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Cititi si traduceti urmatorul text. Notati utilizare 646s186g a verbelor la timpul « prezent simplu » īn contextul dat .

Alex :

Paul, let's practise the Present Tense Simple now. What do you do every morning, as a general rule ?

Paul :

Well, I usually get up/wake up at seven o'clock every day, except on Saturday and Sunday, I go to the bathroom, I always or nearly always have / take a shower. Then I shave and get dressed. I usually have breakfast at a quarter past seven. This generally consists of toast and marmalade, bread and butter, a cup of tea, and sometimes ham and eggs too.

I rarely have more than that for breakfast. Occasionally, it's black coffee instead of tea.

I always leave home at 45 as it seldom takes me more than 15 minutes to get to my office.

I am never late for work. In fact, I am often early, and I work hard.

Diana :

How many hours do yon work on week-days?


I work eight hours a day, that is 40 hours a week.


And what do you generally do in the afternoon?


Well, I always leave the office at 15 p.m. I take a bus or a tram and I get home at about 4:30. I eat something and then I sometimes take a nap. This is hardly ever more than an hour. Then I read the day's newspapers and watch T.V. Before going to bed I read a book . Sometimes instead of reading I listen to English cassettes. That is a good practice in order to improve my English Knowledge, isn't it?


Oh , yes ! I do often this thing, too.


Let's practice  - Sa practicam

as a general rule - Ca regula generala

I usually wake up at  - De obicei ma trezesc la

He works hard - He hardly works - Munceste cu sārguinta - abia daca munceste ceva.

I get home at...  - Ajung acasa la ora

I take a nap - Trag un pui de somn

I have/take a shower  - Fac un dus

Cititi īntelegeti si traduceti :

Mark : Thank you, Mrs. Nelson, bye.

So, for his birthday, Dennis wants..Ah, Ah! What does Dennis want for his birthday ? Guess!

Sandra :Oh, Mark. You 're such a pain.! He wants a pair of trousers "!

Sandra : Er. I think he likes Eric Clapton. An Eric Clapton 's CD !

Mark :You're freezing ! He hates Clapton; he prefers U2.

Peter : Does he want a console ?

Mark : A console ! Too expensive!

Sandra : He wants a video game.

Mark : No, you're cold !

Peter : Well, he doesn't want a video game ! What does he want ?

Does he want a video cassette ?

6)Julie : No, he wants a camera ! I'm sure he wants a camera !

7) Peter :Yes, he wants to take photos of his neighbors.

He thinks they're gangsters !

8) Mark : well, my friends ! That means our old dear Dennis is CRAZY!

Raspundeti la urmatoarele īntrebari :

  1. Does Dennis like Eric Clapton ?
  2. Does he want a video game ?
  3. What does he really want ?
  4. What does Dennis think of his neighbors ?
  5. What is he like?


II. A Prezentul simplu; Propozitii afirmative, interogative si negative.

The Simple Present Tense; Affirmative, Interrogative and Negative Forms.

The Simple Present Tense / Timpul prezent simplu

Definitie: Prezentul simplu desemneaza actiuni obisnuite, repetate regulat īn anumite momente ale zilei, saptamānii lunii, anului etc.

Se foloseste cu every day, week , year etc

once, twice a week a month'

usually often always.

(de obicei, adesea, mereu/ īntotdeauna)


a./ Afirmativ:* Sb + Vb (la infinitivul scurt)

(Affirmative) Exemple: I go to my office every day

We watch TV every evening.

La persoana a III-a singular masculin si feminin, verbului i se adauga terminatia "s", pronuntata [ s ] sau [ z ].

Exemple: My friend always helps me.

She plays tennis on Saturday.

Cānd verbul se termina īn vocala "o" sau īn consoanele suieratoare (ch, sh, th, x) la persoana a III-a singular se adauga grupul "es", pronuntat [ z ] sau [ iz ].

Exemple: She goes to school in the morning.

He washes his uniform once a week.

John does all the things well.

Ortografierea, la persoana a III-a singular, a verbelor terminate īn y:

- verbele terminate īn "y" precedat de o vocala, pastreaza "y" si adauga "s".

Exemplu: I play - he / she plays.

- verbele terminate īn "y" precedat de o conosoana, schimba "y" īn "I" si adauga - "es".

Exemple: We try - he / she tries.

They cry - he / she cries.


Interogativ : Do + Sb + Vb + a.p. ?


Exemple: Do you live in a big town ?

Do they go to the seaside every summer ?

La persoana a III-a singular / masculin si feminin, auxiliarul "do" este īnlocuit cu "does".

Exemple: Does she live in a big town ?

Does he play football well ?

Does John work for the Police ?

Īn cazul īntrebarilor ce contin pronumele interrogative "What "Where" , "When", "How" acestea se aseaza īnaintea auxiliarului "do".

Exemple: How do you get along with your new colleagues?

Traduceti īn engleza, dupa modelul dat, urmatoarele propozitii.

a)         Ce faceti voi de obicei īn weekend ?

b)        Unde merg ei vara ?

c)         La ce ora plecati la serviciu ?

d)        Cīnd plecati īn concediu ?

e)         Cum ajungeti la locul vostru de munca ?

f)          Unde locuieste prietenul tau Sam?


Aceste propozitii se formeaza prin intermediul negatiei "not" pusa imediat dupa "do" / "does":

Sb + do + not+ Vb.p. la infinitivul scurt

Ex:   They do not work at the Criminal Investigations Department.

We do not spend our holidays in the mountains.

Forma contrasa : do not - don't [doun't]

We don't put on ties on trips.

La persoana a treia singular (masculin si feminine "do" este īnlocuit de "does" ce si īn propozitiile interrogative. Forma contrasa : doesn't.

Ex : He doesn't go to work on Sundays. Jane doesn't work for the Traffic Police Department.

Treceti urmatoarele propozitii la forma de negativ.

a)         I buy a new car every year.

b)        John watches TV every afternoon.

c)         We visit our relatives twice a month.

d)        Watson and Jack investigate crimes.

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