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Fill in the following text with one of the words given in the box below.


Fill in the following text with one of the words given in the box below.

Recent developments

There has been an upmarket trend in tourism over the last few decades, especially in Europe where international travel for ...... /1/ is common. Tourists have higher levels of ........ /2/ and greater leisure time and they are also better-educated and have more ...../3/ tastes. There is now a demand for a better ...../4/, which has resulted in a fragmenting of the mass market for beach vacations; people want more ...... /5/versions, such as quieter resorts, family-oriented holidays, 11411u201l or market-targeted destination hotels. As well, people are taking second short break holidays.

The developments in technology and transport infrastructure such as jumbo jets and  ...... /6/have made many types of tourism more affordable. There have also been changes in lifestyle, such as ..... /7/people who living as a tourist all the year round. This is facilitated by internet purchasing of tourism products. Some sites have now started to offer ...... /8/, in which an inclusive price is quoted for a tailor- made package requested by the ..... /9/upon impulse.

There have been a few setbacks in tourism, such as the September 11, 2001 attacks and terrorist threats to ......./10/such as Bali and European cities. Some of the tourist destinations, including the beach resorts of Cancún have lost popularity due to shifting tastes.

quality products

low-budget airlines

tourist destinations


dynamic packaging


disposable income

short breaks



Match the definitions with the tourism related terms.

mode of travel

travel agent

domestic tourism

backpacker hostels



outbound tourist





green tourism

mass tourism



all-inclusive hotels




National Tourist Organisation

Traditional, large scale tourism commonly, but loosely used to refer to popular forms of leisure tourism pioneered in southern Europe, the Caribbean, and North America in the 1960s and 1970s.

Resort facilities that offer all meals, activities and entertainments on site. All holiday expenses at these hotels are covered by one pre-paid price. Caribbean destinations are noted for their high profile brands of all- inclusive hotels which offer unlimited alcoholic drinks, snacks between meals and motorised sports all included in one price.

  1. The retailer of travel and related products. Whilst this refers to the sales person employed to sell travel products, the term is often applied in reference to the business that is established to sell travel products.

The type of transport used to make a journey between an origin and a destination, and can include walking and cycling as well as all forms of mechanical transport.

The tourist authority for a state/country.

A concept that encourages development, usually in rural areas, that has regard to and respects the landscape of the area including its wildlife and historical heritage.

  1. Inexpensive accommodation facilities for backpackers.
  2. It is the activity of people visiting destinations within their own country's boundaries.
  3. It is a term that refers to the process of increasing economic and communication connectiveness that has occurred over the past half century. Global markets replacing national and regional markets, e.g. capital markets.

One who travels for a period of 24 hours or more in a place other than that in which he or she usually resides, whose purpose could be classified as leisure (whether for recreation, health, sport, holiday, study or religion), business, family, mission or meeting.

A tourist departing to a destination beyond the borders of the country of residence.

Something which can be kept in the same or a better condition for the future.

A temporary visitor, staying less than 24 hours, including cruise travellers but excluding travellers in transit.

14.  A place, event, building or area which tourists want to visit.

  Tourism that considers the protection of the environment and the way of life of local people to be very important.

People's customs, clothing, food, houses, language, dancing, music, drama, literature and religion.

The end point of a journey.

An area of land having more or less definable boundaries.

The written details of a customer's travel arrangements in the form of dates, times and destinations.

Belonging to a particular place or region.

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