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A. Are you a large family?

B. Yes. Look at this photo. This is my father.

He is tall and thin. He is a police officer. Here is my mother, then my sister, my aunt, my uncle....

These are my grandparents. Grandfather is an engineer and grandmother is a teacher.

A. Oh, you have a very nice grandmother and I'm sure she loves her grandson very much. How about your brother? Is he in this photo?

B. Yes, he is here.

A. Oh, he's very funny.

B. Yes, indeed. He is short and fat.

He is a very good pupil.

And these are my little "friends": Rocky, the dog, and Betty, the cat.

Completati literele lipsa din cuvintele īntālnite īn text.

a.- F- - her is t-l- and th- -.

b.- M - - h - r is s- - rt and t - - n.

c.- My bro - - - r is v - - y f - - - y.

d.- My a - - t is b - - u - - f - -.

e.- My g - - n - f - - - e - is - l - .



Cititi si retineti:

I have a big house.

You have a new pen.

He has a farm in the country.

She has a hat.

It has milk.

We have a dog.

You have a white cat.

They have a horse/a gun/a rifle.

Exprimarea posesiei se mai poate face si folosind particula "got", dupa verb.

Ex.: They have got new uniforms.

Aceasta constructie poate avea si rol descriptiv.

Ex. He has got a big nose.

She's got green eyes.

I've got brown hair.

Propozitiile interogative cu "to have" se pot forma īn doua moduri:

1. Have + Sb. (got) .. ?

Have you got a difficult case ?

2. Do + Sb. + have .....

Do you have any idea about this burglary ?

Forma de negativ a verbului "To Have" se obtine ca si la verbul "To Be", prin adaugarea negatiei not, imediat dupa verb, sau folosind constructia : Sb. + do not /don't have ..

Exista si formele contrase: haven't, hasn't, utilizate mai ales īn vorbire.

Dati raspunsuri afirmative si negative:

Have you got a dog?

Has she got a new blouse?

Have they got a problem?


1. Cititi si traduceti urmatoarele texte:

A. Today is Christmas Eve.

We are all at home: my parents my grandparents, my uncle and my aunt, Anne and I.

We all have beautiful presents.

I have a new photo album and some chocolate.

Anne has got a new bag and a pair of jeans.

My mother has got a new white blouse and my father has a blue shirt and a new, beautiful pull-over.

Any presents for our grandparents?

Yes, of course. They have got a lamp from mother and father and a new, beautiful hat from me and Anne.

B. Peter: Hi! Nice party, isn't it?... But tell me, what's wrong with Julie ? Has she got a headache?

Sandra: No, she hasn't. She's fine.

Peter: Are you sure? I think she's got a problem!

Jill: It's Dennis, you see....he can't come tonight.

Peter: Why not?

Sandra: His little brother has got smallpox.

Jill: Yes, and his parents are away.

Sandra: And the baby-sitter can't baby-sit because she has an important exam tomorrow.

Jill: So Dennis can't come.

Peter: ... and Julie's sad. Well, girls, she has got a problem.... I think she's in love!

Jill: You are right. Julie is in big trouble!

Exercitii gramaticale si lexicale.

1. Completati cu cuvinte din text:

a.- Today is Christmas....

b.- We are... at....

c.- We all ..... beautiful...

d.- Anne ... a new ... and a ... of....

e.- My mother has a ..... ...... and my father has a .... .... and a beautiful....

f.- Grandparents have ... a ... and a ....

g.- His little brother ... got ...

h.- Julie has ... a .....

I.- The baby-sitter can't ... because she has ....

j.- I think Julie is.....

2. Īnlocuiti īntrebarea "What about you? cu o īntrebare cu "have got" conjugat.

've got an Italian car. What about you?

Have you got an Italian car too?

a.- I've hot a house with a garden.

What about you?

b.- We've got new rollerblades.

What about them?

c.- Han has got a white dress.

What about Lauren?

d.- Tim has got a mask.

What about Jason?

e.- They have got a blue Ferrari.

What about John?

f.- The Browns have got their own house.

What about the Whites?

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