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2 String Tap #2


2 String Tap #2

This exercise takes the previous example (2StringTap#1) and adds a couple of new positions.
Like the previous exercise it's best to bar the two strings with the left
hand once you start to speed things up.
You may want to switch to a cleaner sound with a little reverb for
this one.

Key = Am

Title: 2 String Tap #2


x mute
b bend
r release
h hammer on left hand
H hammer on right hand
p pull off left hand
P pull off right hand
t tap left hand
T tap right hand
~ vibrato
/ slide up
slide down
^^ tremolo
. harmonic
>< pinch string
bar or section
v pick downward
pick upward
./. repeat

1 index finger, left hand
2 middle finger, left hand
3 ring finger, left hand
4 pinky, left hand

[1] index finger, right hand
[2] middle finger, right hand
[3] ring finger, right hand
[4] pinky, right hand

T p h T p h T p h T p h T p h T p h T p h T p h

[1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4

Start with a barre at the 5th and 8th frets using your index and pinky, then switch
to using your ring finger on the 7th

T p h T p h T p h T p h T p h T p h T p h T p h

[1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4 [1] 1 4

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