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PET Level


Field of study:

Form: Distance


Total score: 100%[N1] 

Attempt: 1 2 3

PART B: Reading

Task 1: Read the text below and mark the correct letter A,B,C or D for each question.

Exercise can be fun

Exercise has become a huge part of our world. There are gyms everywhere, but if you're not keen on them, there are hundreds of exercise videos to choose from. Exercise is good for you. It makes you feel better, look better and can help you live longer.

But what happens if you are the kind of person who would do anything rather than spend five minutes on an exercise bike, including cleaning the house, visiting a boring relative or watching a terrible TV programme? If you are that kind of person, you need a plan!

First of all decide when you are going 22122k1017w to exercise. Choose three times a week, like me. Write EXERCISE in your diary, on your calendar, on the wall if necessary! Then make sure you do it. Don't do anything else. I never make other arrangements.

Next, vary what you do. I went to the same aerobics class for two years! No wonder I was bored! Now I use different machines at the gym, I often change my jogging route and I never do aerobics.

Make exercise fun and find an exercise you enjoy. Why not play a sport, or join a dance class? I recently started a modern dance class. It's great fun and I've met lots of new people, but as soon as I get bored I'll find something else!

What is the writer's main aim in writing the text?

A   To describe different ways of keeping fit

B   To persuade people about the benefits of exercise

C   To talk about the exercise classes she goes to

D   To encourage people to take exercise

2 What does the writer say about herself?

A She prefers to exercise at home.

B She isn't keen on joining classes.

C She likes to do different kinds of exercise.

D She doesn't like watching TV.

3 What does the reader learn about the writer's habits?

A She exercises three times a week.

B She often exercises with friends.

C She does aerobics regularly.

D She runs the same route everyday.

4 What does she say about her dance class?

A She sometimes finds it boring.

B She may not do it forever.

C She thinks some people are unfriendly.

D She prefers doing sport.

5 What would be another good title for the article?

A Exercise may be boring, but it's good for you.

B Many people do too much exercise.

C Regular exercise is best.

D Exercising once a week is better than nothing.

Task 2 Circle the correct letter.

The ice dogs

I came to Chukotka, in Russia, to go on a 1 ... up the coast to the Bering Strait with a team of dogs. To do this, I had to learn how to 2....... the dog team. For the people who live there in the far north of Russia the dog sledge is the only sure 3 .....of transport across the snow and ice. 4..... you become the new leader of a dog team, your 5....task is to make the dogs realize you are useful to them - you feed them.

..... a difficult first few weeks, the dogs started to listen to my orders. But even then, although they were clearly 7...... hard, they were only guessing 8... I meant them to go left or right. Unable to understand my orders, some dogs would go one 9...., some the other. The rest too, hoped that they would be doing the right thing 10......going straight ahead.

1 A visit

B break

C journey

D voyage

2 A teach

B train

C practise

D improve

3 A means

B way

C use

D purpose

4 A As

B Because

C Who

D When

5 A main

B best

C right

D clear

6 A Until

B Still

C After

D While

7 A doing

B learning

C making

D trying

8 A or

B whether

C unless

D that

9 A manner

B way

C method

D style

10 A with

B to

C by

D for

Task 3: Look at the text in each question. What does it say Mark the correct letter A, B or C.

If you want to set up a new educating programme, you must first persuade Mrs Violet.

A Mrs Violet wants to a buy a new programme

B Mrs Violet sells the new programme.

C We can't start the new programme unless Mrs Violet agrees

You can eat as much as you like unless you leave the dining hall.

A Eating too much is forbidden

B You cannot eat anywhere except the dining hall

C If you want to eat more you have to stay inside the hall



If anyone finds my French dictionary, please, hand it in at the secretary's office - downstairs, first door on the left next to the elevator. Esdenka Lopez

What does Esdenka want people to do?

A return her dictionary to the secretary

B look for her lost book

C give her the dictionary they borrowed


To: Tom

From: Joe

Tom - Football training is cancelled until further notice because Mike has gone away, maybe we could do something else this week.

Tom and Joe aren't playing football because

A they're going away for a week.

B Mike is somewhere else.

C training is on another day.

No dogs allowed anywhere in the park between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. - picnic time

A  Dog owners must avoid certain areas in the park.

B You mustn't enter this park with a dog.

C Dogs are welcome at certain times of the day.

PART C: Vocabulary and Word formation

Task 1: Complete this table using suffixes -ful or -able.



















Task 2: Look at the words below and write the opposites.















Task 3: Write correct prepositions to the words, if no preposition is needed put 0 to the table.



to be interested


be crazy

be ashamed



be good



spend money


PART D: Use of Language

Task 1: Complete sentences 1-6 by putting one verb into the past simple and the other into the past continuous.

1 The phone ............ (ring) twice while we .............. (eat) lunch.

2 Harry's watch ......... (fall) off when he ....... (cycle) outside.

3 While I ......... (drive) into town this morning, I .......... (hear) a great song on the radio.

4 The ship .......... (sail) in open water when the engine ........ (break down).

5 We ......... (have) drinks outside when it ......... (begin) to rain.

Task 2: For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use no more than three words.

Example: I enjoyed learning languages at school.

I used to enjoy learning languages at school.

Her children and most other children don't like doctors.

Her children don't like doctors and ............most other children.

I find watching a movie in a foreign language boring.

I get ....... when watching a movie in a foreign language.

Authors can decide on the books' titles.

The titles of the books can............... the authors.

The views of several men, that women are weaker, upset me.

I strongly disagree with ............views, that women are weaker.

You needn't buy the tickets before as there are plenty left.

Buying the tickets in advance is ........... because we still have plenty of them.

PART E: Writing

Task 1: Complete the questionnaire. Use full sentences when writing.

Shopping habits questionnaire

1 What time of the day do you prefer to shop? __________ ______ ____ _____________

2 Where do you usually shop? __________ ______ ____ _____

3 What items do you spend your money on? __________ ______ ____ _____________

4 How much do you enjoy shopping? __________ ______ ____ _____________

5 Do you like to go with friends or alone? __________ ______ ____ _____________

6 If you won one million crowns what would you buy? __________ ______ ____ _____________

7 Can you suggest two improvements for you town/area's shopping facilities? __________ ______ ____ __________ ______ ____ _____ _______ ______ ______

8 Your name __________ ______ ____ _____________

9 Profession __________ ______ ____ _____________

10 Sex __________ ______ ____ _____________

 [N1] dalkari mají jen 100 points, ne? no listening

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