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Varg Vikernes about civilization



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4-16-2003 Wednesday
Why is There No - International Historical Sociology?
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Varg Vikernes about civilization

Important: Varg would like to make clear that these are entirely his own theories, and have nothing to do with the AHF (Heathen Front) or any related political organisation.

Negative, destructive, anti-development, unrealistic and Utopian: I have heard it all. Yes I am negative to the modern civilisation, yes I applaud the destruction of the modern civilisation, yes I seek the end of the "development" of this modern civilisation, yes I know it is unrealistic to believe in a New World and yes I know that what we want to replace the old with can seem Uto 353p158d pian to most people.

I have to be negative to a "civilisation" which rapes Mother Earth and murders our human races, which tortures animals and destroys everything that is good, pure, natural, healthy and clean. To even think about developing this sick, degenerate, anti-nature, Judeo-Christian, Capitalist pig "civilisation" is out of the question. It has to go, it has to be levelled to the ground so that we can build something new.

There are perhaps not many people in our world who see things like this, making all of this very unrealistic. However, I do not talk about destroying every building in the modern world, levelling every city to the ground or about executing everybody who has ever co-operated with the modern world order. I do talk about physical destruction and removing the worst traitors, but what we really try to do is to level the ethical system to the ground. What we seek is a total destruction of the moral codes and the mentality of the modern "civilisation", and that is of those who are not in accordance with our moral codes and our mentality.

It would be unrealistic if we tried to enlighten masses simultaneously, but we don't. It might look like we do, but in fact we don't. Why would I waste any time on a generation that is utterly brainwashed by this rotten Capitalist pig-society, when I can concentrate on the coming generations; still open-minded and willing to think for themselves - unlike our parents and their parents? The youth and the coming generations are not weak, like we are told by our parents. As an answer to why we try to enlighten youth and only youth they say "your message is so weak only weak people will accept it". Forgotten is their own baptism of infants - as if infants are any "stronger" than youth. I wonder how they even dare accuse us of trying to manipulate defenceless and weak people when they start their brainwashing of the citizens before they even have a name!

It is not unrealistic that we might succeed in enlightening a vast amount of youth. When they grown up and take the places of their parents the situation will be very different from now, and then the revolution is not all that unrealistic after all. Spiritual revolution, cultural revolution, technological revolution, scientific revolution, racial revolution, environmental revolution, intellectual revolution, religious revolution; in short, revolution!

Finally I will discuss the last complaint against our "Utopian" world order. At one side we want to more or less return to the life-style of the Middle-Ages, and on the other side we want to colonise the universe. So how on Earth can you combine these goals? Utopian, isn't it?

In fact it is not. Naturally not all of us can live like we did in the Middle-Ages, nor shall we all colonise the universe. If you think about it the amount of electricity needed to keep scientific research centers and some factories going is not that much. In mountainous regions, like in Norway, this power can be taken from rivers - like we already do today. Minimum pollution, maximum effect. We do not need power plants all over Europe, because we do not need electricity all over Europe. We only need it for some research centers and factories. Not for factories producing clothes, boots, fishing and hunting equipment or the like; that is all done by local craftsmen. Nor do we need factories producing cars, tractors and aeroplanes by the thousands. People can talk, ride horses, ride bikes or carts. Ordinary people do not need anything else. The masses need to live in harmony with nature, or else we will all perish - destroy our planet.

Only technology needed for science is necessary - and in fact tolerable. Only the elite of our tribes shall be allowed to work with this technology. The rest shall live like they did in the "primitive" past. The few factories and mines, research centers and power plants, are necessary, and they do not produce more pollution than we have to tolerate.

Why do we need this technology? Why do we not just all live 100% in harmony with nature? The reason is simply because at a certain point we will need to leave our planet, in search of another one - because of lack of natural resources and most important the dying sun. Besides, we have a mission in life, as a species, and to complete this mission we need technology.

Our Utopia can best be described as a Fantasy world, where the elite live like elves far away from the others with their "magic" (technology), while the rest live like they did in the Middle-Ages, only with cloaks and some other (mostly natural) sciences. In fact our Utopia is not only a dream of the future, but a memory from the past! Writers like Tolkien actually never "made up" anything, they just wrote stories based on memories from the past (memories from the blood)! Not necessarily from our world, our planet, but from the last planet we lived on (in the system of Sirius), when we were Gods.

In this Utopia several new races will be bred, from Dwarves (for mining) to dragons and trolls (to keep the ordinary man in awe for nature and to keep him away from the elves' technological facilities in the forests and mountains). Whenever heroes or heroines from the ordinary human society show proof of extraordinary courage and intellect their children will be kidnapped and raised amongst the "elves", so that the elite of humankind can be concentrated and breed in a few places. With time the "elves" will return to the stars, build their facilities on the Moon and other beings in space, where they do not pollute the planet Earth. From there they will control the masses like Gods, prevent humans from destroying nature, from losing their respect for nature, etc.

This is our future civilisation and I hope it will not sound too "far out" to You. Cruelty and war, famine and plague will not cease to exist, but if You think about it You can agree that this is not something negative. We need all of this to survive, to improve ourselves (our genetic material) and to find out who are the best amongst us, in moral strength and courage - and in blood!

Author: Varg Vikernes
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