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At the post office


At the post office

-Excuse me, can you tell me how to make a phone-call to France?

-Well, first you dial the code for France, than your area code and then the local number.

-I tried that at least six times, but I couldn't get through.

-You know that you have to dial the area code without the 0 at the beginning?

-Oh, I didn't know that .That explains it.

-Thank you very much.

-I'd lik 20320g61u e to send these letters to France.

-How much dose it cost?

-To France? That's 89 pence.

Make up sentences using the following cues:

Do you cash traveler's  cheques?

-change foreign currency?

-sell picture postcards?

-sell special stamps?

No, I am sorry, we don't.

You have to go to a bank.


-main post office.

1.What can people do at the post office? What do you go to the post office for?

-buy stamps\postcard\envelopes

-send letters\telegrams\money order\parcels(colet; pachet )

-draw a state\old age pension

-buy\renew a television\radio license

-make telephone calls

-deposit\windrow money the post office bank

2.Who is in charge of the post office?

3.When do you send postcards and when do you send letters to your friends\relatives?

4.Where do you drop the letter after you have written it and put it in the envelope?

5.How many collections a day are there in a big town?

6.How do you do usually send letters?

7.Which is the cheapest\quickest\safest way?

-by surface mail

-by registered post

-by air mail

-by recorded delivery

Letters arrive more quickly by registered post card compensation is offered in case of loss damage.

Documents and papers of little  or no monetary value may by send recorded delivery.

8.What happens to the letters whose receivers are unknown?

9.They are either returned to the sends or carried to the dead-letter office.

10.What must you do if you want to send a telegram?

-get a telegram form

-fill in the form with capital letters.

11.When the people send telegram?

12.What details must be filled in on a postal order form?

-the payee's name and and address

-the sender's name and address

-the amount to by send

13.What does the post office clerk do when you want to send a parcel?

-weigh it on the scales

-seal it with wax

-give you a receipt

1. How you can you make a local telephone call from a public telephone box\call-box?

-look up the number in the directory

-lift\pick up the receiver

-drop the coin into slot

-dial the number

-hang up the receiver

2. What kind of trunk calls can you make from your town?

-direct turn calls

-dial the operator to ring the number for you

3. When are these phrases used?

You are wanted on the phone.

The line is busy\engaged.

You are through.

I'll ring you back later.

Hold the line.

4. Do you prefer a party-line telephone  a private line?

Hold on, please.

Can you leave a message?

Sorry. Wrong number.

Who is (that) speaking?

This Mary speaking.

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