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Adverbs or Adjectives


Adverbs or Adjectives

Top of Form 1

Mary is a ___ swimmer.
a. slow
b. slowly

Andrew plays the pi 22322x2316w ano ___.
a. beautiful
b. beautifully

Mrs. Thompson sews ___.
a. quick
b. quickly

Mr. Garcia speaks ___.
a. loud
b. loudly

His kids are ___ students.
a. good
b. well

Joanna sings ___.
a. awful
b. awfully

Faye writes ___.
a. neat
b. neatly

Douglas and Hannah are ___ students.
a. bad
b. badly

Jessica is a ___ basketball player.
a. good
b. well

Patty doesn't cook ___.
a. good
b. well

Mr. Lopez is not a ___ policeman.
a. careful
b. carefully

Those girls talk ___.
a. intelligent
b. intelligently

I don't think I am a ___ athlete.
a. bad
b. badly


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