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break down = stop working / failing to function or continue

break off = do something successfully /end a relationship or agreement / pull off

bring about = to cause to happen

bring along = bring someone or something with you

bring back = make you think about an event from the past / revive

bring down = to reduce a level/ cause to lose power

bring out = produce and sell a new product

bring up = look after a child until it is grown up / introduce a subject into a discussion / rise

call back = telephone again in return for a telephone call somebody made to you

call off = cancel an event or agreement that has been planed

carry on = continue doing an activity

catch on = become popular

catch up = reach the same standard or level with someone / reach someone in front of you

come about = happen

come across = find or meet someone by chance

come along = hurry up

come down = become chipper or less than it was before / decrease

come off = it is successful or effective

come up = it is mentioned or discusse 343w2220d d in a conversation or meeting

count on / count upon = expect to happen / rely on somebody to support or help you

cut back on = try to reduce something

cut down = reduce or do something less

cut up = cut it into several pieces

do away with = get rid of it / eliminate

do up = fasten it / repair and decorate a building

do with = you need it or would like it

do without = you manage or survive is spite of not having it / give out

draw up = prepare and write a document out / formulate

drop in = visit someone without making any formal arrangement to do so

drop off = take someone by car to where it wants to go and leave it there

drop out = stop belonging to a group, school etc

fall behind = get behind someone moving slowly

fall out = be no longer friendly with someone

eat out of (someone's) hand = to be manipulated or dominated by another.

get across = succeed in making other people understand something

get ahead / get on = you are successful

get along / get on =have a friendly relationship with someone

get around = go to a lot of different places

get at = manage to reach or obtain something

get away = leave / escape

get back = return / get something back after you have lost or lent it

get by = you just manage to survive and have a fairy satisfactory life

get down = write down / depress

get into = enter a car

get off = leave a bus, train, plane / exit from a car

get on / get ahead = be successful/ make progress / live in a friendly way with someone

get out = leave a place / have someone as a boyfriend or girlfriend

get over = recover from

get round / bypass = find a way of avoiding something or of escaping its effects/ a lot of people hear about something

get through = contact someone on the telephone / succeed in finishing a task / pass an examination

getaway = leave a place in a great hurry

give away = give something to someone without taking money in return

give back = return something to the person who gave it to you

give up = stop doing something

go after = follow or chase someone

go ahead = begin to do that you planned, promised or asked permission to do

go back = return to a place where you were before

go by = go somewhere for a short time in order to do or get something

go down = to become cheaper, lower or less than it was before

go off = to fire a gun or explode a bomb / food becomes stale, sour or rotten / leave the place where you are / to operate, to begin working (an alarm etc)

go on = continue doing something / carry on

go out = spend time with somebody and have romantic relationship

go over = examine, discuss or think about something very carefully

go through = experience an event or a period of time

go up = become more expensive, higher or greater than it was before / rise / increase / travel to a place / it explodes or suddenly starts to burn

hand back = return something to someone / give back

hand on =give or leave something to someone / pass on

hang around, about or round a place = spend a lot of time there doing very little

hold back = not reveal something / prevent somebody from making progress

hold on =want somebody to wait for a short time

hold up = delay an activity or arrangement or make it late / someone points a weapon at you in order to make you give him money or valuables

join in = become involved in an activity

join up = become a member of the army, the navy or the air force / enlist

keep at = to persevere in work or an action.

keep in = keep inside

keep off = prevent someone from going onto a place

keep on = continue doing something / carry on

keep out = a warning you not to go onto that piece of land

keep up = move at the same speed with somebody

kick off = start a game

kick out = force someone to leave an organization / throw out

knock down = hit someone so that he fall to the ground

knock out = eliminate

let down = fail to help, disappoint ; fail to help

look after = take care of somebody or something

look back = thing about something that happened in the past

look down on = think someone or something is inferior or unimportant

look for = try to find something

look forward to = you want it to happen because you expect to enjoy it

look into = investigate

look on = watch something without taking part yourself

look out = watch out / warn someone that they are in danger

look over = examine or inspect

look through = examine everything from a place

look up = look to find an information

look up to = respect and admire someone

make for = move towards a place / head for

make of = think / have an opinion about

make off = leave somewhere as quickly as possible, in order to escape

make out = write out; complete or fill in

make up = invent / comprise / put substances such as lipstick, powder and eye-shadow on your face / become friends again after a quarrel

pass away = to pass out of existence; end.

pick up = stop your vehicle and take someone

put away = put something tidily somewhere

pull down = deliberately destroy a building, to use the land it is on

pull off = bring off / it cause you to stop concentrating in one way

put back = postpone an event / place something in the position it was in before

put forward = state or publish an idea

put on = become heavier / place a piece of clothing over a part of your body

put off = delay or postpone an event or appointment

put out = extinguish/ cause it to stop burning

put through = connect someone with the person they want to speak

put up = stay somewhere for one or more nights

run into = bump into / collide with / meet by chance

run out = you have no more of it left

see off = go with someone to the station, airport that he is leaving from and say goodbye to them there / say goodbye

see through = realize what somebody's intentions are

send off = make somebody leave the field during a game as a punishment

set off = start a journey

set out on = start a journey

set up = make arrangements for something to start / start

slow down =reduce speed

switch off = put out a light

take away = subtract the first from the second

take after = resemble in features, appearance, behaviour or character.

take back = return something

take down = unfasten , disconnect or remove something that is attached to a wall

take off = plane leaves/ leave the ground / undress

take on = accept a job and do what is required / employ someone

take over = to start doing or being responsible for a job

take to = to begin to like someone or something

take up =start doing an activity or job/ continue an activity that was interrupted/ start learning about / occupy

tell off = speak angrily

try on = put something on you to see if it fits you

turn back = go back

turn down = make the level of the sound lower / reject

turn off = close a tap / stop something

turn on = open a tap / start something

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