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Directions for questions 1-25. You will hear questions on the test tape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

1. a. three 9. a. to give an order

b. sixty b. to answer a question

c. sixteen c. to complete a statement

d. six d. to explain a statement

a. a sheep 10. a. It hit the dock.

b. a chip b. It stayed intact.

c. a ship c. It missed the rocks.

d. a jeep d. It went to pieces.

a. a good heater 11. a. Saluted a captain.

b. a good buy b. Saluted quickly.

c. good mileage c. Gave a perfect salute.

d. a good driver d. Gave two salutes.

4. a. examine it 12. a. It was raining hard.

b. turn it off b. Light rain was falling.

c. repair it c. The sun was shining.

d. turn it on d. It was partly cloudy.

5. a. well done meat 13. a. because they like it

b. slightly bloody meat b. Mr. and Mrs. Jones

c. meat cooked in oil c. two hours every night

d. salted meat d. at home

6. a. add more 14. a. a used car

b. test the number b. a car never used

c. fail them c. a repaired car

d. reduce the number d. an old car with a new engine

a. They drew plans for it. 15. a. one block from the cafeteria

b. They constructed it. b. in the cafeteria

c. They erected a bridge. c. across from the cafeteria

d. They crossed a bridge. d. by the cafeteria

a. made from 16. a. after getting a haircut

b. separated from b. after eating his dinner

c. repaired with c. at the barbershop

d. furnished with d. at the cafeteria


a. The temperature went up. 21. a. hail

b. It got cooler. b. a solid

c. The temperature stayed c. snow

the same. d. a liquid

d. The fall season arrived.

22. a. water

a. That's a big boy for a b. space

small load. c. traffic

b. His brother is a big d. forest


c. His brother is handsome. 23. a. He is handsome.

d. The load is rather large. b. He is arrested.

c. He is overweight.

19. a. Do you have any d. He is fortunate.


b. Do you want traveler's a. the greatest

checks? b. the lowest

c. Shall I get a check for c. the shortest

you? d. the last

d. How do you want this

money? 25. a. a pharmacist

b. a physician

20. a. inaccurate c. a physicist

b. confusing d. a supervisor

c. strict

d. easy

Directions for questions 26-50. You will now hear statements on the test tape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

26. a. I can go to town. 29. a. Get on the machine.

b. I must go to town. b. Turn the machine.

c. I ought to go to town. c. Start it.

d. I may go to town. d. Point it out.

27. a. It is a liquid. 30. a. It may rain.

b. It will burn easily. b. It can rain.

c. It is a fuel. c. It will rain.

d. It will not burn. d. It ought to rain.

28. a. He was afraid. 31. a. The house is nice.

b. He was nervous. b. The house is large.

c. He was relaxed. c. The house-is small.

d. He was unhappy. d. The house is white.


32. a. He seems to be angry. 40. a. Henry wants to go outside.

b. He's angry. b. The weather is warm.

c. He likes to be angry. c. The weather is very cold.

d. He isn't angry. d. Mike is feeling warm.

33. a. He examined it'. 41. a. They are good friends.

b. He paid and left. b. They don't know each other.

c. He bought the hotel. c. They aren't friendly with

d. He arrived and moved in. each other.

d. They haven't seen each other

34. a. I will check it. for a long time.

b. I will repair it.

c. I will buy it tomorrow. 42. a. Bill, please get my hat.

d. I will show it to you. b. Bill doesn't want to get

his hat.

35. a. They will set it on fire. c. Allow me to get my hat.

b. They will take it apart. d. Don't get my hat.

c. They will repair it.

d. They will paint it. 43. a. He likes the same kind

every day.

36. a. He will read every page. b. He likes only one kind of

b. He read all the pages. food.

c. He didn't read every c. He likes many different

page. foods.

d. He read nothing in the d. He likes only some foods.


44. a. John wants coffee and pie.

37. a. John wants to go b. John already had pie and

immediately. coffee.

b. John is already late. c. The waitress likes pie and

c. Tom doesn't want to go. coffee.

d. Tom will come later. d. The waitress gave John a


38. a. I joined in September.

b. I joined in December. 45. a. They have dinner in their

c. I joined before rooms.

graduation. b. They study while having

d. I graduated from the dinner.

service. c. They study before dinner.

d. They study after dinner.

39. a. The sleeves are too long.

b. The coat fits just right. 46. a. Paperback books are more

c. The sleeves are O.K. expensive.

d. The sleeves are too short. b. Hard cover books are less


c. Hard cover books are cheaper.

d. Paperback books are less



47. a. George's roommate went to 49. a. John's friend is learning

the bank. to drive.

b. George went to the bank. b. John taught his friend to

c. George and his roommate drive.

went there. c. John still hasn't learned

d. George's roommate didn't to drive.

go to the bank. d. A friend gave John driving


48. a. Lt. Allen wrote his

return address. 50. a. She arrived just before 10:00.

b. He returned the package. b. She arrived immediately after

c. He didn't write his Mr. Jones.

return address. c. She arrived a few minutes

d. He forgot to return the after ten.

package. d. She arrived with Mr. Jones.

Directions for questions 51-60. You will now hear dialogs on the test tape.

Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

51. a. He refused the woman's 54. a. She wanted to go to town.

request to drive the car. b. She wanted to meet the

b. He granted the woman captain's parents.

permission to drive the c. She wanted to go to the

car. airport.

c. He told the woman the car d. She wanted to grant his

is brand new. request.

d. He told the woman the car

is not in good condition. 55. a. Dr. White will come by plane.

b. Dr. White arrives this week.

