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Central European Translations
- company profile -

Established in: 1994

Number of full time employees: 14

Number of part time employees: 26

Type of translation:

Technical Legal

Banking Financial

Economic Medical

Automotive IT


Translation Native proof-reading

Interpretation Graphic design

Tapescripting Scanning

Public notary CD Recording

Word processing Printing & Binding

Average period for translation of:

1- 6 pag. order: 1h;

8 - 20 pag. order: 5 h;

over 20 pages order: 7h

Languages translated:

Arabian, Czech, Chinese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.



Major clients:

3M Romania

Adesgo SA

Agip Romania

Air BP Romania

Alcatel Romania

Altheimer& Gray

Ansaldo Nucleare

Arthur Andersen

Asigurarea Anglo-Romana

AutoItalia Autobavaria

Bimex Technic AG

BRD - Societe Generale


Compaq Romania


Efes Romania

Flamingo Computers

Ford Romania - ROMCAR

Fortum Engineering

Forum Auto - Volvo Romania

Gallup Organisation

Gec Alsthom Faur Transport

Glaxo Welcome

Graffiti BBDO

Harza Engineering

IBM Romania

IMPEC Engineering

International Water Ltd

Lek Pharmaceutics

Leo Burnett

Mobil Oil Romania


Metro Cash & Carry

Motorola Romania

Nestle Romania

New Holland

Notorious Advertising

Ogilvy and Mather

Petrom Enron SA

Pfizer Romania

Philip Morris Romania

Porsche Romania

Procter & Gamble

Raiffeisen Bank

Raiffeisen Investment

Romanian National Television

Romanian Fuelling Services

Tetrapak Romania

Tempo Advertising

Toyota Romania

Tiriac Holding

Shell Gas Romania

Schering Plough

Siemens Romania

Smith Kline&Beecham

Sony Music Production

Sumitomo Corporation


Voith AG

Wella Romania

Whirlpool Romania

Top local executive:

Ec. Anca Radulescu - General Manager


Herman Korte - Germany

Translation Services:

No. of pages


> 100

Foreign Language gr. I - Romanian

Foreign Languages - group I: English, French, Russian.

Foreign Languages - group II: German, Spanish, Italian.

Foreign Languages - group III: others than those included in groups I and II

Difficulty Fees

for translations presenting an increased difficulty degree, a difficulty fee of 30% - 100% shall be applied only with the client's approval.

Urgency Fees


No. of pages

Order Day

The following working day

In 2 working days

In 3 working days

> 100

The tight deadline fee shall be applied only with the client's approval

Interpreting Services

Consecutive Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Foreign Languages

Price per hour (USD)

Price per day (USD)

Price per hour (USD)

Price per day (USD)

group I

group II

group III

For interpreting services from one foreign language into another, the regular price for the respective language shall be increased with 30%.

for extremely difficult interpreting services (highly specialized language), a 50% fee shall be applied.

Proofreading Services

As for proofreading, adapting and creative writing services, a tariff representing 50% of those applied on translations from a foreign language into Romanian shall be applied, plus tight deadline and difficulty fees, as well as volume discount.

Document Authorization Services

Tapescript Services (audio/video)

Desktop Publishing and Typing Services

A USD 3 fee/page shall be applied to desktop publish the documents. The desktop publishing of ordinary texts is included in the translation price.

Graphic Design and Scanning Services

Copying Services

Binding Services

USD 3 / leaflet (maximum 150 pages)

These prices shall not include VAT.

These prices shall be calculated in ROL at the exchange rate communicated by BNR on the invoicing day.


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