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Your Best Bodybuilding Tips!


Your Best Bodybuilding Tips!

Sometimes you try a new workout, exercise, or supplement and all of a sudden you gain big time! The results are amazing and you only wish you had known about it sooner. Below are bodybuilding tips that people have submitted to us because they worked wonderfully! Don't forget to help out and send us your bodybuilding tips! Just e-mail us!

Fastest Chest Builder

Hello, I have a exercise which you may have heard of, but is unlisted on your site. This is the fastest chest builder I've ever tried, and I think you may find it useful.

Step one: Lay on a flat bench as if you were doing a bench-press. With a smaller bar, usually the ones with curved hand areas, place your hands toward the center for better results, with index fingers about 5 inches apart.

Step two: Place the bar between the nipple region, and move it only about one inch above your face, then behind your head, and as close to the ground as possible. Then pull it back to it's starting position, keeping it about an inch above your face/chest at all times.

This is a very useful technique, and not too difficult, I recommend starting bodybuilders to use about 20 pounds (10 on each side), and to work from there. I use 50 pounds on each side, and the results are astounding.

Thank you

Get Big Forearms

Do this workout twice a week, no less, no more:

Sit down on a bench. Grab a light dumbbell. Grab the end of the dumbbell and do wrist curls but make sure you do them very slowly and squeeze at contraction for maximum growth. Do 3 sets of 8. Now do 3 sets of reverse wrist curls the same way but this time use a lighter dumbbell than you did for wrist curls since it will be harder to curl.

This routine not only enhances the size of your forearms significantly, but also increases muscular definition. Soon you will see bumps and veins popping out of your forearms. Compare grabbing the end of a dumbbell to grabbing the middle of the dumbbell. My routine works great. I used to grab the middle of the dumbbell but wasn't seeing any results. Do this routine I listed and get back to me if you'd like. I am interested to know your results.

Add 25-50 Pounds to Your Bench P 222j92c ress in Just 3 Weeks

I have been a personal trainer for the past two years, and am currently sponsored by Supreme Supplements, The easiest way for you to add an extreme amount of weight lies in the way of 3 exercises.

Exercise A) Do at least 150-200 pushups after every chest workout. These should no be all done at once, but do them in 4-8 sets. Pushups allow you to gain strength at the bottom of a bench press, where you are most likely to be weak.

Exercise B) If you aren't doing rotator cuff exercises, you are sacrificing large amounts of weight on your bench press, because the rotator cuff is one of the prime stabilizer of the movement, allowing you to move more weight. The other reason is that you are going to blow your shoulder doing heavy benches to gain size, but the injury will put you out for up to 6 months, how big are you gonna get if you can't workout? If you are interested in any exercises, feel free to forward an email to:

Exercise C) Don't just use free-weight benches and flyes. Try using a Hammer Strength chest machine, either the incline or regular chest press. The benefits of this machine is that it better allows you to isolate your pectorals by taking the triceps and deltoids out of the movement. Stronger pectorals will allow for a tighter contraction, which means more growth and strength.

Please feel free to send an email to me concerning weight lifting questions or comments, Jamie Charles (PTS)

Bigger & More Toned Pectoral Muscles

I found a routine I used at some time useful for developing thick,toned pectoral muscles here's how it went:

  • 1. Bench Press-3-4 sets of 6-8 reps with dumbbells, barbells, or cable pulleys
  • 2. Incline Press-3-4 sets of 6-8 reps
  • 3. Dips-3-4 sets of 12-15-20 reps (when you can do 20 reps add weight)
  • 4. Close-grip bench press-3-4 sets of 6-8 reps (hands 4 inches apart)

Strength and Size Routine...8 Weeks -By

Caribbean Sauce

Ok. This is one of the best ways I have found to make very bland food taste absolutely terrific. Never underestimate the use of good condiments. Ingredients: a few cloves of shelled garlic, sweet peppers, onions, ginger, parsley, chive, sweet peppers, a hot pepper (depending on taste), coriander. Add 1 cup of water to a blender, add the chopped up ingredients and puree. Empty and store in refrigerator. Simply add a teaspoon or so. These are so widely used back home and they are so convenient!

