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Directions for questions 1-25. You will hear questions on the test tape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

a. April 9. a. take a rest

b. June b. bring his plane down

c. August c. take off

d. September d. fly faster

a. red 10. a. He reads regulations.

b. wool b. He works with machines.

c. rain c. He uses recipes.

d. small d. He looks up words.

a. 1003 11. a. to board the ship

b. 1315 b. to meet his friend's plane

c. 1515 c. to get a-haircut

d. 1615 d. to see the factory

a. cold 12. a. to get his suit pressed

b. past b. to have a drink

c. December c, to get a haircut

d. Saturday d. to do some shopping

a. Canada 13. a.- a noncommissioned officer

b. Asia b. a private

c. Europe c. a commissioned officer

d. South America d. a major

a. Bone men 14. a, every one of them .

b. one man b. most of them

c. two men c. several of them

d. all men d. lots of them

a. They will fly. 15. a. much

b. They will walk. b. few

c. They will run. c. some

d. They will drive. d. several

a. yesterday 16. a. a swinging blade

b with George b. a vibrating blade

c. on Saturday c. a jumping blade

d. at the office d. a revolving blade

ALCPT Form 3R .

a. languages 22. a. fast speed

b. flowers b. broken

c. machines c. excellent condition

d. animals d. pretty color

a. transformed 23. a. I after sitting down

b. translated . b. after the sun went down

c. composed c. after the sun came up

d. transposed d. during sunrise

a. at 6 a.m. 24. a. new cars and houses

b. in the mornings b. international news

c. at 6 p.m. c. baseball and football

d. at night d. the comic strips

a. the temperature 25. a. what time you ate

b. the size breakfast

c. the name b. what time you dressed

d. the color c. what time you opened

your eyes

a. put the shirt on d. what time you got out

b. buy the shirt of bed

c. check the price

d. find another like it

Directions for questions 26-50. You will now hear statements on the test

tape. Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

a. It was very warm.

b. I couldn't see the sun. 30. a. They have not eaten yet.

c. It was windy. b. They are eating now.

d. I couldn't see the ground. c. They have to eat quickly.

d. They were late for lunch.

a. They are too big. .

b. They are too small 31. a. He must go to a doctor today.

c. They are the wrong b. He should go to a doctor.

color. c. He couldn't go to a doctor.

d. They are the correct d. He won't go to a doctor.

size. .

32. a. The air is thin.

a. He called it off. b. The air is thick.

b. He called for it. c. The air is hot­

c. He called about it. d.-The-.air.-is cool­

d. He called in for it. .

33. a. I don't have any pencils.

29. a. The size is the same. b. I have a few pencils.

b. The color is similar. c. I don't have much use

c. Mine is .different from for pencils.

yours. d. I have a lot of pencils.

d. The cloths are alike.

ALM Form 3R

34. a. The gray suit is. cheaper: 41. a. John won a red car.

b. The blue suit is cheaper. b. John will race a red car.

c. They are the same price. c. John often refers to his

d. The green suit is the red car.

cheapest. d. John prefers a red car.

a. He is perfectly normal. 42. a. It is imaginary.

b. He is quite happy. b. It is popular.

c. He is very lonesome. c. It is boring. .

d. He is somewhat tense. d. It is favorable.

a. She plans to have six 43. a. He is a careful pilot.

children. b. He is a negligent pilot.

b. Her children are sick. c. He is a nervous pilot.

c. She stays with sick d. He is a careless pilot.


d. She has six children 44. a. She saw a light in town.

that are grown up. b. She saw a light far away.

c. She saw a light at the

37. a. The dictionary was station.

small. d. She saw a light nearby.

b. The dictionary cost

a great deal. 45. a. You have to speak English.

c. The dictionary did not b. You enjoy speaking English.

cost much. c. You have a chance to speak

d. The dictionary was English.

large. d. You line to speak English.

38. a. He is well known. 46. a. He normally goes to bed at

b. He is not known, eleven.

c. He does not know anyone, b. He always goes to bed at

d. He is a dangerous person. eleven.

c. He never goes to bed at

39. a. He is arriving very eleven.

shortly. d. He seldom goes to bed at

b. His departure was eleven.


c. He is departing in a 47. a. The gasoline tank stayed

short time. - full.

d. He is coming today. b. The empty tank was on the


40. a. He is reading the c. The left-hand indicator

newspaper. had no needle.

b. He is searching for d. The indicator showed an

the newspaper. empty tank.

c. He was reading the


d. He is looking for the



48. a. You could see the wires. 50. a: They don't like, chicken

b. The wires were in front and French fries.

of the walls. b. They bought some chicken

c. You could not see the  and French fries.

wires. c. They like chicken and French

d. The wires were outside fries.

the walls. d. They don't care for them too


49. a. I have bacon and eggs

every day,

b. I don't have bacon and

eggs every day.

c. I like bacon and eggs

in the evening.

d. Occasionally I have

bacon and eggs.

Directions for questions 51-60. You will hear dialogs on the test tape.

Select the one correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet.

51. a. Because she wanted to eat  56. a. His arm hurts.

them. b. He feels good.

b. five c. His arm is weak.

c. twenty-five d. He feels numb.

d. They were on the table.

57. a. They couldn't find their

52. a. eat a piece of candy child.

b. eat something light b. They rested with their

c. eat something different child.

d. eat a complete meal c. They saved their child.

d. They looked for their

53. a. The weather is bad. child.

b . The sky is clear.

c. The day is cloudy. 58. a. It is very short.

d. The wind is blowing. b. It is not interesting.

c. It is colorful.

