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Feleletválasztós teszt - Multiple Choice



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Feleletválasztós teszt - Multiple Choice

1. Kezdő (elementary) - 15. hét

1. Feleletválasztós teszt - Multiple Choice

Válassza ki a helyes megoldást.

I ... be twenty four years old next week.

/a/ 'will /b/ 'll /c/ - /d/ am

I ... forget to write.

/a/ wont /b/ will no /c/ won't /d/ not

Oh dear. There is no food left. I ... go and buy some.

/a/ - /b/ am going /c/ am going to /d/ 'll

I promise I ... write you.

/a/ am going to /b/ will /c/ - /d/ ll

I feel terrible. I think I ... be sick.

/a/ will /b/ 'm going to /c/ - /d/ going to

I ... work harder next term.

/a/ 'm going to /b/ will /c/ was /d/ don't

How old will you ... next birthday?

/a/ are /b/ do /c/ be /d/ goint to be

2. Párosítás - Matching

Párosítsa az alábbi mondatokat.

A.    Please stay with me.

B.     Oh look! It's raining. I'll lend you an umbrella.

C.    When will they tell him?

D.    They have missed the bus.

E.     Look at the sky!

F.     Susan is flying home tomorrow.

G.    My husband and I are so happy.

Thank you. I'll give it back to you tomorrow.

We are going to have a baby.

She is going to ring us when she lands at Heathrow.

You are going to phone for a taxi.

Don't worry, I won't leave you. I'll stay with you.

They will tell him at Christmas but not before.

It's going to rain.








3. Fill-in-the-gaps II.

Tegye a zárójelbe tett igéket a megfelelő alakba.

The phone is ringing. Ok. I _____ (answer) it.

What _____ (you/do) after supper? Watch TV. Why?

Have a good time in Spain. Thanks. I _____ (send) you a postcard.

Which do you want, the red one or the black one? I _____ (have) the red please.

What _____ (you/wear) to the party tonight?

I'm hungry. I _____ (eat) this sandwich.

The weather tomorrow _____ (be) warm and sunny.

4. Multiple Choice II.

Válassza ki a helyes alakot.

Kate ... nineteen on 25th August.

/a/ will be /b/ is going to be

They ... see that new play at the theatre tonight.

/a/ Will /b/ are going to

Are you ready to order, madam? Yes, please. I ... have the steak.

/a/ am going to /b/ will

Oh no! I haven't got enough money to get home. Don't worry I ... lend you some.

/a/ am going to /b/ will

I can't wait any longer. I ... leave you now.

/a/ am going to /b/ will

She can't tell him a lie. She ... tell the truth.

/a/ is going to /b/ will

I think it ... be a hot summer.

/a/ Will /b/ is going to

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