Forearm Exercise -By Nelson Jackson


I have a cool exercise for building the forearms. Buy a 12 pound, 36 inch, sledge hammer and some hockey tape. Wrap the entire handle with the tape. Next, mark the tape every inch along the entire handle. This is your "Handle of Power". From a standing position, grasp the handle with one hand and try to raise the head of the sledge. Do not bend your elbow! Switch hands. Find a distance from the head, that will give you a 6-8 rep set. Do 6-8 sets. I usually start my workouts with wrist curls...6-8 reps for 6-8 sets, then I do the hammer work, then grips (10-15 reps, 10 sets, with a very LARGE wood clamp, believe it or not - from the local hardware store).

Just try to get to the end of the handle!!! For party tricks, I squash beer caps with the tips of my fingers...


Mathew Helmer.

Aerobics for Everybody

As an aerobic instructor, I am constantly teased from men in the weight room who view aerobic classes as a FEMALE thing. But the truth is that for anyone to have a well rounded program. Aerobic training is part of it.

I challenged 3 men to try one of my classes. after the class they admitted that is was harder than they thought and admire women for being so tough.

Why do you need to do cardio? to burn off fat you must do some kind of aerobic training. You see weight training and aerobic training goes together like beans and rice. I developed boot camp classes which is very popular with the men.

Aerobic classes in my opinion is better than the treadmill. in the fact that there is Hip music, a lot of support, and constant variety. there is only so much treadmill stuff you can do.

Plus aerobic training helps in the fact that it increases you metabolism. It is proven that after a high intensity class, you are burning more calories after class. Than you would if you just sit there. Plus it works on your endurance system.

It is also very good for the heart and lungs. these are thing that you can not achieve in the weight room alone. So GROUP classes are not a female thing. it is a Everybody thing.

Educate your mind before you judge.


The Most Important Tip for the Whole Body

In bodybuilding most people thinks that if they do more exercise and eat more then they will develop a good body. Eating more is true for some extend but doing more exercises is waste of time, energy, money and mind. The most important and precious think that I found in bodybuilding is the resting time between your workouts. Whatever type of exercise or workout you want to do you can do but if you do not rest in the right way then you can't able to develop a massive body. (Because muscles do not develop in the training period they only develop in resting period and if your resting period are not long enough then you can't be able to develop a good muscle). So only you can decide that which resting routine is best for you. You can do as follows:

(Different routines)

  • 1 day on and 1 day off training (Monday training, Tuesday rest, then Wed training, Thurs rest and so on)
  • 3 days on training and 1 day rest and so on.
  • 4 days on training and 1 day rest and so on.
  • 5 days training and 2 days rest and so on.

Whatever resting routine you think is best for you then you should apply it. You know I gain 22 pound of my weight (not fat) in just 3 months by applying the above routine. The routine, which I like most, is 1 day on and 1 day off OR 5 days on and 2 days off.

Apply any of these routines and you will see the results. (If you are a beginner then you should train 6 days on 1 day off for 1 week then again 6 days on 1 day off for second week do the same till 1 months and then apply any of the above routine).

Staying on Track Through Depression

Christmas time has a higher suicide rate than any other time of the year. Many people are sad at this time of year and depression can really mess up your training. Here are some tips I use to keep myself going.

1.Plan a competition (IF you have something to work towards, then you're more likely to stay).
2. Try to enlist a friend (during times when I am down, I grab a bud and that makes me want to workout).
3. Talk to someone (If you feel like life is unbearable, open up to someone you trust).
4. Take a quiet walk in the woods (This can sooth your soul.)
5. Reward yourself.
6. Try to do yoga (I find this VERY helpful.)
7. Do something for others (I find that this makes me feel good).
8. Go and have fun, most depressed people isolate themselves. Get out and have fun!)
9. Last but not least, tell yourself everyday that you love you and you're worth living.

