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People everywhere!...

In your immense power of will and conscience, the DESIDERATUM: " Planet Earth with no military weapons" could be an absolutely realist act of international level !...

And this, not just in a century, but in an entire millennium!...

I, Ec. Diplomat Stefan Gheorghe, president of the Romanian foundation SIRA Braila, a man like every other, am powerfully dominated by the highest feeling of patriotic pride, motivated, without reserves, by the fact that Bucharest was chosen to host the NATO SUMMIT, one of the most powerful international military forces, having the immense responsibility and noble mission to ensure the peace and tranquility of the entire humanity, which is dominated by obvious and numerous political and social contradictions, including the unpredictable and threatening acts of terrorism, acts which find themselves in a unstoppable realist expansion, more and more alarmingly.

I am, for now, the anonymous author of the most spectacular discovery in the history of mankind, the discovery of the positive and negative, flat, virtual, plasmatic nuclear grephon mechanisms, which posses the primordial role in the entire phenomenology of anti-physical/physical processes, indestructibly twined to the chemical ones implied in the non-stop CREATION and SELF-CREATION of the material world through itself, formed from the connected variable-inseparable antimatter/matter.

These virtual grephons are, in fact, the only mechanisms which generate and produce the ceaseless reversibility of the eternal movement of the Unique and Unitary Universe, which was, is and always will the same : "A generalized organism, immortal, with no beginning and no ending."

These grephon mechanisms ( which we have exposed to the entire population of mankind through our foundation of scientific and religious solidarity - SIRA-Braila's International Call, appeal launched on the Internet, at the following address : on 08.30.2006) are and represent the pure and active energy with a super-intelligent informational system, beyond any other intelligence of the Universe, even greater than the intelligence of the human being, whose force is the most powerful one in the Universe, in reference to the other four forces which are: the strong gamma force, the electromagnetic force, the weak force and the indestructibly connected anti-gravitational /gravitational force.

These virtual grephon mechanisms - which are actually warm/cold and cold/warm gases, united in an unique and unitary module, spread on the vertical, the horizontal and in every direction, one-dimensional or bi-dimensional, having the function of matter and respectively antimatter, indestructibly connected, in a non-time and non-stop movement, with fluctuant positive temperatures from 1o C to tenths and hundredths of million Celsius degrees, in the case of supernovas and negative temperatures from o C to over -213,15oC, in the case of neutronic black holes - are one of the most extended and infinite natural non-pollutant energetic resources of the Universe, which man can value from now on through extraordinary techniques, in comparison to the present ones.

It is needless to say that this discovery must be taken into account by the Bucharest SUMMIT, because the virtual positive and negative grephons could become one of the most powerful and absolutely unwanted weapons of the third millennium, which can lead, through human foolishness, to the disappearance of our planet, with no way of turning back.

This appeal cannot reach its purpose if I wouldn't emphasize on what and who our earthly human being is and on his concrete role in the actions he takes in NATURE.

I am the founder of a new scientific judgment concerning life and the world itself whose fundamental purpose is that of the entire planet to realize that the materiality of the world creates and self-creates through itself, formed by the variable-indestructible law of antimatter/matter, that in the Universe there are no supernatural, paranormal forces, and no other unconceivable secret, just matters yet unknown to man.

Having been inspired from the triad of the great German scientist Hegel Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, I have discovered and founded, on truly scientific base, the philosophy of man on the three realist states, as follows:

Man is a real Universe at a nano-dimensional scale, for he has the same common denominator - the materiality of the universal generalized world, formed by the connected indestructible-variable antimatter/matter.

If our galaxy contains, among other things, over 200 billion solar systems (specialized universal mechanisms), a human body with an average weight of 140 lbs, contains over 1100 billion of such mechanisms - Acad. Constantin Popa, neurologist, at a Romanian TV channel, proves that, among others, in the human brain there are over 15 billion specialized neurons, letting aside their connections whose number is over 30 billion. Eng. Stefan Manea, Ph. D, one of the renowned personalities in Romanian chemistry, proves that in every human cell there are over 30 thousand chemical reactions that occur at any given time.

If one adds the fact that by its functions of grantor and donor, the human body permanently sustains connections with his real CREATOR, the Unique and Unitary generalized Universe, through the informational, neutronic, virtual positive and negative grephons, with fluctuant velocities from a cm/nanosecond to superluminal ones of billion of light-years per second, the complexity of the human body becomes of unconceivable proportions to the human mind and a powerful and stimulating challenge to the fundamental and applicative science of the third millennium.

These are just some of the realist convincing elements so that those who participate at the Bucharest SUMMIT, including journalists from the written and audiovisual media, must reflect, with utmost wisdom, upon the existence and the immense role of the human body in every and for every area accessed, including the contemporary strategic and technical military one.

If I advert the fact that nothing moves, creates and auto-creates without these positive and negative grephon gases, we encourage nothing more than the growth of specialists' interest regarding the immense possibilities that the human body can offer as a concrete micro-universe.

Completely veritable CREATOR of material and spiritual values, and of decisions capable of revolutionizing everything, including the entire judgment and human life, to dominate in a responsible manner, and to overpower all forms of natural and social disasters.

Science, as much as religion, regardless of the practiced and tolerated cult, are concrete products of the human body.

