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IF clauses



Tablou de verbe neregulate grecesti
Auxiliary Verbs (Verbe auxiliare)
Timpurile verbale: prezentul simplu si continuu
Lectia 3: Adjectivul
Ortopedie, ortodontie, ortoepie etc
Scrierea corecta a cuvintelor clasa a 2 a

IF clauses

Reformuleaza propozitiile urmatoare:

I have money. I buy a bigger house.


You are lucky. You win a car.


Mary is nice. She goes to the zoo.


It doesn't rain. The children play in the park.


The teacher arrives. We go home earlier.


Alege varianta corecta

What will you do if it ...?

a. will rain

b. rains

c. snow

The girls won't go home if the boys ....with them.

a. play

b. will play

c. plays

All my if the music is great.

a. have

b. has

c. will have

The rabbit ....afraid if it meets the lion.

a. is

b. will be

c. will is

Who will give you money if he ......?

a. don't have

b. won't have

c. doesn't have

Mother ....time to cook if you don't help her.

a. doesn't have

b. has

c. won't have

Scrie forma corecta a verbului, respectând regula lui IF :

If I .....(be) late, they will be very sad.

I won't  call) the police unless you .....(not go).

If Mary ......(not see) her cat here she will be upset.

If you (study) ......harder you will pas this exam.

All your friends .......(to come) to your party if you invite them.

Who will help her   if she .....(to be) in trouble?

If it rains, I...... (to take) an umbrella with me.

Scrie forma corecta a verbelor :

If my friends ........(to come) with me I ......(to be) very happy.

We (to go) the park if the sun.......... (to shine).

The old woman........ (not to shout) unless the thief .......(not to go) away.

If Sara....... (to wash) the dishes, her sister ...........(to tell) a poem.

I ......(to give) you what you want if you..... .(to leave) me alone.

Unless the fire .......(not to stop) I ........(to call) the firemen.

Animals ........(to die) if people .......(not to protect) them.

Tim will be happy if he .....his friends in the park.

a. will meet

b. meet

c. meets

If the girl .......her homework she will play on the computer.

a. finish

b. will finish

c. finishes

If the children don't behave they TV.

a. won't watch

b. will watch

c. watch

If you have breakfast every day for the whole day.

a. have

b. will have

c. won't have

You will know many interesting things if you.....every day.

a. will read

b. reads

c. read

The boy will go to the blackboard only if he....the answer.

a. knows

b. won't know

c. will know

If the weather is windy we ......indoors.

a. stay

b. will stay

c. won't stays

If Mark ....a nice boy his mother will buy him a puppy.

a. will be

b. is

c. are

Match the following sentences

....1. If my father sells his old car,

....2. What will you do

....3. If it rains,

....4. The boys will play football this afternoon

....5. Unless you stop shouting at me

....6. Mark will eat all the apples on the table

....7. If you talk to her

....8. We won't invite them again

a. you will understand her.

b. if they don't know how to behave themselves.

c. if he is very hungry.

d. I won't be angry with you.

e. if they find their ball.

f. the girls will take an umbrella.

g. he will buy a new one.

h. if he sees you here?

Complete the sentences:

ask don't finish won't play

will help buy doesn't wake up

will show

If you .......this new book, will you lend it to me?

Sara ........with us again if we call her names.

If he 7, he'll miss the bus

If mother cooks this afternoon, we ........her.

We will continue tomorrow if we ........this evening.

I ......... him my photos if he comes to see me.

She if you ask her politely.

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