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Directions for questions 1-25. You will hear questions on the test tape.

Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

a He postponed it. a. at 2100

b. He finished it. b immediately

c. He neglected it. c at noon

d. He failed to complete it. d before 9:00 a.m.

a an illness a. ask for directions

b a remedy b. get some gas

c a cure c. drive the jeep

d a doctor d. stop the jeep

a I have watched TV. a. I am doing very well.

b. I am watching TV. b. I will be here a long time.

c. I will watch TV. c. I got here last month.

d. I was watching TV. d about four months

a three hours ago a. Wednesday

b at three o'clock b. Friday

c. The theater is over c. Saturday
there. d. Thursday

d. Sorry, I can't move over.

a. rough

a on a different street b. smooth
b. across the street from c. clear

the Post Office d. dirty
c. just behind the Post

Office a. a sick person

d. next to the Post Office b. a nurse

c an employee

a decide what she wanted d. a person who is waiting

b think about it

c powder her face a. a new bus

d get up b. a better seat

c a permit to take another bus

a He lost it. d permission to go across town

b. He did a good job.

c. He did something wrong. a. overlooked an error

d. He cleaned it. b found an error

c ignored an error

a You can taste them. d rejected an error

b. You can smell them.

c. You can feel them.

d. You can hear them.

ALCPT Form 17R

a. change our plan 22. a. accelerate our course

b. cancel our plan b. postpone our course

c. explain our plan c. extend our course

d. release our plan d. end our course

18. a. They should be removed. 23. a. It is too little.

b. They should be underlined. b. It is sufficient.

c. They should be studied. c. It is adjusted.

d. They should be considered. d. It is reduced.

19. a. It should be repaired. 24. a. What direction did you turn?

b. It should be cleaned. b. When did you leave home?

c. It should be inspected. c. What time did you eat?

d. It should be lubricated. d. When did you go to bed?

20. a. poor fuel 25. a. the desire

b. inferior oil b. the opportunity

c. poor ignition c. the capacity

d. poor repairs d. the time

21. a. It moved for a short time.

b. It moved rapidly.

c. It moved gradually.

d. It moved frequently.

Directions for questions 26-50. You will now hear statements on the test

tape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer


26. a. He had a good time. 29. a. I left only a minute before

b. He was excited. you called.

c. He had a date. b. You called before I left.

d. His temperature was high. c. My office is to the left.

d. I entered the office just

27. a. It is intoxicating. as you called.

b. It will burn easily.

c. It will not freeze. 30. a. It is time to eat.

d. It is a liquid. b. Don't hurry while eating.

c. Hurry up and eat.

28. a. I should see him. d. Watch the time carefully.

b. I won't see him.

c. I have seen him. 31. a. It has landed there.

d. I must see him. b. There's no sound there.

c. There's no life there.

d. It is lost there.

ALCPT Form 17R

32. a. I like it medium. 41. a. She heard a weak voice.

b. I like it raw. b. She heard a familiar und.

c. I like it hot. c. She heard a strong voice.

d. I like it cooked d. She heard an unknown sound.


42. a. She is my relative.

33. a. He only likes Sundays. b. She is the director.

b. He likes Saturdays. c. She works for me.

c. He likes clear days. d. I work for her.

d. He likes cloudy days.

43. a. She is an average girl.

34. a. She studied hard. b. She is a famous girl.

b. He studied hard. c. She is a strange girl.

c. He will study harder. d. She is an important girl.

d. She plans to study hard.

44. a. I like Spring best.

35. a. Most people like it. b. Autumn is the worst season.

b. Very few people like it. c. I don't like the month of

c. Every song is popular. October.

d. Everyone likes to sing. d. I like Autumn best.

36. a. We didn't make the march. 45. a. She saw the picture twice.

b. We marched half way. b. She only saw it once.

c. We finally got there. c. She doesn't like the film.

d. We gave up the march. d. She didn't go the second


37. a. He called a friend.-

b. He hit a friend. 46. a. You may put on your coat.

c. He noticed a friend. b. You may take off your coat.

d. He met a friend. c. You may put off your coat.

d. You may take away your coat.