In this context of states, both religion and science can cooperate for an unique and unitary noble purpose, that of placing themselves solely in the service of good for man everywhere.

There is a need, now, more than ever, for a profoundly moral religion, to accomplish an optimal equilibrium between faith and the act of will, so necessary in overcoming the immense social contradictions, with dreadful outcomes, especially in obvious eradication of the intoxication and manipulation of the human brains, transforming the immaculate Man into kamikaze, who is made by diverse manipulators to cease the understanding of his role in society, and of the fact that he possesses a sole and unique life, which is not up for sale, and which cannot be bought with no other form of preliminary value.

Without man, nothing would have been created and is not being created, and even the Bucharest SUMMIT wouldn't have taken place.

In other words, it all comes down to the power of Man, whether solidarity shall become a dominant at an international level.

His own instrument in all and for all creations in all accessed areas of expertise.

Without his concrete body, endowed with the most complex mechanisms, man wouldn't be able to involve himself in all domains, including that of the complete knowledge and profound conquest of mass and cosmic existences, from the endmost of galaxies.

Through permanent research and through an ever more extending experience, the mechanisms of the human body perfect themselves ceaselessly, and everything can be applied.

The entire history has proven that the clash of weapons and the false-hearted manipulation of the human brains never brought the peace and tranquility so desired by mankind, but, on the contrary, they led to the increase of military conflicts, zonal and international ones, heavily degrading the act of democracy, with grave and dreadful encroachment of the human rights.

The race for the most fierce military technology is increasing at an alarming rate, and with it, the inevitable peril of the extinction of the human race, through his own product - science willingly, and irresponsibly applied for military purposes.

The discovery of the virtual grephonic mechanisms, positive and negative, will allow man not only to surpass the boundary imposed by the cuantic mechanisms, those of Max Planck and Albert Einstein, thus allowing, in tragic circumstances, the creation of technology used to manipulate human brains from distance, for a short period of time, and all contemporary classic weapons will be rendered useless.

The Bucharest NATO SUMMIT has the great responsibility not to overlook this concrete detail of the near future. I cannot neglect the fact that SIRA-Braila members have done their duty, by addressing the UN this special problem, of international proportions, addressing for Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the general secretary of the UN, has addressed, through the Department for Public Information, a letter to thank all the SIRA-Braila members, and this letter, among other annexed documents, have been donated to the Braila Museum, fact that stamps the beginning of a new scientific era, which will linger timeless, for the entire mankind.

The respective paragraph in the following context:

v The imperative founding of the respective mega-institute, under the aegis, and the complete control of the UN, results from the fact that the abusive and secretive use, unprecedented by scientific results that can surpass the boundary of normal, at a certain point, such as, among others, the directional manipulation of human being's brains at a planetary level, the acrimonious action, in full deployment, either by one state, or a limited group of persons, or one sole person, can lead to dangers of unthinkable graveness, including the complete disappearance of mankind, and even our planet.

The Bucharest NATO SUMMIT has the power to guarantee the avoidance of dreadful states of things, which, in a realistic way, would take place at a planetary level, unless the decisional factors will find the wisdom to translate to actions the APPEAL under the generic: "Planet Earth without any form of military weapons" .

The huge investments directed towards military purposes can be gradually eradicated in favor to the development of civil science, placed solely under the service of good towards mankind.

SIRA-Braila's International Appeal, of scientific nature, addressed towards the entire population of our planet, represents a realistic first step, in this important domain, due to it's 13 proposals regarding the domination of nature through science and other special actions.

The globalization of the entire economical and social activities of humankind, which will create, through uniting all the world's states, respecting the customs of each ethnicity, of each nation, into one international family, without frontiers, and without any kind of discrimination between countries, is the only way to follow, with concrete possibilities of translate to actions the forth mentioned APPEAL.

The UN has an important role in this proposal, through which all the world's states could fully express their creative capacities of forming one sole family, without any military weapons, those of one state's domination over another.

As founder of this revolutionary APPEAL, SIRA-Braila offers, through its members, its entire availability for effectively participating with valuable and realistic concepts and project proposals, to implement and generalize the new way of scientific thinking about life and the world, where the immense role of man in everything and for everything is decisive.

I address the entire mass-media of our planet, which has proven to be, and is, in fact, a genuine force of making the masses aware, and thus joining this noble cause, of international proportions.

With the same fundamental purpose, I address all of the state leaders, governing officials, humanitarian organizations of all sorts, scientists and scholars, and bring forth our honest and open entreaty to collaborate with SIRA-Braila's members, in everything and for everything that can be grasped, in our action placed solely in the service of good for mankind.

This collaboration is imperatively necessary, now more than ever, because of the fact that unsolved problems are still present, such as the lack of knowledge regarding the existence of the Universe, in which we live in, what matter, antimatter, energy, time, space, and even life are.

In the name of all of SIRA-Braila's members, I wish the best for the Bucharest SUMMIT, and its work, where epochal decisions are taken, and where the fate of the world is decided.

All those who wish to offer their availability to collaborate, through diverse means, with the SIRA-Braila foundation, regardless of the social organization they abide by, or their social status, they can send their messages to the e-mail address:, in a total international transparency.

We pray that the content of this Apeal for meditation and reflections will be brought to the attention of the NATO SUMMIT plenum.

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