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Nit-ac - Body covered with brown spots; ulcerations and warts with

splinter-like pain; ulcers bleed from slight touch.

Mur-ac - Papular, petechial eruptions, with much itching.

Ailan - Livid, purplish eruption.

Alum - Dry, with intolerable itching and scratching until it bleeds. 19419n1311t

Amm-carb - Thick, red rash all over.

Anac - Intense itching, with eruption like poison oak.

Ant-crud - Moist eruption behind ears; horny growths over the body;

pimples, vesicles; scabs thick, hard, bleed when touched.

Ant-tart - Cold; covered with clammy, sticky sweat; slowly maturing

pustules, leaving bluish-red mark.

Apis - Boils and swellings, with stinging pain; dropsy without thirst.

Arn - Itching, burning small pimples and boils; black and blue spots on

the body.

Ars - Bran-like, scaly eruptions, with itching and burning, worse from

scratching; ulcerations with burning pain.

Arum - Raw, bloody eruptions.

Asaf - Ulcers near bone, with thin, ichorous discharge.

Bapt - Livid spots over body and limbs.

Bell - Dry, hot, uniformly red.

Berb - Itches and burns; small boils and pustules, worse from


Borax - Hair rough; splits; sticks together; can't be combed smooth.

Caust - Large, jagged, easily bleeding warts; intertrigo.

Carbo-v - Indolent foul ulcers with ichorous discharge; carbuncles.

Chel - Wrinkled, pimpled; old, spreading, offensive ulcers.

Cicuta - Eczema with hard, lemon-colored crusts; whitish moist scurf on

upper lip and chin.

Clematis - Itching of scalp; eczema of hands and occiput.

Colch - Noticeably dry.

Copaiva - Urticaria, with heat, biting and itching.

Creosot - Eruption with severe itching and burning after scratching;

skin itches, festers and bleeds easily.

Crot - Skin cold, sallow, icteric; boils and carbuncles; mottled,


Croton - Intense itching, better from gentle, worse from hard

scratching; sore nipples of nursing women.

Cuprum - Skin mottles, cyanotic, bluish.

Dulc - Pimples on face; pustules with stitching pain when touched;

humid, moist, raw eruptions, worse from scratching; vesicular; thick, brown, yellow crusts, bleed when scratched.

Grap - Skin unhealthy, suppurates easily; humid; sticky like glue, on


Hep - Unhealthy; festers; boils, sensitive to touch.

Kali-bich - Pustules resembling small-pox, with burning pain; deep

ulcers with punched-out edges.

Lach - Skin dark, mottled; old scars hurt, break open, bleed.

Mez - Offensive eruptions with thick, tough scabs under which pus

collects; eczema, itching intolerably moist; ulcers with thick yellow scabs which bleed when dressed.

Nat-mur - Raw; burning eruptions; urticaria; eczema.

Petr - Hands covered with thick crusts and deep cracks; herpes, fiery

red, raw, moist, with burning; raw, moist eczema, worse in cold weather.

Phyt - Boils and carbuncles with burning pain.

Ranun - Herpes; vesicles containing bluish-black serum, following the

course of nerve, with severe burning and itching.

Rhus - Deep inflammation of skin, with intense itching and tendency to


Sec - Skin dark, shriveled, mottled, cold to touch; petechiae; small

boils which mature slowly and are painful; burning of skin from leaving the parts uncovered.

Sep - Isolated herpetic spots in upper part of the body; itching which

changes to burning when scratched.

Sil - Every little hurt suppurates.

Sul - Skin dry, hot, burning, itching, excoriations in folds of skin;

easy festering of trifling hurts; hang-nails; nipples crack and burn.

Thuj - Wart-shaped excrescences on hands and genitals; fig-warts;

fungoid growths bleed from slightest touch.

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