with his friends

b. He rates his friends with carefully

c. He jokes with his friends

d. He become annoyed with his friends

29. a. He called about it

b. He called it off

c. He called for it

d. He called in for it

30. a. Look of the road

b. Watch the road closely

c. Stay away from the road

d. Close your eyes carefully

31. a. He always works very hard

b. He is always sick

c. He is always very clean

d. He is always very strange

32. a. The weather got worse yesterday

b. The clouds went away last night

c. It was clear yesterday

d. It was cloudy last night

33. a. He had to go to the dentist

b. He liked going to the dentist

c. He feared going to the dentist

d. He want to pay the dentist

34. a. It is not warm

b. It is not new

c. It has been sold

d. It is made of gold

35. a. It looks out on Madison Avenue

b. It is near Madison Avenue

c. It is across from Madison Avenue

d. It is away from Madison Avenue

36. a. He repaired the radio

b. He listened to the radio for an hour

c. He replaced the radio

d. He cleaned the radio

37. a. He made a high score

b. He missed a few questions

c. He received help no the examination

d. His score was unsatisfactory

38. a. They decided to attend the party

b. They did not worry about the party

c. They could not decide about going

d. They are not going to the party

39. a. The panel is on the left of the instrument

b. The instrument panel on the left is useless

c. The instrument panel is not on the left

d. The panel on the left is very useful

40. a. They could not send a cab

b. They would send a cab immediately

c. They did not understand the address

d. They did not now when to send the cab


41. a. He never came late

b. He was tardy

c. He was usually late

d. He was absent

42. a. He has stopped flying

b. He flies very fast

c. He flies when he is well

d. He flies very well

43. a. We enjoy the international news

b. We enjoy the editorials

c. We enjoy the newspaper staff

d. We enjoy the news of our city

44. a. The rooms are costly

b. The rooms are large

c. The rooms are pretty

d. The rooms are decorated

45. a. It is to be sold at a higher price

b. It is already sold

c. It is being sold for a limited time

d. It is reduced in price

46. a. He could go

b. He may go

c. He has to go

d. He should go

47. a. He became hopeful

b. He became satisfied

c. He became exhausted

d. He became happy

48. a. They fixed their baggage

b. They found their baggage

c. They tuned in their baggage

d. They sold their baggage

49. a. He rented it

b. He tested it

c. He bought it

d. He lent it

50. a. I always drink coffee

b. I do not like coffee

c. I am accustomed to drink coffee

d. I never drink coffee

Directions for questions 51-60. You will hear dialogs on the test tape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, d and mark your answer sheet.

51. a. a loan

b. a dollar bill

c. a quarter

d. a stamp

52. a. a wrench

b. the scissors

c. a file

d. the hammer

53. a. wait a minute

b. take the telephone line

c. open the telephone book

d. hang up the phone

54. a. eat a big meal

b. drink something hot

c. eat a piece of candy

d. eat something light


55. a. the large room

b. the wrong room

c. the room on the left

d. the correct room

56. a. humidity

b. atmospheric pressure

c. temperature

d. wind velocity

57. a. He has a very good watch

b. He doesn`t wear it

c. It dosen`t keep good time

d. It is too tight

58. a. let the water run

b. stop the flow of water

c. make the water run more

d. change the faucet

59. a. windy

b. hot and dry

c. cool

d. very damp

60. a. in March

b. in December

c. every month

d. in January



Directions for questions 61-100. Select the  correct answer a, b, c, d and mark your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

61. Did Bart see Alice last night? Yes, Alice _________ by Bart.

a)      was saw

b)     had seen

c)     was seen

d)     did see

62. Select the correct sentence.

a)      Can you tell me where the post office is?

b)     Can you tell me where is the post office?

c)     Can you tell me the post office is where?

d)     Where the post office is you can tell me?

