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Curs 5


Two girls lived in a big house in New York. The name of one girl is Sue, and the name of the other was Johnsy. Sue and Johnsy were painters. They were great friends and lived and worked together like two sisters. Their room was small. They had very little work and sometimes they had very little food. But they were happy because they liked their work and when people like their work, they are always happy.

November came. It was very cold in the streets and it rained every day.

One day Johnsy fell ill. She was very ill. She was all hot and cold and her head was heavy.

Once the doctor said, "Sue, I want to talk to you. Come out into the corridor".

In the corridor the doctor said, "Sue, your friend is very ill. My medicine will not help her 232l1121c if she does not want to live. And she says that she wants to die. When people do not want to live, no medicine can help them".

The doctor went away and Sue stayed in the corridor and cried.

"Sue, come here please," called her friend.

"Yes, Johnsy, I shall come in a minute," answered Sue.

She stopped crying, wiped her eyes and went into the room.

"What did the doctor tell you " asked Johnsy.

"He says that you will be well soon," answered the girl.

"No, said Johnsy, I shall die soon".

"You must not think about it and then you will be well. You must eat something. I shall make you a nice soup".

Sue begin to make the soup, when she suddenly heard Johnsy voice :

"Twelve, eleven," she said and then, "ten, nine, eight" and "seven".

Sue came up to Johnsy's bed and looked out of the window.What was there to count ? - There was a yard and a big wall. An old ivy vine climbed half way up the wall. There were only a few brown leaves on it.

"Johnsy, what are you counting " asked the girl.

"I am counting the leaves. Yesterday there were many leaves. Today there are only seven. Oh! Another leaf fell down. Now there are only six leaves on the ivy vine".

"But why do you count them " asked Sue.

"I count them because I know that when the last leaf falls down I shall die," said Johnsy.

"Johnsy, please, please do not say so".

Evening came. There was only one leaf on the old ivy vine now. All the other leaves had fallen down.

"You see, Sue, there is only one leaf on the ivy vine now. It fall down at night and then I shall die".

Sue did not answer her. She could not answer. She wanted cry. - She went into the corridor and cried there. At that moment old Behrman came into the corridor.

Behrman was a painter, too. He lived in the same house where Sue and Johnsy lived. He was sixty. He was not a very good painter but he always said, "Everybody laughs at old Behrman. But Behrman is a great painter. Some day he will paint a beautiful picture. Will be the best picture in the world".

People did not like Behrman because he did not like talk with people and he always laughed at everybody.

"What's the matter, girl " he asked when he saw Sue.

"Oh, Johnsy is very ill," answered the girl, "the doctor says that the medicine will not help her if she doesn't want to live. And she counts the leaves of the old ivy vine in the yard".

"Why doesn't she want to live ? What leaves does she count ?

"Johnsy thinks," said the girl, "that she will die when the last leaf on the old ivy vine in our yard falls down".

"And how many leaves are there on the ivy vine now?" asked Behrman.

"Only one. And I think it will fall down tonight".

"How silly your Johnsy is," said Behrman and went away.

Morning came. Johnsy looked out of the window and saw that the last leaf was still on the ivy vine. - The day passed. But the last leaf did not fall down. - Next morning came. The last leaf was still there.

"Oh, Sue this leaf wants to show me how silly I was. There was a wind and rain and it still lives. I shall not die, I shall live too".

A few days passed. The doctor came. He examined Johnsy and said, "My girl, you are well now. You were more lucky than Behrman".

"Behrman ? What is the matter with him ?" the two girls asked at once.

"Don't you now ? Behrman died last night," answered the doctor.

"Behrman ! Died ! But way ?"

"A few days ago in the morning," said the doctor, "people found him in the yard. Near him there was a ladder and some brown and yellow paint. Nobody knew why he was in the yard on such a cold night. Nobody asked him".

Sue came quickly to the window and looked out. On the wall there was an old ivy vine with one brown leaf on it. The last leaf. Sue looked at it and saw that the leaf was not a real one. It was a picture. The best picture in the world which old Behrman had always to paint.

Ex :

Subliniati īn text verbele la trecut, scrieti forma lor de infinitiv si traduceti.

Faceti cāte o propozitie cu fiecare verb gasit la trecut simplu.

Curs 5


Not long ago we moved into a new flat.

It is a four - roomed flat on the fifth floor of a ten - storeyed block of flats. This new home has got every modern convenience : electric light, central heating, cold and hot running water, a lift and backstaires.

All the four rooms are airy and sunny. The doors of two of them open out on a long spacious balcony : the windows of the other two look out on the garden behind.

On the right side of the hall (1) there are first the bedrooms (2) and then the bathroom (3) ; on the left side of the hall there is the kitchen (4) and the dining - room (5).

When (we are) at home we spend most of the time in the sitting - room or living - room (6) which is between the bedrooms and the dining - room. Here we receive friends and guests.

There are pictures on the walls, pretty curtains at the windows and carpets on the floor.

Ex : Describe your own house / flat.


We live in a three-storeyed house on a beautifull avenue. Our house is made of brick. On top of the roof there is a TV aerial.

The house has several storeys, that is the ground floor, the first floor, the second floor, the top floor with the attics and the loft.

Below the ground floor there is a basement where we have a cellar.

The house has two entrances - the front and the back entrance. In front of the house there is a lawn, shrubs and some flowerbeds. At back of the house there is a small orchard and a vegetable garden.

At one of the house there is a garage.

When I come home, I open the gate, walk along the path to the front door and enter the house. A staicase leads to the second floor where our flat is situated.

I am particularly fond of the flower garden. Here one can admire a variety of flowers from early spring till late autumn.

Mary : Have you got a flat in this house ?

George : Yes, we have. We've recently got a flat here.

Mary : Is it a many-storeyed house ?

George : It's a three-storeyed house.

Mary : What floor do you live on ?

George : I live on the second floor.

Mary : Have you got a garden ?

George : Yes, we have a flower garden, a small orchard and a vegetable garden.

Mary : Do you grow any vegetables in your garden ?

George : Of course, we do. I spend two or three hours in the garden every day.

Mary : Where do you keep your car ?

George : We keep the car in a garage which is at one side of the house.

Mary : You've got all modern conveniences in your flat, haven't you ?

George : Yes, we've gor electricity, gas, central heating, running water and a telephone.


[ ] ' : ę ∫ o ∂ ^ θ

To live - a trai, a locui   

Avenue - bulevard (plantat cu copaci)   

Top - partea de sus, vārf

Roof - acoperis

Chimney - cos

Storey - etaj (subdiviziune exterioara a cladirii)

Floor - etaj (subdiviziune interioara a cladirii)

Attics - mansarda

Loft - pod

Basement - subsol

Cellar - pivnita

Lawn - peluza, gazon

Shrub - arbust

Flowerbed - strat de flori

Garden - gradina

Side - parte, latura

Gate - poarta

Along - de-a lungul

Path - poteca

To enter - intra

Staircase - scara

To lead, led to - conduce la

Orchard - livada

Tool - unealta

Recently - recent

To get, got, got - a capata

To move - a se muta

To grow, grew, grown - a creste, a cultiva

To keep, kept, kept - a tine, a pastra

To be, was, were, been - a fi

To have, had, had - a avea

TV aerial - antena de televiziune

That is - adica

Ground floor - parter

Front entrance - intrare principala

Back entrance - intrare de serviciu

All around - de jur īmprejur

Fruit tree - pom fructifer

Block of flats - bloc (cu apartamente)

Modern conveniences - confort modern

Central heating - īncalzire centrala

Running water - apa curenta

As well as - ca si, precum si

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