38. a. It wasn't Tom's idea.

b. Joe ignored the idea. 47. a. I am used to driving fast.

c. Joe agreed with Tom. b. I am not used to driving fast.

d. Joe took Tom's idea with c. I drove fast but I don't him. now.

d. I didn't drive fast in the


39. a. I can't write it.

b. I may write it. 48. a. John eats less than Harry.

c. I'm writing it. b. John doesn't eat as much

d. I should write it. as he should.

c. John eats more than Harry.

40. a. He does not want to see d. John eats the same amount

her. as Harry.

b. He wants to see her very


c. He is very kind to her.

d. He wants to get here.

ALCPT Form 17R

49. a. He likes eating less than 50. a. We were given plenty of

sleeping. information.

b. He likes to sleep the best. b. We were given limited

c. He enjoys eating more than information.

sleeping. c. The information was

d. He prefers sleeping to interesting.

eating. d. We were briefed on the subject.

Directions for questions 51-60. You will now hear dialogs on the test tape.

Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

51. a. There are many accidents 55. a. He gives commands in a

in town. strong voice.

b. There are many people on b. He has the right to give

the street. commands.

c. The policemen are busy c. He has the intelligence to

in town. give commands.

d. There are many cars on d. He has written a book on

the street. Giving commands.

52. a. He doesn't ride the bus 56. a. that the men didn't get

there. their assignments.

b. He usually goes there by b. that the leader checked to

bus. see that they understood

c. He never goes to the Post c. that the men didn't

office. understand their assignments

d. He rides the bus to the d. that the leader wasn't

Post Office. certain his men understood

53. a. His home is far away from 57. a. It would be better to close

the state. the windows.

b. His home is close to the b. Never mind closing the city. windows.

c. Closing the windows is necessary.

c. His home is in the d. It is difficult to close downtown section. the windows.

d. His home is in some other

big city. 58. a. It's dry today.

b. The temperature is not high

54. a. Clerks cannot raise prices. today.

b. Department stores have c. The wind is blowing gently

flexible prices. today.

c. Clerks cannot reduce d. It has been raining all prices. day.

d. We can trade department

store clerks.

ALCPT Form 17R

59. a. She arrived before he left. 60. a. Mr. Smith has already left.

b. He has gone out to meet her. b. Mr. Smith won't be departing here.

c. She met him in his office.

d. She didn't meet him. c. Mr. Smith said he'll go next week.

d. Mr. Smith will depart in

about two weeks.



Directions for questions 61-100. Choose the one correct answer a, b, c, or d

and mark your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

61. You aren't an American,

a. were you

b. are you

c. aren't you

d. will you

62. George drives at a low rate of speed. He drives

a. fast

b. carelessly

c. 60 miles an hour

d. slowly

63. Football is _ to him.

a. interesting

b. interested

c. interest

d. to interest

64. He is tired after _.

a. works all day

b. has worked all day

c. is working all day

d. working all day

65. Mary drives faster than _.

a. I do

b. I was

c. I am

d. me do

ALCPT Form 17R

66. He accepted the invitation_ pleasure.

a. from

b. with

c. by

d. in

67. I was studying my lesson when it _.

a. will begin to rain

b. is beginning to rain

c. began to rain

d. begin to rain

68. The bus will leave _ half an hour.

a. by

b. in

c. to

d. at

69. I have been waiting for you since _.

a. now

b. noon

c. tomorrow

d. sometime

70. Where was this car _?

a. make

b. making

c. made

d. be made

71. Was he absent _ class yesterday?

a. from

b. for

c. to

d. at

72. Jim has seen many places since he has been in the United States.

a. a few

b. only one

c. pretty

d. a large number of

73. I want an opportunity to talk to you.

a. a chance

b. the right

c. your permission

d. the time

ALCPT Form 17R

Do you like to dance? Yes, I .

