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Mur-ac - Mushy; with offensive flatus and pain in rectum.

Phos-ac - Painless, watery, not exhausting.

Sul-ac - Very fetid; of yellow mucus, like chopped egg; body smells


Acon - Green, like spinach.

Aeth - Thin, yellow, greenish; contains masses of curdled 858o1416i milk.

Ailan - Watery, offensive.

Aloe - Watery, jelly-like, windy; griping before and during stool; in

the morning, early; pain better after stool; great weakness.

Amm-mur - Green, mucous.

Ant-crud - Watery, slimy, windy; mixed with hard lumps.

Apis - Yellow, green; in the morning; abdominal soreness.

Arg-nit - Diarrhoea as soon as he drinks or eats sweets; green like

spinach; in flakes.

Arn - Offensive, putrid, bloody, brown; must lie down, so exhausted

after diarrhoea.

Ars - Dark, brown, cadaverous; like carrion; with restlessness, anguish

and great exhaustion.

Bapt - Dark, foul, bloody.

Bell - Green, thin; lumps like chalk.

Berb - Painless, clay-colored.

Borax - Soft, light yellow, slimy, pappy; green in children.

Calc - Pale, watery, sour; of undigested food.

Camph - Choleraic, with anguish, coldness, cramps, thready pulse.

Canth - Mucous, like scrapings; bloody; followed by shivering and


Carbo-v - Cadaverous; involuntary; burning in rectum; sense of weakness.

Chel - Slimy, yellow, watery, grayish.

China - Watery, soft, painless; putrid, windy, dehabilitating.

Colch - Scanty, jelly-like stools; painful; with distended abdomen;

urging and pain in anus; stools contain scrapings.

Coloc - Bloody, slimy; worse from food and drink.

Creosot - Undigested, putrid, dark brown.

Crot - Sudden, expulsive, with a gush; immediately after nursing; with

great prostration.

Cuprum - With much griping and vomiting; green.

Dulc - Diarrhoea alternating with rheumatism; from taking cold in damp

weather or place; watery; greenish mucous.

Eup-per - Green, watery, bilious.

Gels - Watery, painless, from fright.

Hell - Like jelly; involuntary.

Hep - Diarrhoea of children; child smells sour.

Hyos - Involuntary.

Ipec - Green, frothy; with nausea and colic, especially about navel; of

teething children; from eating green fruit.

Iris - Watery, bilious, with burning at anus.

Jalapa - Thin, watery.

Jatropha - Sudden, profuse; noise like water poured out of bunghole of


Kali-bich - Jelly-like, brown, frothy; sensation of plug in anus.

Lach - Dark, like burnt straw; of cadaverous odor.

Lyc - Thin, yellow; flatulent.

Mag-carb - Like green scum on frog-pond; diarrhoea of undigested milk;

contains masses like tallow.

Merc - Green, slimy, bloody; colic; cannot get done; worse at night.

Merc-cor - Green, yellow, slimy, bloody; colic, tenesmus during and

after stool, almost continuous, followed by burning in rectum and anus; chilliness between stools.

Phos - Watery; with bits of tallow; gushing as from a hydrant.

Pod - Watery, gushing, foul, painless; drives him out of bed in a. m.;

morning stool; followed by sense of great exhaustion and emptiness; copious, large stools which do not weaken him; stool with griping colic and heat and pain in anus.

Puls - No two stools alike.

Rheum - Pasty, fermented, green, like chopped egg; sour; shivering after

stool and constrictive colic; colic from uncovering.

Rhus - Slimy, frothy, bloody, painless; involuntary; of cadaverous odor.

Rumex - Watery, brown, driving him out of bed; with provoking dry cough.

Sec - Profuse, watery, dark, putrid; painless, but very exhausting;

comes from a gush; involuntary; anus wide open.

Sul - Painless; drives him out of bed; prolapsus ani; piles.

Thuj - Chronic diarrhoea; watery, gushing, greasy, gurgling.

Ver-alb - Watery, gushing, profuse, flaky; with profuse vomiting;

weakness and emptiness in bowels; great exhaustion.

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