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Choose the correct word (s) to complete each sentence.

I'm sorry Hannah isn't in the office, she ..... from home today.

A. 's working B. works C. is work D. has working

Sometimes I walk to work and sometimes I get the bus,
it ..... on the weather.

A. is depending B. depend C. depends

We went fishing, but we ..... anything.

A. didn't caught  B. didn't catch

C. didn't catched  D. not caught

..... your university application form yet?

A. Have you sent  B. Have you send C. Did you sent

I'm really sorry I'm late. How long .....?

A. have you been waiting B. have you waited

C. are you waiting

We haven't seen Susan and Michael ..... last Christmas.

A. at B. for C. since D. -

Helen was more excited than the rest of us because she  ..... abroad before.

A. had never been  B. has never been

C. never went  D. was never gone

My parents ..... in the city, but they moved to the country when they retired.

A. used live B. were living C. used to live D. lived

I can't come tomorrow, I ..... with Angela.

A. 'll go out B 'm going out C. go out

"Have you sent Simon's birthday card yet?"

"No, I ___ it on the way home today."

A. post  B. am going post

C. am posting  D. 'm going to post

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