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Defense Language Institute English Language Center

Lackland Air Force Base, Texas



Time Limit:

PART J -23 Minutes

TART II -29 Minutes





Directions for questions 1-25. You will hear questions on the test tape.

Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

a. one day after class a the ways of doing things

b. before class b. the language

c. two days after class c. the regulations

d. during class d. the cars and buses

2. a. rough a for a rather long time

b. comfortable b. for a few days

c. long c. for a very short time

d. hot d. for a day only

a. They will fly. a if Joe had money in the bank

b. They will transfer. b if Joe could count money
c. They will run. c if the bank was open

d. They will drive. d if the account was for

Mr. Smith

4. a. chicken noodle soup

b. rare roast beef a.. It has a big torn place in it.

c. roast turkey b. It is in a big cold place.

d. apple pie c. It is very dirty,

d. It doesn't fit the table.

5. a. come down

b. take a rest a a doctor

c. take off b. a dentist

d. fly faster c. a druggist

d. a farmer

6. a. without stopping

b. with the cooperation of 14. a. her family

others b. her dress

c. with no assistance c. her behavior
d. with consideration for d. her lessons


a. at approximately 1500 hours

7. a. both b. at about three-ten

b. a hamburger c 1500 hours

c. neither d. at 5 minutes before 3 o'clock

d. a hot dog

a. how to perform in the theater

8. a. an extra room b. how to speak correctly

b. a big room c. how to conduct oneself

c. a dining room d. how to visit

d. a small room

a. Did you see his ailment? 22. a. It will rain.

b. Did you learn the reason b. It will definitely not rain.

for his sickness? c. It will be good.

c. Did you get sick today? d. It will possibly rain.

d. Did you cause his illness?

a. a warm wind 23. a. after sitting down

b. a cold wind b. before the sun came up

c. a wet wind c. during sunrise

d. a hot wind d. after the sun went down

a. at 8 o'clock 24. a. with ample gasoline

b. at 7:45 b. with a tank full of gasoline

c. at 8:45 c. without any gasoline

d. a few minutes before 8 d. with a small amount of gasoline

20. a. by staying on the highway 25. a. He takes physical training every hour.

b. by obeying the traffic laws b. He goes to class for one hour.

c. by being some what careless c. He can't stand it physically.

d. by maintaining minimum speed d. He takes physically training.

21. a. Did they phone you?

b. Did they send a wire to you?

c. Did they send a letter?

d. Did they visit you?

Directions for questions 26 - 50. You will hear statements on the test tape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

26. a. Gerald worked it out. 28. a. He has a machine to keep his house cool.

b. Gerald is working on it. b. It's very windy where he lives.

c. Gerald kept it. c. He keeps the windows open to cool his house.

d. Gerald finally gave up. d. His house is in good condition.

27. a. The judge is very worried. 29. a. We have been here only ten minutes.

b. The judge is happy. b. We will be here for only ten minutes.

c. The judge can't help the accident. c. We won't be here ten minutes.

d. The judge is indifferent to accidents. d. We have to stay over ten minutes.

ALCPT Form 16R2

30. a. You want to be careful.

b. You check on the weather.

c. You rely on the pilot.

d You depend on yourself.

a. It rained last Friday,

and he didn't go.

b. He goes there every other

c. He goes there once a week.

d. He will go there this
Friday afternoon.

a The air is dry.

b. It is a damp day.

c. A hot dry wind is blowing,

d. There were no clouds

a. This is the long road.

b. This is the wrong road.

c. This is not the left road,

d. This is not the wrong

a. They like to walk facing

the wind.

b. They like to talk for or
against something.

c. They like to use the

d. They like to keep quiet
all the time.

a. Many will go.

b A few will go.

c. Some will go.

d. All will go.

36. a. They are interested in it.

b. They can't remember it at all.

c. They are able to understand it.

d. They are not interested in it.

37. a. They have trouble repairing


b. They have trouble with their


c. They have trouble seeing

places and doing things.

d. They have trouble understanding

and being understood.

38. a. The motor uses too much oil.

b. The motor cools off too fast.

c. The motor becomes too hot.

d. The motor runs too slowly.

39. a. One pencil is better.

b. The pencils are different.

c. One pencil is smaller.

d. The pencils are alike.

40. a. I have a business appointment.

b. I have a social appointment.

c. I have a medical appointment.

d. I don't know the date today.

41 a. He will write twice on his trip.

b. He would write twice a day.

c. He could not write the

second week.

d. He promised to write two

times a week.

42. a. It was on the steamship.

b. It was very far from the


c. It was at the side of the


d. It was far away from the


43. a. They may meet the enemy.

b. They may listen to the enemy.

c. They may point out the enemy.

d. They may count the enemy.