63. Jim`s conduct was good.

a)      hearing

b)     behavior

c)     health

d)     speech


64. I think Harry will choose the correct answer.

a)      select

b)     approve

c)     avoid

d)     attract

65. I can`t go with you ________ I am busy.

a)      although

b)     because

c)     and

d)     whether

66. I like to read _________ when I have time.

a)      horse

b)     the piano

c)     books

d)     the garden

67. We got the repairman __________ our television last week.

a)      fixed

b)     fixes

c)     to fix

d)     was fixing

68. I have been in the Language school ________ six weeks.

a)      for

b)     since

c)     while

d)     to

69. The trouble __________ by the mechanic.

a)      was located

b)     located

c)     was locating

d)     was to locate

70. The doctor will see us as soon as he __________

a)      could

b)     possible

c)     will be able

d)     can


71. Tom abandoned his car when he had the accident.

a)      held on to

b)     left

c)     took

d)     repaired

72. We welcome the New Year ________ a lot of noise.

a)      for

b)     with

c)     on

d)     by

73. This device is used for drilling metal.

a)      polishing

b)     making holes in

c)     ordering

d)     fastening parts to

74. John was _________ English yesterday.

a)      studied

b)     studies

c)     studying

d)     has studied

75. How ___________ tea do you drink every day?

a)      many

b)     a lots of

c)     much

d)     cups of

76. Dan performed his mission satisfactorily.

a)      assignment

b)     pleasure

c)     situation

d)     message

77. Do you ever go to the movies? No, I __________ go to the movies.

a)      seldom

b)     often

c)     usually

d)     ever


78. The brakes need _________.

a)      adjustable

b)     adjusting

c)     adjusted

d)     on adjust

79. When the teacher came into the room, I ___________ .

a)      talking

b)     am talking

c)     can talk

d)     was talking

80. If I had more time, I _________ him a letter.

a)      have written

b)     would write

c)     wrote

d)     will have written

81. Would you mind if I turned on the T.V.?

a)      leave

b)     know

c)     believe

d)     care

82. They will have a holliday _____________ work next Monday.

a)      at

b)     from

c)     about

d)     in

83. In this book the author narrates most of the important historical events.

a)      avoids

b)     inquires about

c)     accepts

d)     tells about

84. This kind of weather is typical for this part of the country.

a)      abnormal

b)     reasonable

c)     usual

d)     dependable


85. How far is it to school?

a)      The school is three miles from here.

b)     Classes begin at eight o`clock.

c)     Only young children go to school here.

d)     The school is closed for the day.

86. The name of the last month of the year is_____________.

a)      cold

b)     Saturday

c)     Past

d)     December

87. Select the correct sentence.

a)      I should take to town which bus?

b)     Should I take to town which bus?

c)     Which bus should I take to town?

d)     Which should I take bus to town?

88. I`d like to have this suit _________ at your special price.

a)      to clean and to press

b)     cleaned and pressed

c)     cleaning and pressing

d)     cleans and presses

89. Hart and Schaffner __________ since two o`clock.

a)      are waiting here

b)     wait here

c)     has waited here

d)     have waited here

90. The teacher is sitting _________ her desk.

a)      in

b)     to

c)     with

d)     at

91. Either he __________ she is planning to attend the meeting.

a)      and

b)     but

c)     with

d)     or


92. Select the correct sentence.

a)      Accident are a constant worry for the commander.

b)     Accident are for the commander a constant worry .

c)     For the commander  are a constant worry accidents .

d)     A constant worry are accidents for the commander.

93. He had to leave early, so he ___________ wait for us.

a)      shall not

b)     couldn`t

c)     wasn`t

d)     hadn`t

94. When you are talking on the telephone, the operator sometimes interrupts you.

a)      connects

b)     cuts in on

c)     listens

d)     overcharges

95. This plane differs from that one in two ways.

a)      be the same as

b)     out-speeds

c)     is unlike

d)     contacts

96. Houston is an important port city in Texas.

a)      city with a harbor

b)     university

c)     city near a creek

d)     tourist attraction

97. A pilot must hold the stick _____________.

a)      firmly

b)     firming

c)     firmed

d)     firm

98, 99. 100 -lipsa.


a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

a b c d

100 a b c d


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