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AN.SC. 2005/2006




Completati    spatiile libere cu cele mai potrivite cuvinte din cele sugerate.

...animals are domestic animals. They are very ...for us all. Sheep, give us...

and milk. We use their milk to make ....The cow is very ....: it gives us ....

and the .....get butter, cream and cheese from cow`s milk. The a food animal, it gives us...that we call pork.The duck, the goose, the hen are also useful because their ...are food for us.

(important,bad, farm, useful, eggs, cheese, wool, farmers, milk ,pig ,meat,wild, goat)

( 10 points)

2.Puneti la plural:

1.He is a good doctor.    _____ _______ ______ ______________

2.That is a big box.__________ ______ ____ _

3.The baby is in the bedroom. _____ _______ ______ _________

4.I am a child .__________ ______ ____ ______

5.This is a monkey.__________ ______ ____ _

6.There is a mouse in the house._____ _______ ______ _______

7.She has got a watch._____________-________________

8.There is a toy on the bed._____ _______ ______ ___________

9.It is a potato __________ ______ ____ ____

10.The dog is in the garden._____ _______ ______ __________

( 10 points)

3.Gasiti greselile si corectati-le:

1.How many sugar do you want ?____________

2.We have got a car.__________

3.The children is at home.___________

4.Who is Sally? She is in the park._________

5.She don`t like spiders.______________

6.Is these a dog?_____ _______ ______ _______

7.We never go to school in Sunday.______________

8.A cat is a wild animal._____________

9.A monkey can fly.____________

10.She sing very well.___________

( 20 points)

4.Aranjati cuvintele si faceti propozitii.,in, live a, does ,forest, the _____ _______ ______ ______, brother, wants, pig, a, house, big, to,strong_____________, sometimes ,winter,go,we, skiing ______________, has, a, your, job, got _________________

5.the, in, shop, much, window, are,how,jeans,the_________________

( 10 points)

5. Rescrieti propozitiile folosind cuvintele din paranteza:

1.These are HER keys.    These are ........keys.(Lucy)

2.Where is HIS coat? Where is ......coat? (Ben)

3.Their flat is small.    ......flat is small.(My parents)

4.Its food is here. is here.(Spot)

5.The bag is on the desk.    ........bag is on the desk.(the teacher)

( 10 points)

6.Scrieti forma corecta:    7.Do sau does ?

1.You cook __She ...    1....girls like football?

2.I teach __He .... his mother?

3.I clean___She ..... bananas?

4.We study ___He ... live in water?

5.I do _____She .....    5.....Ann and Mary visit their friends?

( 10 points)

7.Faceti intrebari :

1What /she/do ?

2.Where/ he/live?

3.Why/the shop/close on Sunday?

4.Where/ they/ go/ in summer?

5.What sport/you/like?

( 10 points)

8.Descrie-ti un animal preferat .Scrie-ti cel putin 5 propozitii.

( 10 points)

10 points granted


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