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1 centre cut tenderloin sliced into 1/2 inch portions (8mm)
1 tablespoon blackening spice (15ml) see recipe
1 teaspoon dried basil (5ml)
2 tablespoons olive oil (30ml)
1 French stick sliced into slic 11511n1320l es (8mm)
cup of softened butter (60ml)
2 tablespoons fresh rosemary chopped (30ml)
Salt and pepper to taste
1 recipe cherry chutney (recipe follows)

To make Crustini, mix together butter, rosemary salt and pepper in a small bowl

Slice bread in to inch (8mm) slices and spread evenly with butter. Place on tray.

To prepare beef, sprinkle slices with blackening spice, dried basil. Drizzle with olive oil to coat.

Preheat barbeque to medium high heat (375F/190C).

Oil grill.

Place the tenderloin down on grill and cook for 1 minute. Flip and continue to cook for 1 minute or until desired doneness. Remove from grill loosely cover with foil and let rest 4 minutes.

Place bread slices on bun rack and cook for 2 minutes until warm and slightly crisp.

Place beef on bread slices and top with cherry chutney.

Yield: 16 appetizers

Blackening Spice
cup paprika (125ml)
cup salt (60ml)
cup onion powder (60ml)
cup garlic powder (60ml)
cup plus 1 teaspoon cayenne (65ml)
cup white pepper (60ml)
2 tablespoons black pepper (30ml)
1.5 tablespoon dried thyme leaves (22ml)
1.5 tablespoon oregano leaves (22ml)

In a medium bowl mix all spices together well.

Place in an air tight jar.

Makes 2 cups of spice rub (500 ml)

Cherry Chutney
cup sun dried cherries, chopped (125ml)
cup sun dried cranberries, chopped (60ml)
2 tablespoons chopped red onion (30ml)
1 teaspoon tomato paste (5ml)
4 cloves roasted garlic
cup brown sugar (60ml)
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar (15ml)

In a small bowl mix together all ingredients until well combined.

Place in the refrigerator and allow to sit for 1 - 2 hours.

Yield: 1 cup of relish (250ml)

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