54. a. She needs some work. d. It is not accurate.

b. She needs some sticky

material. 59. a. Mrs. Jones was tired after

c. She needs some tape. 20 years.

d. She needs some note b. Mrs. Jones stopped working

paper. after 20 years.

c. Mrs. Jones stopped working

55. a. The rates are too high. for 20 years.

b. The rates are too low. d. Mrs. Jones tried to work

c. The rates are fair. for.20 years.

d. The rates are unreasonable.

ALCPT Forth 3R

a. The coffee is good.

b. The cafe is always open.

c. The cafe is close to the


d. The food is good.



Directions for questions 61-100. Select the correct answer a, b, c, or d and mark your answer sheet. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

Walking past this sign is dangerous.

a. allowed

b. prohibited

c. hazardous

d. marvelous

The highways in some states are very narrow.

a. poor

b. long

c. not wide

d. not nice

Can you tell me where the base is?

a. Where is the base located?

b  What is the base for?

c. Where are you going?

d. Where are you now

64. Do you have a sufficient amount of gas to make the trip?

a. D o you have an extra amount of gas?.

b. Do you have enough gas?

c. Do you have some high-power gas?

d. Do you have another tank of gas?

Which one of these is not a liquid?

a. milk

b. water

c. ice

d. blood

66. Mrs. Jones gave the boy some pills. What did she give him?.

a. medicine

b . books

c. candy

d. clothing


67. When shall we meet you?

a. at the barracks

b.  any time after 6:00

c. Yes, we shall.

d. Yes, we have met.

68. Should we hurry, and finish our homework before dinner?

a. Yes, we can.

b. Yes, we may.

c. Yes, we could.

d. Yes, we ought to.

69. Do they still live in San Antonio?

a. Yes, they visit there frequently.

b. No, they have.

c. No, they don't anymore.

d. Yes, they moved yesterday.

70. What did your roommate put on for the party?

a. He left at 8:00.

b. He went with a friend.

c. He wore a dark suit.

d. He went to the Officer's Club.

71. Did you help her make up her mind?

a. Yes, I decided for myself.

b. Yes, I helped her decide.

c. Yes, I minded about the maid.

d. Yes, I looked for a new sign.

72. Which one of the following sentences is incorrect?

a. He said me the time.

b. He said he was hungry.

c. He told his friend to come in.

d. He told Lt. Jones that he would be late. .

73.Are you comfortable in this room?

a. Yes, I came for the table.

b. Yes, this room is too cold

c. Yes, there are four tables here.

d. Yes, I am at ease.

74. Was the room crowded at the party?

a. No, there wasn't much food.

b. Yes, the party was in the blue room.

c. Yes, there were too many people.

d. No, I don't think he came to the party.


75........was very cold last night.

a  There

b. It

c. Their

d. Where

76.Do you have any money? Yes, I have...........

a.  it

b. her

c. any

d . some

77.Most factory workers live in the city, and most farmers live in


a. streets

b. houses

c. factories

d country

78.He just finished an experiment. It was one of............most successful


a. her

b. it

c. him

d. his

79.A climate which is dry is............

a. not damp

b. not hot

c. not cold

d. not windy

80.The answer we get in. an. addition problem is the........

a. quotient

b product 

c. subtraction

d. sum

81.My brother.............a brand new car now.

a. has drive

b. is

c. be driving

d. drives

82.Turn the knob to the.............position. If you don't, the machine will

keep running.

a. "off"

b. "on"

c. "drain"

d. "high"



83. John sure...........the work. -

a. messing up

b. mess up

c. to mess

d. messed up

84. I have been studying English..........two hours.

a. at

b. for

c. in

d. since

85.He bought some toothpaste, but he didn't...........any soap.

a. buy

b. bought

c buying

d. to buy

86.Parents have a their children.

a. responsibility

b. responsible

c. responsive

d. responsing

87.I am sorry, but I didn't have......... time to prepare my lessons

last night.

a. any

b. many ..

c. a few

d. no

88. A loose taken care of at once.

a. don't

b. has

c. didn't

d. should

89.I........ to smoke cigarettes but finally stopped.

a.  use

b. used

c. am used

d. was used

90.I need to go to the dentist. I must make...........

a. a checkup

b. an agreement

c. a date

d. an appointment

' ALCPT Form 3R

91. Many people can't pay high prices to have work done. By this we mean they ......

a. can't afford it '

b. need it done soon

c. paid high prices'

d. pay later

92. Joe took a prescription to the drugstore for........ -

a. a uniform

b. a small loaf of bread  - - -

c. a blue suit

d. medicine

93.When someone says they are all set, they.....

a. are ready

b. have the clock timed

c.- want to eat

d. are sitting down

94."Are you the kind of person I can count on?"

"Of course, I....... "

a. can add

b . know my numbers

c. can learn everybody's name.

d. am dependable

95. I hope that by this time next month the contract........

a. sign

b. will sign

c. will have signed

d. will have been signed

96. That soldier fights.......of all.

a. courageously

b. more courageously

c. the most courageously

d. as courageously

97. If you had come earlier, you......her.

a. will see

b. would see _

c. would have seen -.

d. saw

98. This contract is........than the previous one.

a. satisfactory

b. in a satisfactory manner

c. more satisfactory '

d. the most satisfactory

99. Children in England must go to school....the age of five to sixteen.

a.     when

b.      after

c.      from

d.     by

100. To some ......the arts reflect society.

a.       means

b.      extent

c.       way

d.      point



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