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English Language, Solution


English Language, Solution

- 3 / 4 hours per week, BAC 2002 -

  1. I have chosen the most appropriate words underlined:

    1. Won't you have some more salad?
    2. There are many more sheep on this farm.
    3. Have what you like. There are plenty more where these come from.
    4. She's running for Parliament in the next election.
    5. A number of shoppers have complained about the price increases.
    6. There's no need to explain how it works.
    7. I hate it that you can swim so well and I can't.
    8. Are there any eggs in the fridge? - Yes, there are a dozen.
    9. We went back to Bucharest to see the house where we used to live in the 1980's.
    10. He has lived next door for years, yet we hardly ever see him.
    11. I've given myself up to finish the book by the end of September.
    12. He threw the ball to her, but she missed it.
    13. Rudy always drives at 100 miles an hour.
    14. I'll look after the children while you are making the dinner.
    15. We should use the little time we have available to talk to her.
    16. Who did you say that was coming to see me this morning?
    17. As we missed the last bus, there was no alternative but to take a taxi.
    18. He warned the children to stay away.
    19. Although he was young, he became regarded as a leader.
    20. There was an interesting review of the film in the paper this morning.
    21. She looks down on us because she went to an expensive school.
    22. I regret to tell you that the meeting has been canceled.
    23. Barely had he walked into the house when the telephone rang.
    24. Generally, a cake is made from eggs, milk and flour.
    25. I'd advise you taking more exercise.
    26. It was the most educational experience I've ever had.
    27. I wanted to meet you since I read your first book.
    28. The sun will rise at 5.20 tomorrow.
    29. In most countries, people don't need to boil water before they drink it.
    30. They could not decide whether or not it was worth going to that show.
    31. Sorry we're late; we took the wrong turning.
    32. She noticed him run away from the house.
    33. I caught a glimpse of the car before it disappeared around the bend.
    34. He's sometimes bad-tempered but he's a good fellow at heart.
    35. Would you please refrain from smoking while the lecture is in progress?
    36. When they heard I was going to move to Cluj, they looked surprised.
    37. I remembered him borrowing the book.
    38. 'I've got a place at the university.' - 'So have I.'
    39. Did you go in for the examination last year?
    40. There are a number of people who should be asked.
    41. I'll do that for you, if you like.
    42. She's such an irritating woman. I don't know how you can put up with her.
    43. If Tom calls while I'm out, tell him I'll be back directly.
    44. As the sleeping pills had no effect, I tried thinking about waves breaking on the shore.
    45. These shelves have been especially designed to fit into this space.

b.      I have rephrased each sentence, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stood the same:

    1. But for owning her a favor, I agreed to help her.
    2. He was too pressured by being in the public eye, and that has proven too much for him.
    3. Scarcely had he bought the car, which it broke down.
    4. I am fed up with all this violence on TV.
    5. Don't start solving the problems without doing the theory first.
    6. I've yet to see such an extraordinary goal.
    7. You won't get to like your new job, but after a few weeks.
    8. He has been reported of having being seen in London.
    9. New computer systems began to be invested in heavily by local authorities at the beginning of the 1990's.
    10. Jack wouldn't of left his job unless he had a good reason.
    11. They sent us the wrong information, so it appears.
    12. We were suggested to try a new method of checking our current expenses.
    13. The glass has cracked when I dropped it.
    14. Her sudden appearance has surprised me.
    15. I wish I could see him again, which would be great.
    16. If he would of listen to her advice, he would work here now.
    17. She has vague memories of being knocked down by a motorbike.
    18. When I started, the papers were organized in front of me.
    19. I really regret that I have been pushed into giving a speech.
    20. Come to marry him I will, no matter what happens.
    21. She wishes she would of gone to bed early last night.
    22. If it hadn't been for her map of the town, Helen would have got lost.
    23. By the time I realized what was happening, the man left with my money.
    24. Neither the President, nor his representatives are to attend the meeting.
    25. Provided we won't run into heavy traffic, we'll be there at seven.
    26. Had she assumed he was married, she wouldn't have agreed to go out to dinner with him.
    27. Food and medical supplies are taken to the affected areas.
    28. I was growing up in a little village on the Scottish border.
    29. John, as well as Bob, wants to go to the concert.
    30. Either this dress, or that dress, I can get.
    31. She suggested we name the baby after his grandfather.
    32. I have no intentions in discussing this matter further.
    33. When is the last train to London going to leave?
    34. They will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary next Saturday.
    35. He didn't say that; I'm absolutely sure of it.
    36. The announcement will have been made by the President by this time tomorrow.
    37. You should have told me you weren't coming.
    38. Is there any way you could get here before dinner?
    39. John will go abroad after he saves enough money.
    40. Don't start asking questions before I finish speaking.
    41. If we are going on holiday, it can't be before August.
    42. The coffee was being made (by someone) when I walked into the kitchen.
    43. Not only my mother, but my sister, too, is here.
    44. This book must be returned to the library by Friday.
    45. After we'll talk to the manager, we'll leave.
    46. I'd rather not of told him what we were up to.
    47. She threatened that if he keeps cheating on her, she will leave him for good.
    48. Once the breakfast was finished, the children ran for a swim in the lake.
    49. Not only she plays the piano, but she sings divinely, too.
    50. No less than one million people have watched our special interview with the President.

c.      I have rephrased each sentence so that it contains the word in capitals, and so (that) the meaning stood the same:

