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I.   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   Completati spatiile libere cu cuvintele din partea dreapta

What is your .....? a) born

How ..... are you? b) live

Where do you ...? c) old

When are (were) you ....? d) name

II.   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp; Alegeti traducerea corecta pentru fiecare din propozitiile de mai jos:

Excuse me, can you tell me where the CEC is ?

It's in Calea Victoriei Street, opposite the National History Museum.

How can I get there?

By bus number 104.

How far is it?

About one mile.

Thank you very much

You're welcome.

a)    Cum pot sa ajung acolo?

b)    Si cat de departe este?

c)    Scuzati-ma, imi puteti spune unde este CEC-ul?

d)    Pentru putin

e)    Cam la o mila

f)   &n 151y2424b bsp;  Cu autobuzul numarul 104

g)    Este pe Calea Victoriei, vis--vis de Muzeul National de Istorie

h)    Multumesc foarte mult

III.   &n 151y2424b bsp;    Traduceti in limba romana:

My name is Georgescu, I am 33 years old and I live in Bucharest, 12 Huedin street, flat A1, room 30. I am a police officer and I am very proud of my job. I earn quite a good salary and my boss likes me.

IV.   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp; Traduceti in limba engleza:

- Cum pot sa ajung in Piata Unirii ? Trebuie sa ma intalnesc cu un prieten in fata magazinului.

- Prima strada la dreapta, apoi drumul va va duce la adresa.

V.   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   Cititi textul urmator :

There are about 59 million people in Britain. 27 million people work- 15 million men and 12 million women. There are 3.7 million businesses in the U.K. Twenty million people work in service industries - hotels, restaurants, travel, shopping, computer and finances. London is the number one financial centre in Europe. The usual working day starts at 9am and finishes by 5 pm. Most people work a five-day week. The working week is, on average, 44 hours. However, about 22% of British workers work more than 48 hours a week. British employers have to give their workers four weeks paid holiday a year. There are also 8 public holidays which are called in Britain Bank Holidays.

Completati acum spatiile goale din propozitiile de mai jos

The population of Great Britain is about ... million.

.... million people work, ..million men and ... million women

In the UK there are ... million businesses

Working day starts at ... am and finishes at... pm.

... % of workers work more than ... hours a week.

In Great Britain workers get ... weeks paid holiday a year.

There are ... Bank Holidays in Britain.

VI.   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp; Cititi textul , apoi notati daca propozitiile sunt adevarate sau false (A/F) :

Mike's 13 years old. He 's got a brother, his name is Tom and he is 15. They live in Manchester. Every day they both go to school. They love football. They love Manchester United. They often play football with their friends. Sometimes they help their parents. At weekends Mike cleans his room and Tom goes shopping. Tom doesn't clean his room. It's always dirty. He often watches TV instead.

1) Mike is 15     

2) They don't like Manchester United

3) They clean their rooms every day

4) They both go shopping at weekends

5) Tom's room is never clean

6) Mike often watches TV.

VII.   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;  Folositi cuvintele urmatoare pentru completarea textului de mai jos:

a) compel b) unpredictability c) virtually d) aborted e) profound

f) incidental g) granted h) sought i) undermine j) concessions

Throughout history, extremists have practiced terrorism to generate fear and to .1).. a change in behaviour. Frequently, terrorism was .2). to other forms of violent action-insurgency or war. Before the 19th Century, terrorists usually ..3).. immunity form attak to certain categories of people. Like other warriors, terrorists recognized innocent people, not involved in the conflict. Terrorists usually excluded women, children and the elderly from their activities. For example, in late 19th Century Russia, radical planning the assassination of the Tsar, ..4).. several attacks because they risked harming innocent people. " Old-school " terrorism was direct; it intended to produce a political effect through the injury or death of the victim. The development of bureaucratic states led to a .5).. change in terrorism. Terrorists found that the death of a single individual, even a monarch, did not necessarily produce the policy changes they .6)... . Terrorists reacted by turning to an indirect method of attack. By the early 20th Century, terrorists began to attack people previously considered innocents to generate political pressure. These attacks had the effect of creating a public atmosphere of anxiety and, as a result, were planned to .7)... confidence in the government. The ..8)... of the attacks, their apparent randomness made it .9). impossible for governments to protect potential victims. The public demands protection that the state cannot give. Frustrated and frightened people then demand that the government make .10). to stop the attacks.

VIII.   &n 151y2424b bsp;    Alegeti una din variantele de adverbe sau adjective din paranteze:

The policeman remained (calm/calmly) in spite of the (hard/hardly) situation.

The officers gathered evidence (cautious/cautiously).

The doctor felt the victim (careful/carefully)

All is (good/well) that ends (good/well)

The witness seemed (happy/happily) to see the victim alive

' These doughnuts taste (delicious/deliciously)', said the policeman

It's getting (late/lately)

The body looks (heavy/heavily)

The fire officer looked (fearless/fearlessly) through the clouds of dense smoke.

10.   &n 151y2424b bsp;    They could (hard/hardly) smell the cigarette smoke in the hall

IX.   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp;   &n 151y2424b bsp; Alegeti sinonimele pentru cuvintele scrise cu majuscule:

SHOW: a) express b) display c) protect d) polish e) exhibit

SERIOUS : a) grave b) solemn c) trivial d) light e) petty

FOREIGN: a) strange b) domestic c) alien d) native e) rural

HIDE:      a) mask b) expose c) cover d) reveal e) conceal

ABROAD: a) near b) overseas c) close d) far away e) distant

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