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Alegeti raspunsul correct.


Alegeti raspunsul correct.

The lemon, the apple, the banana, the water melon, the strawberries and the cherries are all .

a.       Fruit    b. books c. colours d. vegetables e. animals

Ce ordine este corecta?

a.       six, five, ten b. eleven, twelve, thirteen c. eight, five, ten d. eight, nine, seven, six, eight

What number is correct?

a.       tuelf    b. sicsteen c. for d. twenty e. faiv

Which animal is wild?

a.       sheep    b. dog c. lion d. goat e. duck

Which group is not with food?

a.       bread/ cheese b. fork/ spoon c. milk/ chicken d. pizza/ spaghetti e. Hot dog/ burger

I have got blonde .

a.       body    b. ears c. arms d. eyes e. hair

Duffy, my cat is . the chair.

a.      In b. out c. under d. over e. with

My friend is . and... .

a.       Short/ tall b. Tall/ thin c. Small/ little d. Fat/ blue e. Big/ bad

My sister plays the . every day.

a.       book    b. pen c. piano d. dolls e. dog

Which object is not in the kitchen?

a.       Chair b. table c. desk d. toaster e. microwave

... a boy and ... a girl.

a.       This, these b. This, that c. That, this d. those, this e. This, those

Meg is 9 years old. She lives in a big house. She has got a cat and a horse. He plays computer games in the afternoon and watches TV in the evening. Her friend Sue lives in a small house and doesn't like watching TV.

Where does Meg live?

a.       At school B. In a small house

b.      In a big horse. C. In a big house. D. Watching TV.

"I'm eight years old."is the answer to which question?

A.      How do you do? B. How are you?

C.     What's your name? D. How old are you? E. Where do you come from?

Where can you find some milk?

a.       In the fridge b. In the school bag c. In the pencil case d. on the computer e. in the classroom e. under the bed

What animal has got a very long neck?

a.       Snake b. crocodile c. tortoise d. lion e. giraffe

In our garden we have many .

a.       monkeys    b. chairs c. umbrellas d. flowers e. boats

Deedee and Dexter are ... and ....

a.       Mother, father b. Sister, brother c. Brother, father d. mum, dad f. Robots, transformers

A bird can .

a.       walk    b. Eat cats c. run d. speak English e. fly

Dexter has a ....

a.       Nice house b. Secret laboratory c. History book d. old scooter e. Talking parrot

She . from Bucharest.

a.       Are b. am c. is d. in e. under

Put ... your jumper, Jenny!

a.       in b. out c. off d. on e. under

Ce raspundeti la: "Here's your present, Mary

a.       Fine, thanks. b. Fine, thank you. c. Thank you very much. d. No problem e. That's right

Translate: "Cine este prietenul tau

a.       What is your friend? B. How is your friend? C. What's your friend like? D. Who is your friend? E. How old is your friend?

24. Odd word out: head, hand, hair, ear, nose.

a.      Head b. Hand c. Hair d. Ear e. Nose

What colour is the grass?

a.       Orange b. Grey c. Green d. Yellow e. Brown

Choose the right sentence.

a.       Whose scarf is this? b. Who's scarf is this? c. This is whose scarf? D. Who is this scarf? E. Whuz is this scarf?

The "big bad wolf" appears in:

A.      Cinderella b. Pinocchio c. Mary Poppins d. The three little pigs e. Peter Pan

Choose an animal that lives only in Australia.

a.       Polar bear b. tiger c. lion d. kangaroo e. cuckoo

Where do camels live?

a.       In the ocean B. In the forest. C. In the desert. D. In the jungle. E. On the farm.

How many dwarfs are there in the story with Snow White?

a.       Seven    b. Nine c. Eleven d. Ten e. eight

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