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Advanced Language Practice - Grammar Progress Test 5a


Name: __________ ______ ____ Date: ___________________

Advanced Language Practice

Grammar Progress Test 5a (Units 21-25)

1 Think of a word which collocates with the preposition to complete each sentence.

0 Dr Porter is a heart and lungs consultant who specialises in heart transplants.

1 That supermarket once ____________ me 5 too much for my shopping.

2 George really ____________ me of my old Uncle Charlie - they are so similar.

3 His anxieties all ____________ from his chil 20320i817u dhood upbringing.

4 I'm not very ____________ on football, to be honest.

5 Sorry, I think I must have picked up the wrong briefcase by ____________ .

6 That guy is arrogant beyond ____________ .

7 Spring is late this year; the flowers still haven't ____________ out yet.

8 I'm sorry to ____________ you down, but I can't meet next week's deadline.

9 This old table ____________ up too much space; let's get rid of it.

10 The anaesthetic should ____________ off after a couple of hours.

2 Complete each sentence with a suitable phrase of three words containing the word in capital letters.

0 His argument doesn't really stand up to close examination. STAND

1 By midday the whole city _____ _______ ______ _______________ Juventus supporters. PACKED

2 Farmer Bond and Farmer Carter are _____ _______ ______ _______________ who owns the land down by the river. DISPUTE

3 My mum was always very good _____ _______ ______ _______________ problems. DEALING

4 Don't get me wrong; I'm all _____ _______ ______ _______________ this plan for a new road. FAVOUR

5 I don't want to pressurise you. You're _____ _______ ______ _______________ sign this contract. OBLIGATION

6 _____ _______ ______ _______________ your 25 years of service, we would like to present you with a gold watch. RECOGNITION

7 Lulu's only thirteen: we can't leave her _____ _______ ______ _______________ the baby for too long. CHARGE

8 Carol is staying with me as she's _____ _______ ______ _______________ her husband. FALLEN

9 I don't think I can _____ _______ ______ _______________ this dental appointment - I'm just too nervous about it. GO

10 _____ _______ ______ _______________ yourself - don't let this boy bully you. STICK

3 Rewrite each sentence so that it contains the word in bold, and so that the meaning stays the same.

0 In my country all adults are obliged to vote.
In my country voting is obligatory for all adults.

1 I won't stand for rudeness in this school.
I won't allow __________ ______ ____ __________ in this school.

2 I can't eat my food with all this talk about being sick.
All this talk about being sick __________ ______ ____ _________ my food.

3 I should draw your attention to the fact that Lynn is no longer responsible for overseas sales.
Can I just __________ ______ ____ __________ Lynn is no longer responsible for overseas sales.

4 Don't worry, I will do the ironing, but not just yet.
Don't worry, I will __________ ______ ____ __________ , but not just yet.

5 I went to see a financial adviser as I was thinking I might change my insurance policies.
I went to see a financial adviser __________ ______ ____ _______ possibly changing my insurance policies.

6 My tennis is distinctly rusty; I simply don't have the time to practise any more.
My tennis is distinctly rusty; I'm really __________ ______ ____ , you know.

7 Prisoners here are regularly visited by their families to boost their morale.
Prisoners here get family visits __________ ______ ____ ________ to boost their morale.

8 Roger is eligible for early retirement.
Roger __________ ______ ____ __________ take early retirement.

9 'Great to hear about your new job, Sue - congratulations!' said Mike.
Mike __________ ______ ____ ____________ getting her new job.

10 I really like the idea of going to Sri Lanka - let's do it!
The idea of going to Sri Lanka __________ ______ ____ ______ - let's do it!

4 Put each phrasal verb from the box in the appropriate place in the text.

  grow on       stand up to        make do with        drew up        gone off       try out

        make for        broke off        put up with        done up       come up against

As Mrs Davis was talking on the phone, a white van (0) drew up outside her house. She (1) _____________ her phone call. 'Can't talk now, Maggie, the decorators are here. yes, we're having our kitchen (2) _____________ .' With that, she put the phone down and showed the workmen in. 'We've (3) _____________ a little problem with the paint, Mrs Davis,' said the taller of the two men. The Highland Blue you chose in the catalogue has been discontinued, so we've had to (4) _____________ the nearest colour, Royal Blue.'

Mrs Davis looked troubled. 'Don't worry, Mrs D,' said the other workman. 'We can (5) _____________ a little bit of the Royal Blue on your walls, and then if you don't like it we can always go over it with something else later.' He opened the tin, and Mrs Davis frowned. 'It's a bit lighter than you wanted, but it'll (6) _____________ you, I promise,' said the smaller workman. 'Hmmm, I don't know,' said Mrs Davis, 'I've rather (7) _____________ the idea of blue now. Perhaps we can leave the painting 'till my husband gets home. He may be able to (8) _____________ this colour, but it's not what we imagined.'

'Anway, you'll love the bench top we've got,' said the little one.

This marble base will (9) _____________ a much stronger work surface than the conventional materials, and it's much more durable. It'll (10) _____________ a lot of banging and cutting.' We'll do that today, and leave the painting till later.'

5 Put one suitable preposition in each gap of the text.

Performance Review - Summary

David feels that he has grown (0) in confidence during his first year with the company, although he admits to occasionally feeling (1) ________ pressure to work faster. He sometimes finds it difficult to deal with external clients who phone him. David recognises the need to acquire more experience (2) ________ computer database systems and has agreed to attend training sessions.

David is aware (3) ________ the roles of others in his department and how their work relates (4) ________ his own. He describes himself as being (5) ________ good terms with his colleagues.

David would like to become more involved (6) ________ the running of the staff social programme. It was suggested that he contact Carla Lopez.

David understands that he will be eligible (7) ________ a pay rise next March, depending (8) ________ his performance during the coming year. Any pay rise would only come (9) ________ effect from March, as the terms of his contract specify his current salary for a period of eighteen months.

It was agreed that David has applied himself well (10) _________ his job, and that his manager is happy with his progress to date.

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