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Past Perfect Tense


Past Perfect Tense

Simple: had+IIIrd form of the verb

1.a past action completed before another past action or before another past moment

Eg: Tom had come before we pho 15115c215p ned.

He said he had done his lessons.

2.with the adverbs: hardly, scarcely -> when

no sooner -> than

Eg: He had hardly entered the room when the phone rang.

We had no sooner seen each other than we started talking.

Fii atent: adverbul in fata => inversiune: Hardly had he finished the first novel when he started the second one.

Continous: to be (past perfect)+vb inf

1.a past action started before another past action or before another past moment and still going on during it: for, since

Eg: He had been waiting for me for two hours when I finally arrived.

He had been studying since morning when I came to take him to the cinema.

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