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WORKSHEET - fisa de lucru la engleza

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I. Choose the right clothes for the following s 959w2218j easons:

In summer, when it's hot and sunny, I usually wear a nice blouse/coat, a skirt/jacket and in my feet I wear boots/slippers.

In winter, when it's cold and snowy, I always wear a thick scarf/T-shirt, gloves/dress and in my feet I wear shoes/boots.

II. Put the appropriate clothing items in the following circles, correspondent to the seasons below:

III. Describe the weather in each season, correspondent to the Romanian words:

a) In spring, the weather is...and.....(placuta si insorita).

b) In summer the weather is....and.....(extrem de cald si insorita).

c) In autumn the weather is......and....(rece si cu vant).

d) In winter the weather is......and.....(friguroasa si cu ninsoare).

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