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Z-510 AS training agenda


Z-510 AS training agenda

Made of date 14 October

Made by product assurance team of Jae Uk, Shin

We will teach the as training to income company for Z-510.

1. AS training schedule.

Probably we think that we stay about 3 da 24224g618y ys in your company for as training.

So let show our as schedule.

D- Initial meeting with as manager & engineer.

At time We will discuss the market condition and quality issue with manager.

We will explain the as equipment for as center.

Explain the service manual how can you show the manual for method.

How to use software tool

D- Explain RF part

Logic part

Real teach the as training from idle mobile phone measurement or defect phone

with Income company colleague. (Logic & RF part)

** If your company interrupt when we have a as training.

The schedule will be unstable.

Also you can change the details schedule for each day from your urgent schedule.

2. AS training equipment

5515C station for signal testing of rf problem unit. (Income preparation)

Include the cable set for measurement station

Spectrum analyzer for measurement wave signal. (Income preparation)

GPIB cable & card slot from HP provide (Income preparation)

As training period : Giga preparation.

Solder station & pin set & screw driver(*6) (Income preparation)

Service manual (Giga preparation)

Software program for as tool (Giga preparation)

LT & curl cord & RF cable (Income Preparation)

The other useful jig for as center (Giga prepration)

Some sample phone & other promotion sample

(Giga and Income preparation)

Some guide book & Data for Z-510. (Giga preparation)

- Conclusion -

We should be provide the as training for Z-510.

Also we will check the quality issue from customer complain.

- The end -

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