ALCPT Form 16R2

44. a. They will be at the station 48.

on time

b. They won't catch the train.

c. They will get on the train.

d They won't miss their


a. Ralph could not see the


b. The dentist might visit

c. Ralph needs a new tooth.

d. Ralph should go to the

a. I have an idea about his


b. His guest is a problem
for him.

c. He doesn't know about the

d. His problem is greater
than mine.

a. You must study.

b. You must have the students

c. You must study with the

d. Your students may study.

a. It is flexible.

b. It is rigid.

c. It can't be twisted.

d. It can be soldered.

a. He took a chance on the
movie's being good.

b. He had the money to see the

c. He had an opportunity to see
a movie.

d. He had no time to see a movie

a. It went under the window.

b. It did not go through the

c. It passed near the window.

d. It hit and shattered the

Directions for questions 51-60. You will now hear dialogs on the test tape Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

a. a box

b a star

c a circle

d a rectangle

a. a private 55.

b a non-commissioned officer

c a commissioned officer

d a major

a They were late.

b. They were early.

c. They were on time.

d. They were absent.

a by himself

b with assistance

c without assistance

d by getting a group

a to the supermarket

b to the drugstore

c to the clothing store

d to the cleaners

a. The man likes fish.

b. The man doesn't fish for

c. The man likes to fish.

d. Fishing is not a sport.

a. Come with me to the rear 59. a. Lend me a pack of cigarettes.

of the house. B. Get me a pack of cigarettes.

b. Go to the rear of the c. Give him a pack of cigarettes,
house. d. Sell a pack of cigarettes for

c. Do not go to the back of me.
the house.

d. Stay in the back of the 60. a. He acts like his father,
house. b. His father is always gone.

c. He obeys his father.

a. He has mostly paper money. d. He looks like his father.

b. He has mostly coins.

c. He has lots of money.

d He has very little money.


Directions for questions 61-100. Choose the one correct answer a, b, c, or d, and mark your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

The mechanic fixed Arthur's car in an hour.

a found

b changed

c washed

d repaired

The whirlybird has performed its mission.

a animal

b helicopter

c boat

d automobile

He is working for that company.

a since

b yet

c still

d anymore

I think the telephone

a ring

b rung

c was rang

d is ringing

ALCPT Form 16R2

65. In order to obtain accuracy in measurement, the instruments must
have .

a practice

b portability

c positiveness

d precision

I am tired _______

a of

b to

c by

d for

studying; let's go for a walk.

67. Hot air

a rise

b rises

c risen

d rising

from the ground.

68. The Browns have this newspaper delivered.

a bought from a newsboy.

b mailed to them.

c bought at a new stand.

d brought to their home.

The paper is

69. There are many small towns similar ____ this one.

a of

b as

c than

d to

70. My car does not travel _________

a as fast

b. more fast

c. fast

d faster than

as yours

I still remember the place ____________

a when

b which

c there

d where

A thermostat maintains and __________

a causes

b requires

c installs

d regulates

I first saw you.

the room temperature

ALCPT Form 16R2

Carl is interested in a new car.

a buy

b bought

c to buy

d buying

There are many more students in the school now there used to be.

a than

b as

c that

d from

We enjoy at the lake.

a swimming

b to swim

c to swimming

d for swimming

Arnold is boy in the family.

a most tallest

b the tallest

c tallest

d taller

Ray saw Otis at the dance last night.

a. Otis wasn't there last night.

b. He will be at the dance.

c. Otis was seen by Ray.

d. Ray didn't go to the dance last night.

Shall I ask Margaret to telephone you when she ?

a should return

b will return

c returned

d returns

I'll give you a ring tonight after seven o'clock to talk about our homework. I'll _______________ .

a give you some jewelry

b make a mark

c telephone you

d call on you

If you cannot visit often, perhaps you can come .

a actually

b occasionally

c frequently

d usually

ALCPT Form 16R2

I sometimes go shopping.

a usually

b seldom

c occasionally

d often

He had the extra bed out of his room.

a take

b taken

c taking

d took

What's wrong your television set?

a of

b by

c with

d to

He's such a poor driver, it'll be a wonder if he arrives without an

a a good thing

b an enjoyable thing

c a surprising thing

d a bad thing

If you get a bargain, you .

a buy an item at a reduced price

b pay too much money for something

c buy poor merchandise

d buy better merchandise

Marshall danced with Mabel the party.

a to

b in

c at

d by

Class begin on time.

a should be

b could to "

c ought to

d always to

Larry many new words since he started school

a learn

b learned

c has learned

d have learned

ALCPT Form 16R2

Anne is her sister.

a prettiest than

b prettier than

c more prettier than

d as pretty than

Frank put all his stamps together by countries. He _________________ them.

a exchanged

b displayed

c arranged

d pasted

How much ?

a costs coffee

b does coffee cost

c is coffee costing

d does coffee costs

William was suddenly surprised.

a sad

b amused

c startled

d savage

Never a lamp too near a curtain.

a set

b sit

c sat

d seat

If Ron the money, he would have bought the car

a had had

b have

c has

d will have

Nothing could of swimming.

a make the boys afraid

b make afraid the boys

c the boys make afraid

d afraid the boys make

Was John studying when the phone rang?

a. Yes, John is studying.

b. No, John was studying.

c. Yes, John was studying.

d. Yes, John answered the telephone.

ALCPT Form 16R2

Select the correct sentence.

a. Weren't you by Mr. Smith last year taught?

b. Weren't you last year by Mr. Smith taught?

c. Weren't Mr. Smith taught by you last year?

d. Weren't you taught by Mr. Smith last year?

The force was transmitted by the axle. The force was

a rejected

b transferred

c combined

d transformed

Gladys isn't quite as pretty now she used to be.

a that

b as

c from

d when

An object that stays on top of the water .

a sinks

b floats

c melts

d disappears


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