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The so-called Students'Revolutions


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Anul I, grupa V

  The so-called Students'Revolutions

The years fallowing the Second World War bring a new always bring a new spirit of new found liberty and of change among the new generation in the Euro-Atlantic space. After the impoverishing times of the War, the unexpected social and material welfare created the conditions for social revolution. The times simply outrun the system, so a new system was necessary. And the new generations proved to be the ones to pled for its implementations.

For the American society, the Vietnam War was the moment of true when the questions about its real principals rose in minds of the youth, waking them to pain full. If at the start of the War he society reacted similarly to the European societies at the wake of the First World War, the volunteers going to recruitment points with a proud smile on their face, enlisting themselves just" to be a marine", " to fight the bad guys", not realizing the cost and implications on both the personal and international plan. Faced with the horrors of War the society reacted: protests against the war a notion, against unjust massacres, against involving arbitrarily in foreign matters, against discrimination, segregation and public disinformation arose. At the and of the War (broth by public opinion), the veterans, once careless, glory-dreamer boys, now maturated by blood and pain, threw their medals, wan with the price to high-their blood and suffering, and that of their opponents witch thought for their land and peace - right in front of the symbol of American's listless power, The White House, in sight of disapproval, civic revolt, and awareness.

But the Vietnam War revolution was not an ill-assorted event. The hippie movement preceded it, trying to awake the minds to a new reality. In a way we can say the hippie movement for sees the globalize of the world, where differences between individuals and cultures are simply trampled, where God is killed simply to better control the unknowing crowds without a real view over life and political principles. This could be a good example of how power adapts and uses good principals at its own interests.

And the evolution s similar in France and the rest of Western Europe, representative being the "students' revolutions", from Paris to Ti-Ann-Men Square .In Europe the academic society has a leading role in social revolution, creating a link with it's cultural inheritance. As always England presents a specificity, the political compromise being found again in it's social development, change here being much more moderate (see Beatles impact) and gradual.

As we can see, youth has lead the last "revolutions" of the western world, by their nativity, bohemian spirit, freethinking, open mind ness to all currents and trends, "immaturity", hunger for moral principles, determination, "incontinence" and idealism. We must look on to the new generations to feel the lack of synchronization between the social needs and what the government offers, and to make a change with the hope of a better world.

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