I know this may sound corny and all mushy. But as a chronicly depressed person. I have grown to learn to do simple things to make my life better. Write me at

My Favorite Mass Building Workout

Day One
Warm up with 60 step-ups
Abdominal crunches 30 reps
Wrestlers bridge 20 reps
Squat warm up with 2 sets of 8-10 reps, then one set of 10 reps
Bench press warm up with one set of 10, then one set of 10
Military press one set of 10
Dumbbell row one set of 10

Day Two
Warm up, abdominal crunches and wrestlers bridge the same as day one
Deadlift warm up with one set of 10, then one set of 10 with the same weight as day one squat
Parallel bar dips warm up with one set of 10, then one set of 10
Weighted chin-ups one set of 10
Rear deltoid exercise one set of 12
Barbell curl one set of 10

Personal Workout!

Hey I've been bodybuilding now for about 24 months, and for most of the time I've been quite confused as to finding a perfect workout. Well, recently I decided to blow all this crap that I found on the internet and design my own personal workout. I simply used the knowledge I already have, and integrated that into what I wanted to. I'm not saying that these people are wrong by saying that you need to leave your body at least a week before your workout is again, but this is just shit for me. I have found that doing my new routine (Mon. - legs, Tues. - back n' shoulders, Wed. - chest abs, Thurs. - arms) works real well. It's not this routine that works well, it's the work I do in between the times that has shown me best gains. This extra work is nothing more simple than a few light bench presses, etc. Nothing too hard, just something easy. It has given me more definition to my muscles, and I have noticed slight gains in my chest. But as this is only my 2nd week on this trial test, I cannot say that it is my perfect workout, but at the moment, it seems that way!

Gain 1/2" on Your Arms

I have found out a great way to build biceps/triceps, fast! I call this my 20-40-80 workout. First you take dumbbells that you would consider, real heavy. Then you do 20 standing curls(10 each arm). After that, you go 20 pounds lighter, and do 40 standing curls (20 each arm). Finally, you drop another 20 pounds off the weight, and do 80 standing curls (40 each arm). Keep in mind you want to have at least "good form" when doing this mini-workout. For even more gains, do this forwards, and then backwards, 20-40-80 then 80-40-20. You can keep going back a forth. This has helped me gain 5.5 pounds in one month, and half an inch on my arms. Trust me, it works!!

Chest Exercise

I found a great new exercise awhile back (by accident no less) that I've been using for about a month and a half and I've seen results that I never saw as quickly with my old routine. This is a great exercise not only for the CHEST, but it's also hitting the ABS and the LOWER BACK all at the same time.

I was using an Icarian Ab Isolator #702 machine... it's the one where you sit down with your feet on a bar and use your abs to flex forward and push two (or one) pads forward while the bar goes upward pushing your knees into your chest.

I was not using the pedal thing, just keeping my feet flat on the ground and was finishing my last few reps. I got tired while holding the last one while punishing my abs and I flexed my chest. I held my chest flexed and felt it begin to burn. Here's what I've found after doing this for a while:

Use a weight about 50% more than your max for your abs *YOU don't use your abs alone on this**

Lean forward using your back and chest to get the weight so your holding the weight so it can't push back. Then flex your chest and hold for 3 seconds like you do with any exercise to get that 'ripped' effect, then let go. The weight should only move about half an inch, maybe an inch if you already have huge chest.

You push all the weight a small amount with your chest, your abs and back will be hit too while balancing the weight in between reps. I usually max out at about 130lbs for abs, but I do 215 (3 five pound keys on a max 200 lbs Icarian) for this exercise since you don't lift the weight, your only pushing it a small amount forward by flexing, getting ripped while holding, and using your back/abs to 'lean' into getting and holding the weight in position.

Holy shit, I just noticed how long this letter got. Anyway thought I'd pass it on. I noticed that my chest is more defined from abs and more cut by using this just to isolate the flexing of say a bench press exercise. If you got anything else lemme know, I'm trying to find a safe way to strengthening my neck.

Thanks, Jimmy Knuckles

Shoulder Tips

For shoulder exercises you do not have arm raises listed. These are very difficult exercises and really help with shoulder strength and development.