a enjoy dance

b enjoy for dancing

c enjoy by dance

d enjoy dancing

Jack is taller than John, but Bill is taller than either of them.
Bill is .

a the taller of the three

b more taller

c the tallest of the three

d most taller

Joe said, "Let me have a book of fives and one Air Mail."
He wanted to buy

a some stamps

b an airplane ticket

c. five books

d some stationery

Your book is mine.

a different to

b different of

c different from

d different with

I would have visited him, if I .

a had had time

b have time

c am having time

d will have time

I would appreciate about the change in schedule.

a informed

b to inform

c to be inform

d being informed

Do you go to town often?

a. Yes, I never go to town.

b. No, I ever go to town.

c. No, I never go to town.

d. Yes, I ever go to town.

The officer puts on his uniform.

a. He hangs it on the rack.

b. He wears it on duty.

c. He cleans it with soap and water.

d. He sends it to the cleaners.

ALCPT Form 17R

Would you like something else?

a. Yes, nothing else, thank you.

b. Yes, anything else, thank you.

c. No, nothing else, thank you.

d. No, anything else, thank you.

Choose the correct sentence.

a. John yesterday was for class late.

b. John was late for class yesterday.

c. John was yesterday late for class.

d. John was for class late yesterday.

Choose the correct sentence.

a. The bus was crowded, so I had to stand up.

b. The bus was crowded because I had to stand up,

c. I had to stand up so the bus was crowded.

d. I had to stand up that the bus was crowded.

Choose the correct sentence.

a. Can you tell me is the bank where?

b. Where the bank is, please?

c. How get to the bank?

d. Can you tell me how to get to the bank?

Choose the correct sentence.

a. An electric current conducts wire.

b. An electric current is conducted by wire.

c. Wire is conducted by an electric current.

d. An electric wire is conducted by the current.

Choose the correct sentence.

a. Whose is this pencil?

b. Whose this pencil is?

c. Whose pencil is this?

d. Whose pencil this is?

Choose the correct sentence.

a. Joe lives on Adams Street.

b. Joe lives upon Adams Street.

c. Joe lives at Adams Street.

d. Joe lives in Adams Street.

Do you enjoy seeing Western movies?

a. Yes, I like to seeing them.

b. Yes, I enjoy to see them.

c. Yes, I enjoy to seeing them.

d. Yes, I like to see them.

ALCPT Form 17R

The commander observed a weakness in the enemy's defense.
"He ."

a broke the enemy's defense

b encountered the enemy

c saw a weakness

d looked for a weakness

Helen said, "May I get off the bus on the other side of the city?"
She wanted .

a a new bus

b a better seat >

c a permit to take another bus

d to go across town

If the tree is against the house, it is _________ .

a near the house

b behind the house

c close to the house

d touching the house

We are trying to minimize our losses. We want to .

a improve them as much as possible

b keep them as small as possible

c replace them

d analyze our losses

A telephone operator is a person who .

a repairs telephones

b uses the telephone booth

c translates telephone calls

d helps you when you need information

It was necessary to elevate the car to repair the brakes.
We had to _ .

a raise the car

b operate the car

c examine the car

d start the car

It was obvious that it was going to rain. It was .

a apparent

b uncertain

c doubtful

d questionable

He took appropriate action. His action was .

a incorrect

b hasty

c suitable

d slow

ALCPT Form 17R

There was a knock on the door. It was a .

a sound

b knob

c lock

d name plate

The snack bar is in the back of the building. It is

a on the left side of the building

b. outside the building

c. behind the building

d. in the rear part of the building

John is planning to arrange his plane reservations tomorrow*

a. John is planning to stay tomorrow.

b. John cannot get a plane reservation.

c. John doesn't have a reservation.

d. John has made a plane reservation.


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