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I. Choose the right answer:

1. Who is ..? Mary is my sister.

a) he b) she c)it

2. This ...not her pen.

a) are b) is c) does

3. He ....a nice room.

a) has got b) haven't got c) haves got

4. What's I'm David.

a) you b) you're c) your

5. We Romania.

a) live b) lives c) are live

6... ball is this?

a) who b) who' s c) whose

7. Lulu , ..... . presents are for you!

a)      this b ) these c) that

8. Is it a computer ? No, it .....

a) are not b) is c) isn't

9.What's .....the fridge ? It's an ice-cream cake.

a) under b) at c) in

10. A giraffe has got long...... .

a)foot 's b) feet c) foots


a)      can't b)are c) can

12. ....she read books?

a)      is b) does c) do

13. My uncle ...a red sport car.

a)      drives b) drive c) drive's

14. Ted ... a new pair of blue jeans.

a)      are wear  b) are wearing c) is wearing

he ... tennis every day?

a)      is playing b) are playing c) does he play

16. Judy and I ...... now.

a) dances b) are dancing c) dance

17. Mother clothes.

a)      love's b) love c) loves

18. Her friend , Alice .....chocolate.

a)      don't like  b) like c) doesn't like clean your room every week?

a) are b) do c) does

20. She .....TV on Sundays.

a) watching b)are watching c) watches

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