To Permorm
Hold a barbell in arms with a grip of about shoulder width apart (you can also vary grip width) and raise them so they are parallel to the ground, slowly let back down. This is a great workout. Hope this helps you,

Thor's Hammer

Incredible Abdominal Workout

Leg Throw-downs is what I like to call them. You will need a partner for this one. You lay down on your back and have your partner stand about 6 inches behind your head. The person lying down keeps his/her feet straight, and lifts them about 110 degrees and his/her partner throw them down, either straight down or side to side. You must let your feet get as close as possible to the ground-but don't let them touch. Just continue lifting your legs in the air while keeping them straight and your partner throws them down. The number of reps differs depending on the skill level of the trainee.

For Striated Quads

When Squatting, keep it slow and focus only pushing up with your heels. When you get to the top Squeeze and flex your Quads for 3 sec hard. Perform 12-16 reps. After the set Stretch and flex for 2 min before your next set. The perform 4 sets of 15 reps of extensions, squeezing at the top for 3 sec. Do this routine once or twice a month with high intensity and watch as your legs become shredded and gigantic.

Be sure to use PROPER technique.

PreContest Training and Dieting Info!

First and foremost, the only thing I supplemented with was Xenadrine. I would take 1 in the morning, 1 before my first cardio session, and 2 before my weight training session. I also took a multivitamin with my first meal along with 500 mg of vitamin C with each pill of Xenadrine I took. That's it....nothing fancy. Elegance in simplicity I would tell my training partner... Read More!

Superset Delt Shocker - "

I have found a superset technique that shocked my delts immensely after a long frustrating plateau. The side delts have always been my my favorite to watch grow! I found that you can kill them with a superset of dumbell presses directly into a set of wide grip upright rows. I have also found it more beneficial to begin the workout with side laterals to pre-exaust the targeted side delt area. This will allow you to reach a higher level of fatigue in your supersets... Read More!

My Most Successful Training System

It's me Seth again, and I would like to share my most successful training system with you. I like to call it "double shock" because it is brutal and lasts for a two day period for the targeted bodypart. I arrange my workout split according to which bodypart needs the wake-up shock the most... Read More!

Strike A Pose

Train your weak points first, when you are strong and fresh. Remember to pose and flex the muscle group you are working. Posing and flexing your muscles is proven to bring out striations and more "ripped" effect.

Another tip: To get more peaked biceps, or any muscle group, when you reach the top of your movement, contract the muscle you are working and hold for a few seconds. I have noticed results after about two weeks using this method.

Great Supplementation Program For Mass Building!

As everyone knows a proper diet and supplementation is just as important as lifting weights! This diet and supplementation has worked GREAT for me and I have seen an increase in weight, muscle mass and definition, strength, and recovery time!

MORNING: 5-7 Scrambled Eggs, 2 English Muffins, Orange Juice and/or water! (5 grams of Glutamine, Multi-Vitamin)

MID-MORNING: Protein Shake (Myoplex Deluxe or Weight Gainer), and one Peanut Bar by Lance!

LUNCH: Grilled Chicken Sandwiches or Steak!

MID-AFTERNOON: Canned White Chicken or other high protein food, and one Peanut Bar by Lance.

DINNER: Grilled Chicken or Steak or other high protein food! (5 grams of Glutamine)


EVENING: 10 grams of Creatine HSC (Ast-ss brand) with two capsules of Alpha Lipoic Acid (Ast-ss Brand), and one MRP by Myoplex!

BEFORE BED: 10 grams of Glutamine!

This diet and schedule will help you gain muscle mass and weight and will increase your strength! Make sure you take the Glutamine and Creatine at least 1 hour apart from each other! The alpha lipoic acid will help the creatine get absorbed into your muscles more. The glutamine will help aid in nitrogen retention and strength and recovery. If anyone tries this diet and sees results, please e-mail me and let me know!

Go Heavy To Get Thick!

I found that if you use a heavy weight on your barbell so you can only get four, maybe five reps per set, it helps alot with thickening your biceps. I grew half an inch in less than three days.