    1. In CASE he might have forgotten our appointment, I faxed him.
    2. The manager does NEITHER confirm, nor denies the story.
    3. The committee hasn't decided ON the final date of the competition.
    4. I would have been home before eight BUT for the storm.
    5. I still see my college friends once in a WHILE.
    6. We should have WENT for home now.
    7. She left the house WITHOUT turning off the light.
    8. The whole WORLD thought that their new house was terrific.
    9. In the end it TURNED out that we'd rung the wrong bell.
    10. He was DRIVING me, but I couldn't understand what he was trying to say.
    11. These new theories are so DIFFICULT, that only a few people can understand them.
    12. He didn't apply for the vacant job, ONLY to regret it.
    13. The fund-raisers did not come up with a decision to where to send the money.
    14. The announcement was simply TOO much for us.
    15. A hair CUT costs such a lot nowadays.
    16. It's not WORTH to protect animals unless we take steps to protect people as well.
    17. He didn't annoy me by what he said, but RATHER by what he meant.
    18. I know sometimes I cannot EXPRESS clearly what I mean.
    19. Don't bring UP that embarrassing topic.
    20. Her words are LOSS.
    21. They have made LIGHT in the case of the missing painting.
    22. She REGRETS that she won't be able to come to the wedding.
    23. I think the house NEEDS to be redecorated.
    24. She scrubs the doorstep ONLY once a month (or week or day or (an) hour J).
    25. He has an inclination TOWARDS politics.
    26. His parents ON the importance of hard work have made him clear.
    27. We all SHARE our worries about the consequences of your decision.
    28. Some scenes were so horrible I couldn't BEAR watching (and I had to turn away).
    29. The party was awful and we WISH we wouldn't have gone there.
    30. She expressed / underlined her EMPHASIS for the need of absolute confidence.
    31. Although they tried their MIGHT, the door wouldn't open.
    32. It's WISER to / you'd leave it to us.
    33. I use this medicine for GETTING rid of headaches.
    34. Would you believe that she hasn't spent LESS than 500 on her new dress?
    35. Silvia had to cook for herself IF her mother went out that evening.
    36. She was hurt by her new boyfriend, WHICH had forgotten her birthday.
    37. NOTHING he does turns out good.
    38. She can't accept the fact that she should lower her EXPENSES on trifles.
    39. There was no NEED for me to say that he would be missed.
    40. The Princess's skin was so beautifully AS white.
    41. This town is not that good when it COMES for restaurants.
    42. I WISH you wouldn't drive so fast.
    43. I have to work ALL the time, I can't go out with you.
    44. He has a knee injury SINCE US Open.
    45. She MUST regret taking that job.
    46. There are very few CHANCES that the meeting starts as scheduled.
    47. I tried to IMPRESS them that urgent action was required.
    48. We are ARGUING over politics for many years.
    49. The Minister's response took the interviewer ABACK.
    50. We must BE able to make up our minds soon, aren't we?

d.      I have completed each sentence with a suitable word or phrase:

    1. She can't be feeling very well to have left the party so early.
    2. You really must introduce me to your wife.
    3. He really will have to work a lot harder if he wants a promotion.
    4. Because of the heavy snowfalls we were able to drive home in less than an hour.
    5. My grandfather always could think that reading newspapers was a waste of time.
    6. They got here so fast; they must of run all the way.
    7. I still won't be able to get there in time even if I catch an earlier train.
    8. The restaurant catered food for vegetarians.
    9. Since I didn't have to be at work until ten o'clock this morning, I went to check up on my sister.
    10. We waited for an hour when Tom eventually appeared.
    11. As soon as / After she saw him off the airport, she went back to work.
    12. She takes her misfortunes at heart too much.
    13. They are staying with us until they can find a place of their own.
    14. That must be Wanda over there - hasn't she gone away for the weekend?
    15. Ian's not the easiest person to get on with; that's something you'll have to get used to.
    16. Elderly people can get cheated by con men going from house to house.
    17. In my family a lot of furniture has been passed down from generation to generation.
    18. The book is on the top shelf, out of the row.
    19. As she wanted to move away she sold the house for less than it was worth.
    20. I've heard there's a possibility that the match got called off.
    21. I'm not going to allow anyone to touch the nose.
    22. His son is believed to have been kidnapped by separatist guerillas.
    23. Let's stop talking and get down to business.
    24. One cannot refrain to admire her even if one may not like her.
    25. Next month, I will celebrate living here for five years.
    26. He wrote to the report he's not coming back.
    27. My watch has broken. I'll have to get it repaired.
    28. I was expecting the book to be a comic, but in fact it was really sad.
    29. Our builder told me he would do his best to get the materials as soon as he could.
    30. Not wanting to disturb her, I put the paper on the desk and left.
    31. The weather was so fine last summer that we went to the beach most weekends.
    32. Although the film was made in France, none of the characters were French.
    33. I don't think it absolutely necessary everybody should be there.
    34. His rebellious attitude dates since his mother left home.
    35. To this day she has never understood why he left her / the chicken came before the egg.
    36. I spent hours writing the history essay but it turned out I have bothered, as the teacher didn't read it.
    37. I don't like this place. Isn't there another place (where) we can have lunch?
    38. The Prime Minister was forced to resign; such was the strength of public opinion against him.
    39. Don't wipe your hands on my nice clean tablecloth.
    40. He elbowed himself out through the queue.
    41. There's not much point talking to him if he's still angry with us.
    42. The peace talks don't get anywhere at the moment.
    43. My elder sister's tastes in music are much more sophisticated as mine.
    44. Until payday we've hardly moved on.
    45. You look exhausted: what do you say to a good rest.

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