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Washington's Farewell Address 1796


Papaghiuc Alexandra SPE1 Model: Washington's Farewell Address 1796     Friends and Citizens:     I strongly believe that up to the present day each one of you achieves that victory involves the action of compromise, even though at first sight these symbols are contradictory, they are bound-such as- in order to succeeded in something or to achieve something one is prone to compromise in life, so to say in arguments that compromise is a concept of negotiation in finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms regarding your goals or desires; in other words compromise is related with the human desire to dominate, to outlive ,to win.         At the same time to be done justice the process of negotiation is compulsory in every day life, despite the fact that it may sound quite disappointing since it follows a common interest; the acceptance of compromise I am prone to say that may begin even with a hand shaking or by a word of mount consent and may lead to a truce, to a treaty .I regard that our world is a world of compromises, since everything urges us to compromise: politicians, intellectuals, stars; so let it be said that compromises relates to you as a person and not to those external rules imposed by the outsiders. Profoundly penetrated with this idea, I shall admit that compromise is not a spontaneous action, since we must have solid justifications for everything and also evaluate the necessity of it in your life.     As I have experienced as every individual compromises, victories and failures you will not disapprove my belief that compromise is an art and once done becomes a part of us; what really matters are the values and the principles of the one who embrace compromise since it means first of all the battle with yourself and afterwards the battle with the outsiders.  

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