Quickest Fat Loss

I am still in shock with how fast I lost fat while taking Prolab Metabolic Thryolean. I recommend it to everybody I know!

Train Legs For Big Arms!

I've said it all my life. If you want bigger arms, train your legs! The best single movement thet I have found for breaking plateaus is the squat. Concentrate on moving as much weight as you can in strict form for 8-12 reps, 4-5 sets and make it your primary leg movement. This involves recruiting a large amount of muscle and subsequently causes alot of natural testosterone to be produced in the body.

Bodypart Tips -By PETER VAN

Here are some tips that have worked for me and other people I know. I'm only 190 pounds at 6'2", and I know that doesn't sound very impressive, but it is when you are coming from 149 and 6'1" just 8 months ago. And all the while I never topped 10 percent bodyfat. My average is 7 percent. Good luck!

For Biceps, I usually use handoffs to break plateaus. Handoffs are performed with a medium weight on a barbell, with which you perform 10 reps on the barbell curl, then hand it to your partner and he also does ten reps, you keep handing of to each other until neither of you can do three reps.

For regular workouts, I usually supplement my Preacher curls, with Spider curl, on the other side of the preacher bench.This allows for more extension and isolation. For getting ripped arms, I concur with what is already posted, 21's are excellent.

For back muscles, if you aren't seeing any difference, most likely you aren't going heavy enough. Remedy this by using 150 percent the weight on your deadlifts, but only lower them to your knees. This will Target and Isolate the Rhomboids. Also vary your exercises.

For triceps, do not underestimate the power of supplementing simple heavyweight pushdowns with decline closegrip bench presses in the smith rack. If you don't have a horsshoe, do these two along with rope pushdowns and you'll have them within weeks. That's a guarantee !

For abdominals I recomend doing decline leg raises, starting with a fully stretched body then curling the legs, finally finishing up with your knees at your chest, so your ass leaves the bench. If that doesn't get the burn going nothing will.

For shoulders, just correct form and wide grips will aid the deltoid growth, and more weight will make the traps grow.

One last trick for biceps : Drag Curls for the outside biceps. I trust you know what they are. Just do a knuckle grip on the bar, keep your elows close by your side (like a reverse curl) and your shoulders low. Now move the barbell by alongside your body, as if dragging it.

Quick Building

This workout will build your chest and biceps fast. First you do 15 curls with any weight you choose ,then 15 bench presses. Do this back and forth until you do at 200 reps of each. This is good for getting over a plateau... but don't use it everyday or you may overtrain.


Rip your biceps a new one by doing 21's. It is barbell or dumbbell curls where you do 7 reps doing only the lower half of the full exercise (start at bottom, go half way up, go back down), then 7 reps doing only the upper half, then 7 reps doing the full range of motion. All this without stopping. You WILL be sore the next day... and get ready for awesome results.


For people trying to get lean, and cut. I lost 28 pounds of fat and gained substantial muscle by using Xenadrine RFA-1. I also took in a ton of protein every day. The bottom line is with proper nutrition, and a good workout plan, this stuff will multiply your results...


I read somewhere that a recent study showed that supplementing with glutamine can raise your natural growth hormone big time so I decided to try it. My friends had tried it and it worked for them so what the heck. Within the first few days my workouts were better and my results just started getting better and better. Before I knew it, a month had went by and I had gained so much strength and a good amount of size already. It was awesome and my results have not stopped coming.


Adding deadlifts to my HIT workout. I couldn't believe how hard they were at first but I kept at it and I am glad I did! Deadlifts help your whole body get bigger and stronger because they work your whole body and your nervous system. I changed nothing else and since then my body has gotten a LOT bigger.

Adipo and Triax

Heard it was the best combo out there for fat loss... couldn't agree more. Try Syntrax's Adipokinetix and Triax together and you will be happy too.

Needed Layoff

I had been working out for over two years with almost no rest. I was then forced to take a week off for a vacation and I almost did no exercise at all. My first workout back was a little tough, but then I couldn't believe how strong I was. I gained a lot over the next two weeks and busted through my plateau! Now I take a week off every eight weeks.

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