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AD HOC # 5


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AD HOC # 5

I.             Fill in the blanks with the appropriate idiomatic expression 434s1810e which has the same mening as the expression given in brackets:

We . when we finish basic training. (to have a good time)

When they showed him he was wrong, he was forced . . (to admit that he was wrong about something)

The situation was very tense, but the boss tried . by promising some changes in policy. (to try to make people feel better and become friendly again after an argument)

He appeared calm during the flight, but he . . (to be very frightened)

The management's recent decisions ., so a change in policy is expected. (criticism and argument)

Everything in that fancy departement store . . I can't afford to buy anything there, not even a pencil. (to cost a lot of money)

We met in 1998 and ever since we . . (to love each other very much)

Helen and I never . on this so don't expect us to suddenly start agreeing. (to agree)

Allan arrives at the office before everyone else. He's . . (somebody who arrives somewhere or does something before other people do)

I really .. To Frank and told him that he could not continue to ignore his obligations. (to speak frankly to somebody)

We've done a lot of work this afternoon. Let's . . (decide that you've finis doing something)

The swimmers were rescued . . (just in time to prevent something bad happening)

Shopping can be a good way . at the airport. (to waste time)

I planned to study yesterday afternoon, but . I changed my mind and went to the movies. (at that moment; without previous thought/plan)

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