52. a. He was late for the c. Dr. White will come straight

briefing. home.

b. He got to the briefing d. Dr. White will come home

just in time. after he visits New York.

c. The colonel was late for

the briefing. 56. a. He will finish by the end of

d. He should go through the the week.

door. b. He won't finish by the end

of the week.

53. a. The woman is on the wrong c. He must finish by the end of

plane. the week.

b. The woman is on the right d. He might finish by the end

train. of the week.

c. The seat is already in


d. The seat is not being

held for anyone.


57. a. The student starts class 59. a. The parents will provide

at 0730. transportation.

b. The student is late to b. The parents aren't worried

class. about the concert.

c. The class will not begin c. There won't be enough for

until later. everybody.

d. The class will be held d. The parents aren't going to

downtown. the concert.

58. a. She wants to buy a 60. a. Bill did poorly and cannot

transistor radio. be retested again until next

b. She wants to listen to month.

overseas radio stations. b. Bill cannot be retested even

c. She wants to trade an if he wants it.

old television set for c. Bill should take the test

a radio. again next week.

d. She wants to sell d. Bill did well and won't be

transistor radios. tested again until next month.



Directions for questions 61-100. Choose the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

61. Newspapers are published in many cities.,

a. sold

b. read

c. printed

d. bought

62. The instructor collected the examination papers.

a. gathered

b. erased

c. distributed

d. graded

63. When you order wire, you must state the diameter that you need.

a. price

b . thickness

c. length

d. use

64. Does he desire further education?

a. less

b. scientific

c. more

d. necessary


65. Upon retiring from the service, Captain Jones was hired by an aircraft company.

a. kept

b. flown

c. discharged

d. employed

The meeting terminated at four o'clock.

a. was postponed

b . was half-way over

c. got started

d. came to an end

He looked the engine over thoroughly.

a. completely

b. along .time ago

c. hurriedly

d. carelessly

Tomorrow's weather will determine whether we are to go or stay.

a. postpone

b . apply

c. be disregarded

d. be the deciding factor

He tried to put out the fire, but it got out of hand.

a. became uncontrollable

b. was put out

c . left his hand

d. became smaller

70. ever studied algebra?

a. Do

b. Have

c. Has

d. Did

71. This is a good car;.......... the other hand, that one is better.

a. by

b . at

c. on

d. to

72. The book on the table is............

a. us

b. them

c. ours

d. their


73. I have worked........... a mechanic for several years.

a. in

b. as

c. to

d. at

74. The heavy rain prevented us from.......... for our next base.

a. leave

b. to leave

c. left

d. leaving

75. Will you please............. me some coffee?

a. fill

b. pour

c. drink

d. put

76. There is very little possibility.........finding his lost pen.

a. by

b. from

c. of

d. to

77. I haven't seen John today........., I haven't seen him for over a week.

a. Nevertheless

b. Than

c. In fact

d. Therefore

78. The first sergeant had all the telephones....... today.

a. repair

b. repairing

c. repairs

d. repaired

79. The training has been accelerated. It has been........

a. speeded up

b. stopped

c. lengthened

d. eliminated

80. Would you mind............all the windows in the room?

a. closed

b. close

c. closing

d. to close



81. The cost of all the things I bought......... to $50.

a. were around

b. added up

c. over

d. down

When Jack told us the dimensions of his room, he was talking about


a. measurements

b. color

c. location

d. quality

83. If John had-'had the money yesterday, he.......... the car.

a. buys

b. bought

c. would buy

d. would have bought

84. When did your brother............ ?

a. get marry

b. get married

c. got married

d. to marry

85. The patients haven't received their medicine yet,......... ?

a. had they

b. received they

c. have they

d. didn't they

86. The problem was worked out. It was...........

a. solved

b. unsolved

c. given to someone

d. lost

87. Water is..........hydrogen and oxygen.

a. combined with

b. made to

c. composed of

d. evaporated,

88. Mr. Smith always carries his raincoat if the weatherman....... rain.

a. predicted

b. had predicted

c. predicts

d. predicting



89. When he went to buy a car, he....... a blue one.

a. picked out

b. will pick out

c. picking out

d. picks out

90. She was interested in............ English.

a. to learn

b . learning

c. the learning

d. have learned

91. Everyone was happy............. free tickets to the movie.

a. received

b. to receive

c. have received

d. were received

92. That regulation on training.............yet.

a. not change

b. was not changing

c. has not been changed

d. hasn't change

93. The secretary said, "Would you like to see any particular person?"

The visitor replied, "Yes,............. "

a. all of them

b. Captain Burke

c. I will talk to anyone

d. I'm not particular

94. In note taking, a person is always...........

a. writing the main points

b. carrying messages from one place to another

c. completing short sentences

d. taking orders over the telephone

In one kind of code, each number represents a letter of the alphabet.

In other words,.......... ..... ...... ..

a. every number precedes a letter

b. each number looks like a letter

c. every number is an alphabet

d. each number stands for a letter

Sgt. Smith said, "When I finish the report, I will pass it on to

Sgt. Brown." Sgt. Brown.......................

a. received the report from Sgt. Smith

b. will receive the report from Sgt. Smith

c. will not receive the report from Sgt. Smith

d. will write his own report


When the child ran in front of the moving taxi, the, driver stopped

the car instantly. He stopped the taxi....................

a. cautiously

b . slightly

c. abruptly

d. unevenly

98. John stirred his cup of coffee. He............ his coffee.

a. mixed

b. heated

c. poured

d. tasted

The mechanic spilled the oil on the motor. He.............

a. put the oil in the motor

b . spread the oil carefully

c. removed the oil from the motor

d. accidentlly poured the oil in the wrong place

My watch functions properly. It is.............

a. out of order

b . in good shape

c. worn out

d. not working


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